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Transforming Legacy In To The New World Of DevOps and PaaS


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Published in: Technology
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Transforming Legacy In To The New World Of DevOps and PaaS

  1. 1. Transforming  legacy  in  to  the  new  world  of   DevOps  and  PaaS   Rhys  Sharp  –  CTO   @rhyshf  
  2. 2. Most Innovative Start-up Tech Trailblazers Finalist 2015
  3. 3. The  Challenge   of applications are not in the cloud
  4. 4. The  Inhibitors   Complex apps App developers left Security concerns Unknown costs Old languages Risk
  5. 5. Large  Enterprise   ModernisaDon     Code  Re-­‐use     DevOps  £  
  6. 6. A  Large  Global  Media  Conglomerate  
  7. 7. ApplicaDon  AnalyDcs  
  8. 8. Which  Cloud  is  right  for  my  code?   Infrastructure  as  a  Service   Containers   Pla:orm  as  a  Service  
  9. 9. GeLng  from  A  to  B   Path Finder Tool driven consultancy engagement to define Cloud Strategy Fast Track to PaaS Use Argentum to analyse applications that can move to the cloud Remediate Complete the remediation of applications using the information from Argentum
  10. 10. How  it  works   The code undergoes a complex lexical analysis and is split into objectified tokens These tokens populate a complex meta database Highly sophisticated queries are run against the meta database Resulting in comprehensive visualisation of your application and actionable business intelligence to enable successful cloud adoption Code is uploaded to Argentum platform
  11. 11. RemediaDon  AcDviDes   •  Code  refactoring   •  Code  redevelopment   •  Language  or  Framework  upgrade   •  Deployment  automaDon   •  ContainerisaDon  
  12. 12. The  4  SoluDons   Application Security Analysis Cloud Optimisation Analysis Cloud Integration Analysis Application Due Diligence
  13. 13. Reducing  Costs   •  Reduce  applicaDon  due   diligence  and  analysis  costs   by  over  85%     •  Reducing  the  cost  of  cloud   infrastructure  by  20%   •  Reducing  the  cost  of  support   associated  with  technical   debt    
  14. 14. Reducing  Risk   •  Gain  a  deep  understanding   of  the  applicaDon   •  Reduce  the  risk  of  moving   complex  applicaDons   •  QuanDfy  the  amount  of   change   •  QuanDfy  the  cost  of  change    
  15. 15. Improve  Efficiency   •  IdenDfy  inefficiencies  in  the   applicaDon   •  Reduce  the  running   footprint  of  the  applicaDon   •  Eliminate  redundant  code   and  technical  debt      
  16. 16. Accelerate  Cloud  AdopDon   •  Which  Cloud  or  PlaYorm  will   support  my  applicaDon?   •  How  much  refactoring  of   code  will  I  have  to  do?   •  How  much  will  the   refactoring  cost  me?      
  17. 17.