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Roadshow asia cws brains


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Roadshow asia cws brains

  1. 1. KEYNOTE : How to… distribute content on mobile CWS Brains, LTD. CEO / President Kazumi Fujita
  2. 2. ◆KEYNOTE : How to…distribute content on mobile ① Mobile phone requirement of phone call shift to mobile contents ~Japanese market of the Japanese characteristics~ ② Sports entertainment and TV media in Japan ③ Japanese rush hour in the morning ④ Action with Liverpool FC and CWS Brains ⑤ Charging and advertising model in Japanese market ⑥ The future of the mobile business ~The future action with Liverpool FC and CWS Brains~ 2
  3. 3. ①Mobile phone requirement of phone call shift to mobile contents ~Japanese market of the Japanese characteristics~ Unique evolution of the Japanese mobile market ◆Factors Last One Mile Problem └The spread of the Internet was been delayed. Because the maintenance of high-speed communication network from the late half of the 1990’s to early of the 2000’s. From living room to “personal space” └ Japanese stave for comparatively larger “personal space” that come from their house circumstances, their ways of thinking, nationality. Preference for Customizing └Japanese think kindly of customizing, so they customized mobile-phone from phone call to mobile terminal devices. Cf. TV → PC → mobile Living → Private room → Personal Space Extend family → nuclear family → Individual The model of the profit model of Japanese telecom operator └The most of their profit is not information communication fees or telephone charges but telecom operator. 3
  4. 4. ② Sports entertainment and TV media in Japan Lack of contents of the Japanese media in the past └Since 1950’s, Japanese had concentrated on their revival from World WarⅡ, and there had not been variety of the entertainment. An appearance of the Professional Baseball in the Japanese media. Japanese media grew up based on Professional baseball. ◆The factor of the baseball becoming the central existence in Japanese media ①Daily Basis ※A difference of baseball and football └”Professional Baseball” matches were played for about Professional Basebal l Footbal l three hours in daily basis. That’s why those contents M atch i nterval Every day O nce a w eek contributed to TV program in those days. For an average of Pl ti e ay m 90 m i nutes 180 m i nutes ②Timing of the break in the match Break num ber Ni ne Tw o └Because baseball matches have many breaks, of ti es m the commercial can be inserted. ③Media own their baseball team directly ※「The Yomiuri shimbun」 and 「Nippon televison └Media who administrated a baseball team performed network」 ticket present for sales expanded. own “Yomiuri Giants” most popular team in Japan. “Yomiuri Giants” has been It achieved a central role of this business model. Football did not fit Japanese TV programming 4
  5. 5. ③ Japanese rush hour in the morning The Japanese read a newspaper and a novel on their ways to companies by train before. However, for reasons of commuter rush having become heavier, the space in the train per one person became small. Thus the commuters don't read novels and newspapers in a train, recently. On the other hand, mobile telephones and video games became the indispensable tool for a commuter's time killing. Mobile phones do fit as contents to fill the time for pain ※mobile site「Ultra soccer」 transition of the number of our page view (in a day) 5
  6. 6. ④Action with Liverpool FC and CWS Brains What contents of Liverpool FC would match the demand of the Japanese market? The “Near-live” contents of Liverpool FC match the Demand of Japanese enthusiastic fans ◆Points The information which user wants to know arrives to “personal space”. Users pay for rich contents with willingness. Latest information of football match in abroad is deliverd on time in the morning due to the difference. Material Processing and (Video,image) delivery of the material Mobile USER Royality Monthly charge and Extra chage ※Through a telecom operator 6
  7. 7. ⑤The charging model and an advertisement model The Japanese pay for the information that they want to know. But don’t see Information indifferent even if it’s free. In addition, Japanese tend to be conservative. PC m obie l A dverti ng si M onthl charge y Extra charge+pay per view M ai chargi n ng A dverti ng si m odel B usiness to business B usiness to business B usiness to custom er Telecom oper or act f t at or he colect on of bil cont s pr der l i ls ent ovi Because of t di f cul y of he f i t can easiy i r l nt oduce a char ng gi A ctual states i r nt oduct on of t char ng syst , i he gi em m odel. Extra charge t e i onl adver i ng r her s y t si evenue. 15% Fut m or t adver i ng r her e, he t si evenue i t s aken i t n, oo. M onthl y charge ・Monthly charge 85% ・Extra charge Advertising ※「Liverpool FC」 sales ratio +pay per view ・Advertising Profits does not rise The mobile contents can make a big profit 7
  8. 8. ⑥The future of the mobile business ~ The future action with Liverpool FC and CWS Brains~ Japanese unique success ⇒ World standard Next Step is … Telephone⇒smart phone →Across the border, the side presents a Japanese success model to the various countries in the world. Text⇒interactive content →The expansion of the communication function using not only the reporting but also discussion board , web chat. The theme of the future News paper + TV Program Speed + Parsonal 8