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Pbm mma paul_berney

  1. 1. Permission Based MobileMarketingPaul Berney CMO & MD EMEAMobile Marketing AssociationLondon 3rd October 2011
  2. 2. Why permission marketing? Because marketing is changing…
  3. 3. ..and consumers are changing Convenienc e need & control
  4. 4. MMA Task Force 3rd October 2011 Contributing Sponsors Contributors Lenco Mobile Pontiflex Velti Vodafone
  5. 5. What is it?“The practice of gaining consentfrom consumers in advance of acontinuing marketing dialoguetaking place on mobile devices andin return for some kind of valueexchange."
  6. 6. Value exchange is essential“Consumers exchange their consent,and sometimes personal demographicand preference information, in advance,for a product, service or offer that theydeem of interest, of relevance or ofworth to them”
  7. 7. A four-stage process 1. Gaining consent 4. Ongoing enhancement 2. Creating a database of the preference profile of preference profiles 3. Establishing mobile as a commercial media channel
  8. 8. Key benefits for consumers• Engagement with the brands they love and consume• Access to exclusive offers, content vouchers, news and competitions• Operator incentives such as; voice, text, data etc.• Ability to control experiences by tuning preferences in real time• The ability to control their personal profile, preferences and advertising experience
  9. 9. Key benefits for brands andagencies• Ability to be targeted and contextually relevant• Receiving immediate response to communications• Interactive dialogue• High degree of personalisation• Developing opt-in models preventing wasted advertising spend• Tracking and accountability• Massive global reach• Combination of consent and targeting markedly improve response levels and ROI• PMM allows for long term “dialogue” style conversations with consumers rather than one off/single contacts
  10. 10. Key benefits for Network Operators• Increased ARPU: revenue from advertising spend can outweigh the cost to deliver the media• Reduction in churn from higher valued services and personal connections to brands• Maintaining subscribers, and the potential to migrate to higher value plans (from prepaid)• Increasing paid-for, on-net, data network usage from subscribers and advertisers - rather than losing revenue to over-the-top players• Creating new service offerings for specific subscriber segments• Increasing knowledge of subscriber, and their preferences• Marketing of new products and services• Increasing positive experiences and loyalty, of subscriber base
  11. 11. Next steps• Build library of case studies• Further education though workshops for brands and An introduction to agencies around the world Permission Based Mobile Marketing• Work towards first set of global Issued by the Mobile Marketing Association guidelines 3rd October 2011For a copy of the whitepaper visit: Contributing Sponsorshttp://www.mmaglobal.com/PermissionBasedMarketingOct2011.pdf ContributorsOR Lenco Mobile Pontiflex Velti VodafoneFollow me on twitter at paulbmmaand ask for a copy