Roadshow Europe Orange Advertising - Ludovic Levy


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Roadshow Europe Orange Advertising - Ludovic Levy

  1. 1. Beyond advertising :MNOs to provide brands with marketingservicesLudovic LEVYDirector of Mobile Advertising – Orange France Telecom
  2. 2. Orange 217 million customers worldwide 158 million mobile across 35 countries (Europe, MEA) 45,5 billions euros (2010) Orange Advertising Network 292 M uniques users in Europe 5 offices : Paris, London (Unanimis), Madrid, Warsaw, Cairo Advertising/marketing a key business area fororange provided it contributes to our core business
  3. 3. # pixels The mobile pixel value 2000 K 800 K 400K value versus intrusiveness
  4. 4. with mobile the advertising paradigm must change
  5. 5. 3 predictions for mobile consumers will engage with brands messages provided it is : – Permission based – Highly targeted – Exclusive – Promotional – Entertaining / value added – Immediate Brand communication will be smoothly integrated in the customer journey (against banners/intertitial) Brand will more likely use mobile for Direct marketing for direct marketing purpose rather than branding
  6. 6. couponing offersValue proposition to Orange & Coke customers : “when youdrink a coke, you win some minutes and SMS”Value proposition for the brand : “increase Coca-Cola loyaltyamongst Orange customers, leveraging Orange CRM, audienceand assets” Marketing package : Display Messaging Wholesale SMS+ Clearing/redemption Reporting
  7. 7. ring back tagValue proposition to Orangecustomers : “share with yourcommunity brands/products/ ……. …….promotions you’re fan of. The moreyou expose your friends the more youget credits to access to your preferredcontents or discover new services“.Value proposition for the brand : “a Marketing package :powerful social marketing tool which Airtime spacetargets precisely the profile of the Messagingbrands ambassadors and create astrong virality effect”
  8. 8. pre-call tagValue proposition to Orangecustomer : “enjoy ads, get freemusic and save money”Value proposition for the brand :“engage with a targeted andcaptive audience” Marketing package : Airtime space Messaging
  9. 9. beyond advertising, new opportunities for brands Advertising Marketing services message message Display Coupon spends Messaging SMS+ spends reward Data Routing IVR, airtime… airtime… ASH ASH Revenue (OAN) Revenue (OAN) “Most of advertising is not of interest for me. “I am exposed to some relevant messagesCustomer insights Some ads are even getting intrusive against and I get rewarded to access to new (more) my journey” services for free” free” “When I am endorsed by Orange I engageBrand insights “I am more likely to pay for audience which is with a very qualified and captive audience. My clicking on my ad” messages are getting more efficient along the purchase journey”9
  10. 10. MNOs to provide many unique marketing assetsCaptive and qualified consumer Data/CRM Trust WalletInnovative products Ad funded offers Audio spaces Location based (messaging)
  11. 11. Merci!