Roadshow Europe O2 - Simon Voysey


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Roadshow Europe O2 - Simon Voysey

  1. 1. O2 MediaSimon VoyseyCreative Solutions
  2. 2. Campaigns in 2011
  3. 3. The Power of data
  4. 4. SegmentsO2 Media uses data to deliver targeted messages though keysegments of Demographics, Behaviour and Location.
  5. 5. Who WhatWhere
  6. 6. Who? =Demographics
  7. 7. 16-24 yrs 25-44 yrs ABC1s iPhone & iPhone 18yrs+ Android16-34 yrs Over 50 yrs ABC1’s Smart Non Smart 35yrs + Phones Phones18-30 yrs Families
  8. 8. What = Behavioural
  9. 9. Coming in Dec, ‘11 SportsDrivers Shoppers Technology Entertainment Fans Globe Trotters SocialMums Influencers Gamblers Coming in Q1 Music SMB Sociables Zone 1 Fans Segment
  10. 10. Where =Proximity
  11. 11. You are Here - Right place, right time
  12. 12. Commuters High St. Impulse Buys ShoppersSupermarkets Entertainment Local Boots &Supermarkets Superdrug
  13. 13. Linking up the media schedule Breakfast Commute Morning Lunchtime Afternoon Journey home Evening Bed time Mobile Is Always On Amplifies other media
  14. 14. Stella Summer Film Promo – outdooramplification• We geo-fenced 1000supermarkets throughout UK• We delivered the pack-shotand summer film promo offerto O2 More (18+) customerswhilst in the buying mindsetand at the point of purchase
  15. 15. Lynx Excite – Innovative use of locationtargeting •Targeting: Males 16 - 24 •Location: Superdrug and Tesco 5 A-side leagues University & college campus Victoria Station You Are Here 110k Unique messages delivered Over 2% CTR to Facebook
  16. 16. Lynx Research Findings • 82% recall of message • 89% associated brand slogan to product • Open ended question Lynx was the most regularly purchase deodorant amongst men 16 – 24 • 24% purchased the product, 18% intended to • 30% engaged either through purchase or via Facebook • High impact on non purchasers with 34% having an increased likelihood to visit a store and 23% Total base 1,654 visiting Facebook Non purchase base 696
  17. 17. Landrover – targeting by environmentLandrover havedeveloped bespokecreative and copy that isrelevant to eachenvironmentMessages and creativeare time targeted togames, events, highfootfall periods of the dayfor maximum impact
  18. 18. ESPN App launch Over 100k football fans with an iPhone engaged Click thru rate of over 9% to App downloadObjectiveEngage passionate football fans to driveESPN goals app downloads on iPhoneTargetingO2 customers who are iPhone customerswho have attended a Premiership matchthis year or have told us that Football isone of their interests. We identified cellsites for each of the premier leaguefootball grounds and then searched foropted in customers who visited these sites 9%during first 2 games this season, CTRWe then removed residents from this thisto ensure we were only targeting footballfans at the games
  19. 19. Jobsite - partnership• Creation of a new recruitmentsection on O2 Active• Exclusive content• Job search app with automatedmessaging alerts for O2 Customers• Messaging – bespoke audience• Enterprise and SMB p’ship
  20. 20. Summary• Our segments simplify the buying process• We can also create bespoke audience segments for brands and still deliver scale• O2 Media can help plan campaigns for brands which amplify the ATL and prove how these channels work together
  21. 21. A wallet full of useful everyday products &servicesWallet enables search, price comparison, easy purchase and offers from over 140 top retailers Questions It will also enable money transfers to friends, contactless payments & access to card
  22. 22. PartnershipsGolden Gekko• Mobilise your web presenceAurasma• Content creationAd-x• App usage tracking• Media owner relationships to assist planning teams we can mobilise your web presence and deliver it to an engaged audience