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  1. 1. 50 states presentation• By nick Navarro
  2. 2. WashingtonA little trip to the extraordinaryWashingtons capital city is Olympia.It was admitted to state hood in November 11,1889.Its state bird is the willow goldfinch.Judicial system.State flower: pinkrhododendron
  3. 3. KentuckyCommon wealth of always in season • Capital city: Frankfort. • State bird: cardinal. • Admitted to state hood in June 1, 1782. • Constitution: 15th state. • Courts. Judicial system
  4. 4. New MéxicoLand of enchantment Capital city: Santa fe Constitution:47 state Courts: judicial system Flag represents unity State flower: yucca flower
  5. 5. MassachusettsCommonwealth of we`d love to show you around• Capital city: Boston• State bird: chickadee• State shaped like pistol• Constitution: 6th state• Courts: judicial system
  6. 6. ConnecticutWere full of surprises • Capital city: Hartford • Admission to statehood: an 9, 1788 • State bird: robin • Constitution: 5th state • Courts; judicial system
  7. 7. CaliforniaFind yourself here • Capital city: Sacramento • Admission to state hood: sep, 9, 1850 • Constitution: 31st state • Courts: judicial system • Flower: California poppy
  8. 8. Texas Its like a whole other country• Capital city: Austin• Admission to state hood: dec, 29, 1845• State bird: mocking bird• Constitution: 28th state• Courts; judicial system
  9. 9. Hawaii The islands of aloha• Capital city: Honolulu• Admission to statehood: aug, 21, 1959• State bird: Nene• Constitution: 50th state• Courts: judicial system
  10. 10. Florida Sunshine state• Capital city: Tallahassee• Admission to state hood:mar,3 1845• State bird: mockingbird• Constitution;27th state• Courts: judicial system
  11. 11. Alaska North! To Alaska• Capital city: Juneau• Admission to statehood: Jan 3, 1959• Bird: willow ptarmigan• Constitution: 49th state• courts: judicial system