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Mobile squared issue 9


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Mobile squared issue 9

  1. 1. In mobile we trust Issue 9 / Jul‘10 Conversational Advertising How messaging looks set to become the most powerful advertising channel Also in this issue... The behemoth is Android titles per genre What’s going on eyeing up the smart- Arcade & Action Brain & Puzzle 951 1,696 in the world of phone market Cards & Casino 284 mobile games Casual 894 0 500 1000 1500 2000 Source: AndroLib, 1-Feb-10 / Mobile Games Trends Report 2010 They’re back! Yes it is a Volvo. “Hell, I thought iRAQ And yes, it’s gone was a country, not a all wireless. And phone holder,”G.W. yes, we trial it Who’s in this issue... Android, O2, Lightspeed, Orange, Apple, Opera, Blackberry, Volvo, Google, PocketGamer, Nokia Our data in this issue... Australian mobile internet usage, UK smartphone usage, India m-commerce
  2. 2. editorial Nick Lane, chief strategy analyst We’ve relaunched our website. It’s pretty cool, and it’s now becoming the hub around Tel: (44) 118 979 5339 our content output as you’d expect. Mob: (44) 7976 057 052 Firstly, let me tell you about the mobileSQUARED Knowledge Centre, because this will Skype: nick-lane1 have a massive influence on our content from here on in. The Knowledge Centre Gavin Patterson, chief markets analyst contains data and forecasts on the mobile market and the mobile consumer over a five-year forecast period (presently, up to 2015). Tel: (44) 1904 675 945 Skype: gav.patterson For instance, in China it let’s us tell you things like 224.4 million people will use mobile search in China this year, or that over 323 million people will browse the mobile Michael Carroll, Contributing analyst internet on public transport in 2014. Or, in Australia, there will be a little over 8 million mobile gamers in 2013, and in the same year the mobile advertising market will be Tel: (44) 118 979 5339 worth almost US$15 million. It really is that comprehensive. James Cameron, contributor Our Knowledge Centre means we will have data and forecasts on things from device AKA Founder and head of strategy, segmentation, consumer usage, mobile advertising, apps, internet, page impressions, Camerjam Events and so on, in over 25 markets around the world. We estimate that in total, we have about 85,000 individual facts, figures and forecasts on the mobile industry. So it’s only fair we share an item of two of data with you on a daily basis. And these, along with How to find us: our analysis on key developments on the mobile content, services and advertising mobileSQUARED HQ space, and interviews, will be posted on a daily basis on our new site. Unit 1 58 Denmark Street, To make sure you don’t miss our analysis and data, we have now launched a weekly Wokingham. analytical service, appropriately titled mobileROUND(UP) -- we just love the shapes. Watch Berkshire, RG40 2BQ out for the imminent launch of mobileQUADRILATERAL and of course mobileDODECAHEDRON. UK Alright, maybe not. Our weekly service will provide links to the best of our analysis ISSN no. 1759-6483 and data from the previous seven days. It will also become the vehicle to distribute this (our monthly newsletter), as well as provide updates on all of the mobileSQUARED Published in the UK 12 times per year Roadshow developments. in pdf format Speaking of Roadshows, for Europe, on Sept 29th in London, we have put together No part of this publication may be an outstanding line-up of speakers to showcase the world of mobile. Details are copied, photocopied or duplicated contained within. And if you can’t make our Europe event, the Roadshow: US will be without prior written permission from in New York on Nov 2nd. Details on all upcoming Roadshows can be found on our the publisher, D2 Mobile Ltd website. mobileSQUARED is a trading name of Oh, and to make sure all of the content and data is delivered in a timely and D2 Mobile Ltd. consistent fashion, Gav’s on board, and he’s our new chief markets analyst. You can reach Gavin by emailing The mobileSQUARED team offers unique forecasting, analysis, research and That’a sll for now insight on the mobile market, providing highly focused reports and bespoke Nick - contents intelligence. We tailor our approach to the requirements of each project and use our network of global network of contacts. Page 3 Feature - Conversational advertising Page 6 Crunch - UK smartphone usage Our extensive market knowledge stems from years covering the mobile industry Page 8 Google setting its sights on the smartphone market meaning that we’re in a position Page 9 Where to be a player in the new mobile gaming market to respond immediately to market developments. Page 11 In search of Mobile Advertising Revenues of Mass Construction All rights reserved. Opinions expressed by individual Page 12 Carroll’s Quest - in Sweden’s finest contributors may not personally reflect the views of D2 Mobile Ltd. Whilst reasonable efforts have been made Page 13 mobileROUND(UP) to ensure that the information and content of this publication was correct as at the date of first publication, Page 15 Walled Garden neither D2 Mobile Ltd nor any person engaged or employed by D2 Mobile Ltd accepts any liability for any Page 16 mobileSQUARED fast facts: India errors, omissions or other inaccuracies. Readers should independently verify any facts and figures as no liability Page 17 All you need to know about mobileSQUARED Roadshow: Europe can be accepted in this regard. Readers assume full 2
  3. 3. feature Communication is the new order for mobile advertising Advertising must evolve beyond its mobile advertising communication as the consumer, and therefore are limited traditional campaign-led approach Conversational advertising, defined in their ability to encourage the ongoing on mobile for the channel to develop as the agreed messaging-based interaction and engagement that brands into the most effective form of communication between the consumer desire. Conversational Advertising communication between a brand and and a brand to deliver consumer benefits introduces a discursive element to what consumer, according to a new report to the consumer. has been until now, a largely time- by mobileSQUARED, commissioned restricted engagement opportunity by SinglePoint. In a mobile world Conversational advertising capitalizes during a campaign. overshadowed by the fear of spam and on the opted-in database developed opt-out, the report calls on brands and by the brand to establish an ongoing But this means something of an businesses to start building an opt-in relationship with the consumer. In doing overhaul of existing approaches. Existing database now — if they have not already so, the concept evolves beyond the messaging-based forms of mobile started to do so, and to not be afraid to traditional campaign ideology that has advertising have involved campaign-led send several messages to its database a become the cornerstone of advertising. activity over a number of hours, or an month. occasional communication. And while it Campaigns, by their very nature, has created instantaneous engagement The report refers to this form of represent an occasional touch-point with and interaction between the brand 3
  4. 4. feature and consumer, this is compacted into a very short period of time, and lasts the length of the campaign. Consequently, the brand is unlikely to use messaging to communicate with that user until it embarks on another campaign. While this aligns strongly with traditional advertising activity and structure, it is contrary to how users use their mobile devices. In the digital age, engagement is critical. Once a consumer has opted in and become engaged, it then becomes counterintuitive to send engagement is ongoing. And with be developed using Conversational an occasional communication. The ongoing engagement, the notion of the Advertising as the platform – in effectiveness of the opt-in model is to campaign vanishes. conjunction with web and WAP sites, maintain that relationship between the for example. A more traditional mobile brand and the consumer, measured by Adopting an ongoing model will advertising campaign could be used the Cost Per Engagement (CPE). also make mobile messaging a more to develop brand awareness and drive appealing medium to advertising consumer opt-ins. The latter could be Conversational advertising addresses agencies. Presently, agencies have and enhances the existing messaging supported by cross-platform initiatives, become ousted from the mobile as well as point of contact literature practices executed at present, which messaging marketing ecosystem, are fleeting and largely nonexistent educating the consumer of the merits of and consequently have very limited opting in. beyond the period of the campaign. The opportunity in monetizing the continued rise of SMS, allied with status messaging value chain. But why messaging? updates on social networks and the rapid adoption of Twitter, highlights that users Similarly, agencies are more accustomed In essence, messaging has the reach are now accustomed to communicating to generating several million dollars for and effectiveness that is unparalleled in 160 characters or less. a TV ad or online campaign. It is almost compared to all other channels available impossible for an agency to justify on mobile, available online, as well as the The report states that conversational charging US$100,000 to come up with traditional forms of media. The power of advertising can generate a similar ‘front- 20, 40, or 60 characters for a messaging messaging can also be attributed to its of-mind’ presence in the consumer as a campaign, regardless of how successful proximity with the user. On average, the web site, and should therefore become 20 characters could be. mobile phone the mobile platform upon which all other forms of mobile advertising campaigns Conversational advertising addresses the will be in the user’s possession for 16 are based. In the same way web sites clear disconnect between agencies and hours a day. It is not uncommon for are managed and updated, a similar messaging. By replacing campaigns with users to sleep with their mobile devices principle will apply to conversational annualised messaging (conversational) next to their pillow - the third most used advertising. activity, agencies can command a application on a phone after voice and 12-month fee, for example, to manage messaging is the alarm. As highlighted, the ongoing that process for their brand clients. From communication generated via an agency’s perspective, conversational Research by Pew Internet in Sept 2009, conversational advertising, increases advertising ensures their inclusion in revealed that texting is the primary the consumer’s propensity to engage the mobile messaging ecosystem, and reason that teenagers will sleep with with the brand. Whereas the window of closely aligns not only with their brand their cell phone next to the bed: Texting opportunity to engage on traditional enhancement cycle, but with consumer teens are 42% more likely to sleep next mobile advertising activity would mobile behaviour. to their cells than those teenagers that only be open during the campaign; do not text. conversational advertising ensures Mobile advertising campaigns can then Putting this into context, the mobile 4
  5. 5. Indeed, the reason that 95% of messages are read within 3 minutes can be directly related to the user’s possessory behaviour towards the mobile device. For an advertiser, the knowledge that 900,000 customers out of a target group of 1 million opted-in customers, for example, will receive their communication within a matter of minutes is an incredibly powerful channel. This is an extract from Conversational Advertising, phone is in the possession of the average that direct activity on the device will a report by mobileSQUARED, user for 5,840 hours per year. That automatically alert the user, such as commissioned by SinglePoint. To compares to the average 2,920 hours a phonecall or message. This level of download the complete report, including the average user in developed markets “pull” activity is in keeping with the conversational advertising forecasts in spends in front of their PC, versus the widely adhered-to difference between the US, UK, and India, please visit (or click average 1,865 hours spent watching the marketing and advertising; the former on) TV (US only). is push-based, whereas the latter is pull- based. In relation to messaging, it is very The implications for the mobile device’s much a pull-based media. proximity in relation to the user, is Get Inside the Head of Your Target Audience Lightspeed Research’s online panels deliver the valuable data you need to make informed business decisions. Contact Us: +44 (0)20 7896-1900 5 |
  6. 6. crunch UK smartphone users don’t dominate mobile internet access ... yet! Smartphone users are more likely to device or access several times a day, mobile Internet users within the next 12 access the mobile Internet than non- versus just 11.7% of non-smartphone months. smartphone users and certainly create users. However, with 10 million more page impressions, but non- smartphones in the UK at the end of Moreover, by the end of 2010 smartphone devices still constitute the 2009 and 49.28 million non smartphones mobileSQUARED estimates there will be single largest method of accessing the (featurephones and basic devices), this 14.8 million smartphones in the UK, mobile Internet in the UK, according to means that only 4.07 million smartphone versus 46.84 million non-smartphones figures released by mobileSQUARED. users are considered to be heavy mobile so, even if the current situation remains Internet users against 5.76 million non- unchanged, organic growth will see Research conducted by Lightspeed smartphone users. smartphones become the single largest Research for mobileSQUARED shows that method of accessing the mobile Internet 40.7% of smartphone users in the UK Clearly, there is a higher mobile Internet by the end of the year. either always access the Internet via their conversion rate among smartphone users than non- In total, 93.6% of smartphone users smartphone access the mobile Internet at least once users. a month, equivalent to 9.36 million users, Consumers with 28.3% accessing “several times a are also more day”, followed by 19.7% that use the likely to spend service “a few times a week”. A little over more time 12% of smartphone users only access the browsing on mobile Internet once a month, compared a smartphone to 29.8% of non-smartphone users. than any Almost 20% of non-smartphone users other device. are yet to be tempted to use the mobile However, the Internet, though are aware of the service. fact that almost There has been a rapid increase in mobile 30% of non- Internet usage over the 12-month period smartphone from 2008 to 2009 on all devices, but users use the especially among smartphone users. Source (both graphs): Lightspeed Research/mobile SQUARED mobile Internet As of 2008, 47.7% of smartphone users once a month spend more than one hour on their represents a device per day. By the end of 2009, the great platform number of smartphone users spending upon which more than one hour using their device usage can was up to 62.4%. That equates to develop. Given 6.24 million users based on end-2009 the uptake of subscription figures. mobile Internet over the last Though not as significant, non- 12 months, smartphone users are also spending mobileSQUARED more time per day using their mobile predicts that device. The percentage of users spending a significant more than one hour on their device per percentage of day has increased from 37% 2008 to this figure will 47.5%. become more frequent weekly 6
  7. 7. The essential guide to Roadshow 2010 communicating with Delegate pass the mobile consumer £280 / €340 Vinopolis, London, September 29th, 2010 Asia Europe US South Africa Singapore Roadshow 2010 York London New Cape Town Returning in Spring 2011 September 29th November 2nd May 2011 HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND... · We have one of THE leading thinkers of advertising, the chap who developed the Barclays app. · We have speakers from one of the world’s largest news networks and one of the most innovative mobile marketing countries. · We have speakers from charities, universities, a luxury ice cream manufacturer, the financial sector, publishers, and numerous mobile operators. · We have analysis and strategy from the leading mobile advertising, internet and social networking providers. · We have the Open Mobile Surgery, with our team of first-class mobile Drs on hand to rectify all of your mobile ailments, queries, and doubts. · We have one of the most innovative Workshop sessions you will get at any event today. · And to top it all off, we will have the latest mobile market and consumer research for 15 markets across Europe. See full brochure + full agenda from page 19. REGISTER NOW CLICK HERE OVER 80 DELEGATES SIGNED UP ALREADY. Companies attending include Oracle, Sapient Nitro, Sunguard, Mediacom, BSkyB, Microsoft, DDB, Carphone Warehouse, Response One, Bertelsmann Group, Chevron, Reuters Media, O2, Aegis, Mindjet, Dare Digital, Movenpick, Harper Collins, ITN, dnx, Omnicom, Sponge, Orange Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Lanyard Sponsor Lunch Sponsor Coffee Sponsor Networking Sponsor Mobile Platform Partner I strongly encourage fellow creative and media agencies to attend the Roadshow to raise the tide for all our clients’ boats. Ian Loon - Associate Director, Digital Influence Group, Starcom Media Worldwide 7 more information at
  8. 8. Google focused on smartphones Google has seen mobile operations help vice president of product management. important aspect for marketers to grasp. boost its bottom line as the company “Everything else being constant, we’re “There are huge spikes in mobile queries reported a 24% jump in revenues to seeing a disproportionately larger around commercials at the end of $6.82 billion for the quarter ended proportion of mobile clicks than there sporting events, like the Superbowl.” June 30, but Google chairman and CEO has been in the past. Eric Schmidt believes the company is The phenomenal growth in mobile positioning its Android mobile operating Overall, the whole Android ecosystem is search mirrors similar growth in mobile system to drive revenues exceeding “exploding”, with a 300% rise in search Internet activity. For Google in particular, $10 billion a year - bolstered by mobile queries made from Android-powered Android is now starting to make its mark advertising and content downloads. devices in the first half of 2010. “I think on the industry. Android is now the the most important thing beyond the second biggest smartphone category in Schmidt claimed that Android’s growing growth is that the most popular app is a the US, with over 100,000 Android device popularity will see Google’s web search, browser,” said Rosenberg. “And what do sales per day. There are now 60 Android maps and ad-based services continue people do there? They search — more devices available in the marketplace, to thrive as customers migrate from the than they ever have.” with an additional 40 expected to be desktop to the smartphone – in the US released before the end of the year. “We alone there are over Google 100,000 new There are now approximately 70,000 are super excited about Android,” says Android device sales each day. “If we Android apps available compared to Steib. “Android is free. So we think it is a have a billion people using Android, you 30,000 in April, and consumers have platform that is helping to develop and think we can’t make money from that?” now downloaded more than 2 billion accelerate the mobile web. People seem Schmidt said, explaining Google could Android apps to their smartphones. to be using their Android devices a lot. earn $10 billion annually at a rate of $10 The Android app market is on course to The browser will be the killer apps. per user per year. pass 100,000 by year end following the July 12 launch of App Inventor - a free “To date, over 2 billion Android apps Patrick Pichette, senior vice president web-based software tool enabling users have been downloaded. Steib says that and chief financial officer of Google, to create their own Android applications 25% of iPhone and Android users spend says more and more traditional brand regardless of previous programming 2 hours per day connecting with apps. advertisers are embracing search experience. But the focus remains on the mobile and search advertising to build their web. Google anticipates local playing brand online and running integrated Apple may have stolen the device glory a major role in the future. “One in three campaigns across mobile display with 3 million iPads shifting in as many searches are based on local queries,” and search, and mobile revenue are months, but Google views smartphones says Steib. “And as the innovation in the growing as advertisers continue to opt as the key ingredient driving the advertising space is accelerating, there into mobile-specific campaigns. “The widespread adoption of the mobile web is a need to reveal what products are successful completion of the AdMob and is now focusing its development available locally.” acquisition gives us a very strong mobile strategy on Smartphones. Mike Steib, advertising platform to continue to director, emerging platforms, Google, Steib does not think the data caps grow the business,” said Pichette. “The says that the level of search activity on imposed on AT&T users in the US, and richer the ad, the more the advertiser is smartphones has experienced a 500% more recently O2 UK users, will have willing to contribute because it is more growth over the last 12 months. On the a damaging impact on the adoption engaging and thus creates a better iPhone alone, there is 50x the search of the mobile Internet. Caps on data revenue opportunity. We’re providing activity compared to featurephones. plans will affect 2% of users in each better returns for advertisers so we are market. Trend-line analysis conducted “The transition from featurephones by Google reveals that more and more able to price the ads better. Agencies are to smartphpone means that people users want to spend more and more realizing the value of integrated buys are now using the phone more like a time on the web. “Data caps make sense across platform that include search, computer,” Steib says. “But what we’re when the thing that you are selling is a mobile, display and YouTube,” he said. seeing is that for frequent searches limited commodity,” says Steib. “It will Google claims that click-to-call ads on on mobile devices, their diversity of be better for mobile web when the cost high-end mobile phones are doing very searches is greater than on their PC. of broadband goes down and we don’t well. Click-through rates on mobile ads People are actually doing more on discourage users from using mobile web. increase 6% when the advertiser includes smartphones.” I understand why AT&T have introduced a phone number and increase 8% if price caps.” Based on usage, it is apparent to Steib they include a local address. “Mobile is that mobile can complement other & certainly growing faster than other clicks,” forms of media, which he believes is an said Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s senior 8
  9. 9. Where to be a player in the new mobile gaming market Mobile gaming is coming of age than 26,000 games App Store titles per genre in 2010. It’s had some challenging available, with 68 formative years, but that’s all changed percent of them Puzzle 7,737 thanks to the unlikely father figure paid titles. The most Action 5,994 of Steve Jobs, and the phenomenal popular genre - Puzzle Arcade 5,892 growth of the iPhone App Store. - contains more than Family 4,536 7,700 titles.. Kids 4,169 Now mobile companies are falling over themselves to get into play with the There’s also the thorny Educational 3,456 likes of Google’s Android, Blackberry issue of price. Whereas Strategy 3,236 App World, and Nokia’s Ovi featuring mobile operators Board 2,875 games as a key component of future maintained a £5 price Simulation 2,536 strategy. And the market’s growing fast. tag for games, 59p Adventure 2,154 Gartner’s expects it to be up 19 percent is the most popular Trivia 1,875 to $5.6 billion in 2010, with Juniper price on the App Sports 1,558 and DFC Intelligence respectively Store, with only the Card 1,432 projecting $10 billion in 2013 and large publishers able Role Playing 1,405 $11.7 billion in 2014. to release games at Word 1,383 the higher prices But how do you get slices of these pies which dominate the Casino 897 and, more to the point, which should top grossing charts. Music 866 you focus on? Racing 653 Official statistics on Dice 454 In this edited extract from the Google’s Android PocketGamer.Biz Mobile Games Trend Market are harder 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 Source: Mobclix, 1-Feb-10 / Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Trends Report 2010 report, we offer a quick run down on to come by than for the leading platforms. iPhone as there’s announce it’s bringing 10 of its top no full store listing. As of February, games to the platform. Apple’s App Store is without doubt the analytics website AndroLib tracked best mobile gaming plaform available. The pricing of Android content remains 3,825 Android games, dominated Activity is huge, with over 4 billion an issue however, with analytics by the Brain & Puzzle and Casual accumulated downloads, its 70:30 company Distimo claiming Android categories. Another difference is the revenue has been widely copied, and Market has the lowest average price for lack of big name publishers, who have there’s precious little fragmentation to paid applications at $3.27, compared been lukewarm, due in part to the worry about. to $3.47 for Nokia’s Ovi Store, $3.62 large volumes of free titles, the lack of for Apple’s App Store, and $8.26 for Discovery is a growing problem an firstparty store, and inflexible billing BlackBerry App World. though. In February, analytics website options. Mobclix revealed there were more Although BlackBerry App World didn’t This is beginning to change however, launch until spring 2009, Research Android titles per genre thanks to success in Motion already had a thriving of devices such as development community, albeit one 951 the Motorola Droid, Arcade & Action focused on business applications. Now, which combined with in keeping with its wider refocusing Brain & Puzzle 1,696 output from HTC of BlackBerry as a lifestyle brand, it’s and Samsung means Cards & Casino 284 doing the same with apps, announcing Google is activating support for 3D graphics standard Casual 894 100,000 devices per OpenGL 2.0 for its newest devices. App day. This scale has World already has plenty of games too 0 500 1000 1500 2000 also seen Gameloft Source: AndroLib, 1-Feb-10 / Mobile Games Trends Report 2010 9
  10. 10. consumed BlackBerry titles per genre backend complexity for And there’s more… developers, and poor Puzzles 238 sales. At the last count there’s actually 37 Strategy 158 distinct app stores in operation spread Sports 146 In recent months, across Device manufacturers (including Action 123 some developers have Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Palm and Cards 121 reported an upswing, LG), OS developers (such as Windows Arcade 95 with the store handling Mobile and the Java store), operators Movie & TV Themes 94 1.7 million downloads (Vodafone 360, Orange App store, Board Games 80 per day, although Verizon et al all have their own new Combat 66 this is figure also channels) and independents (From Space 23 includes wallpapers Getjar and Handmark to Mobango and and ringtones. But App Central) and that’s not to mention 0 50 100 150 200 250 with Ovi Store coming Source: BlackBerry App World / Mobile Games Trends Report 2010 the pre-existing mobile operator preloaded on more and portals and OEM embedded programs. - around 1,200 at last count - even if more handsets - it’s Suffice to say all of these channels offer they’re essentially J2ME titles. As with also available in 18 countries and 30 their own opportunities and challenges iPhone and Android, the Puzzle genre languages - it seems inconceivable it for game developers and should be is the most populated. won’t be a key player in the market considered as part of a wider strategy. going forward. Perhaps the clearest difference compared to other app stores is pricing US App Store Prices however. Thanks to RIM’s policy of maintaining $2.99 as its lowest price 6.5 point, BlackBerry App World has the highest average price - $8.26 according 5.4 to Distimo. Even when it comes to Price in US dollars games, Pocket Gamer’s research show that the average price of the top 4.3 20 BlackBerry games is around $4, compared to $2.50 for Apple App Store. 3.2 Despite being the world’s largest phone and smartphone maker, Nokia 2.1 hasn’t been able to leverage its market share into app store success. Indeed, Ovi Store has enjoyed distinctly mixed 1 fortunes since its launch in 2009. The June 2009 November 2009 store suffered from technical glitches in Average price of EA Games in the Top 100 paid its first few days live and has since been Average price of Gameloft Games in the Top 100 paid criticised for customer service issues, Top 100 paid average Top 10 paid average EXCLUSIVE OFFER • EXCLUSIVE OFFER • EXCLUSIVE OFFER 20% OFF for Mobile Squared readers The 150 plus pages • Ten key issues and trends for the year ahead. • Competitive analysis of the ten leading publishers’ 2009 • China: Is 2010 the time to make your move in the far of mobile game activity. East? industry data, • Quick guide to where the money went in 2009, • Feature looking at the • Unique Industry analysis, and including the top 150 deals. different business models Confidence Survey: Key insight include: available, covering the likes players from the value • App Store Marketing: of: freemium, in-app chain share their views and • In-depth overview of the Insider’s Guide to marketing purchase, episodic content, forecasts. principle app stores and your games and Apps. ad-funding, etc. distribution channels plus • Key facts and figures on the separate analysis of key data • All the developments, • The 50 key mobile games industry and trends. and trends. deals, and trends of the year. you need to know about. Go to for more info 10
  11. 11. Why people give their permission for promiscuous-based marketing GWB: I don’t know how suited I am at Toe-Knee, have been investigating the they get the stamina. Nor does Mrs B being a covert analyst exploring the world of opt-in mobile marketing. We’ve for that matter. They’ve launched the ins and outs of the mobile advertising heard a lot about this promiscuous- service in the Netherlands, which I can industry for the nice people at based marketing. And I have to say well believe, and India is next on their mobileDODECAHEDRON. I know for one, I’m not surprised the opt-in process to roadmap. But I’m not surprised Blyk that my grammar and vocabularity access such messages is so rigorous. The couldn’t keep it up in the UK, the Brits is not what it could be, and when thought of being promiscuous on a text are far too stuffy for promiscuitities. confronted with the task of writing message is something both myself and industry commentary, I, like many can Mrs B cannot relatify too. TKB. Let me just interject there about be found discombobulating (hell, I think the UK. Our intelligence has revealed I’ve just made a word up) in a corner But some folk do. What’s more, we’ve that Blyk’s platform was acquired by somewhere. found a number of companies that are Orange and they are getting more and actively pursuing promiscuous-based more permission-based opt-ins, as If this role is only a short-term marketing. In some markets there are indeed are O2. So I would disagree with venturpotunity, I do believe I am suited hundreds of thousands of people at it. you on your last point. Though I must for a senior position at Apple. Who in In Turkey, there are millions. say I do appear to have something of the heckfire came up with iad? Next a reputation for agreeing with Gee W., they’ll start putting random bowels in Based on what we can gather about don’t I Gee W.? front of phones. Hell, I thought iRAQ a company called Blyk, people are was a country, not a phone holder. apparently feeling the most up for it GWB: Where in the world did you get mid-afternoon. They always target that? Of course you don’t agree with me. Apple is nothing more than a people at 16:24 on the promise of distractulation to the task in hand, getting it at least once per day, and TKB: No, you’re absolutely right. as me and my esteemed colleague, sometimes up to six. I don’t know where 11
  12. 12. Carroll’s Quest Our resident handset expert Michael Carroll, steadfastly refuses to use the iPhone. But his resistance is weakening. So we at mobileSQUARED have set Michael the challenge of uncovering a handset that rivals the iPhone. Here, he puts the Vovlo C30 through its paces. Yes, a Volvo The other month I decided to abandon arranged by event-sponsor Volvo my regular search for the ultimate and involved around 100 cars packed iPhone-beating smartphone in favour with consumers and minor celebrities of a more traditional laptop and dongle [Matthew Horne of Gavin and Stacey approach. The reason? I was heading to fame], but couldn’t source a dongle or a very small town in Austria for a very even a smartphone from any UK carrier. big music event. The drive gave me the chance to assess Snowbombing has developed into all the wireless technology now finding one of Europe’s premier dance-music its way into cars. events over the past decade, attracting thousands of party-goers with its RFID-based keyless entry and start unique mix of hedonistic nights, and was great when I had the fob, but the days spent on the ski slopes around passenger door won’t open until the Mayrhofen. driver opens theirs, leaving me standing like a child in the days before central From a wireless point-of-view, it was locking, when you had to wait for your a disaster in the making, as the town’s parents to unlock the doors by hand. WiFi networks experienced such a surge in demand that even the event’s By far the best thing, though, was that organisers struggled to get a consistent my ageing Sony Ericsson W800i pairs Web connection. with the car’s built-in Bluetooth. Volvo has yet to confirm which version of Because I don’t spend all day playing Bluetooth is installed in the car, but with mobile phones I put in a call to suffice to say its backwards compatible Telecom Austria, who were only too with my 2005 handset. happy to send an HSPA dongle to my hotel. A great sound system meant phone calls were easily heard, and I could place calls Plug and play is a wonderful invention. I using the car’s central console. was up and running within five minutes of figuring out the SIM card that came in But, by far the best feature was the the box was for the dongle, and not for fact that, when I paired my phone, my my phone. companion’s iPod – which still connects using a cable – was rendered inactive. My travelling companion probably tested the dongle’s capabilities more Five year-old Walkman 1. Fangled than I did, having to upload high- i-products 0. resolution pictures of her long-term test car – Volvo’s funky C30 – to the website of the UK’s leading car magazines. We originally hoped to live-blog details of the road-trip to Austria, which was 12
  13. 13. country data Permission-based marketing on the up Opera Mini users O2 More, the operator’s opt-in ad advertising ecosystem, and not at one messaging service, has more than doubled its number of users over the end of the value chain - as is the case in virtually all models at present - the surf 1 billion pages last month, mobile has discovered. consumer will not embrace the medium per day SQUARED Although the operator is believed to have as quickly as the industry anticipates. experienced a drop in subscribers at some point during the year, it is now thought Messaging is certainly primed to play a Not only is the number of mobile to have between 50,000-100,000 users. A massive role in mobile advertising. For browsers around the world increasing, timely recovery in time for the launch of instance, UK mobile subs send over 11 the average length of time users are its proximity marketing service, which is million SMSes per hour, amounting to 7.7 browsing is on the up also. expected to launch in August. billion SMSes per month. Alternatively, that represents up to 15.4 billion The latest data on Opera Mini reveals That puts O2 in hot pursuit of Orange engagements with the SMS medium that its 59.4 million users are now Shots, which told mobileSQUARED that it every month (i.e. send and receive). And generating over 1 billion page has “well over” the 100,000 subscribers it for this reason alone, mobileSQUARED is impressions a day. On average, Opera announced when the service launched confident permission-based advertising Mini users are visiting 16.84 pages per earlier this year. Without divulging actual will be a significant force in the mobile day. This compares to an average daily numbers, clearly Orange has experienced advertising itinerary within 12-18 months. page impression per user in June 2009 growth, though perhaps not the (See our report for SinglePoint on of 12.98. spectacular increase it envisaged when it Conversational Advertising). In those 13 months, Opera has added took over the Blyk platform in the UK. In June, speaking at the IAB’s Engage for 11.4 million Mini users, with the total mobileSQUARED puts this slower-than- Mobile event, Dean Merrion, head of O2 daily page impressions leaping from expected growth in permission-based More at O2 Media, claimed that 67% of around 653,000,000 to over 1 billion – advertising on mobile down to consumer O2 customers are likely to engage with an increase of 161%. education. After all, mobile advertising a mobile offer. That equates to 14.34 According to the company, much in all of its various guises is only at the million subscribers out of its 21.4 million of this growth can be attributed to nascent stage of its development. And the total users. If Orange, Vodafone, 3 and Africa, where it describes the mobile process of consumer education is at an T-Mobile’s customers all think along internet usage as “explosive”. Across even earlier stage of its evolution. similar lines, then almost 70% of the UK Africa, the region is experiencing triple market will embrace mobile advertising, Consumers nevertheless remain a digit growth, with the top 12 markets and coupon-based messaging services pivotal role in the uptake and success of in Africa experiencing a year-on-year in particular. Provided operators get the mobile advertising. Until the consumer is growth of 182%, based on an increase messaging spot on, there are big numbers placed truly in the middle of the mobile of Opera Mini users of 124%. out there. A month-on-month global comparison 26% yoy mobile internet growth in Oz reveals that Opera Mini users viewed 27.3 billion pages in June 2010, The number of mobile internet users in mobileSQUARED forecasts the number of compared to 26.5 billion the previous Australia will experience year-on-year mobile browsers using featurephones to month. growth of 26% between 2009 and 2010, steadily decline between now and 2015, with 5.14 million mobile internet users as these users upgrade to smartphones. According to the mobileSQUARED by the end of this year, according to data Knowledge Centre, the average daily released by mobileSQUARED. More than 56% By 2015, the number of Australian users page impressions per user in the UK will of the users will be on smartphones, browsing on their mobile phones will increase from 9.39 this year, to 13.44 in including iPhone users, which alone top 11.1 million, with 69% of users on 2011. While in Australia, the increase contribute 21% of browsers. smartphones (including Android), while a in daily page impressions in the same little under a quarter (24%) will be using timeframe will be from 16.08 to 20.58. Between 2009 and the end of 2010, the the iPhone. Interestingly, all smartphone Clearly, Opera Mini browsing behaviour number of iPhone and smartphone users categories will account for 68% of total is higher-than-average than the UK. browsing the internet will almost double. mobile users in Australia by 2015. 13
  14. 14. The Weather Channel forecasting severe mobile activity The Weather Channel is the largest and international, The Weather Channel million followers to submit their location. location-based advertising platform Interactive. “Consumers have to enter their post code in the world, boasting 100% of its 137 so that we can deliver content to them,” million unique consumers being location- With over 100,000 Android devices being says Clayton. “We have location which enabled. The service attracts 119 million sold a day in the US, The Weather Channel we can use for advertising. And because cable TV viewers, its website and mobile was quick to ride the Android wave. On of our reach, advertisers are buying site has 42 million and 22 million unique Blackberry and Palm Pre, there have been cross-platform. As an organisation we are visitors per month respectively, while over over 2 million and 500,000 respectively, focused on having that cross -platform 520,000 apps downloaded on the iPad apps downloaded. And despite its recent approach, but we’re leading with mobile. alone. launch, The Weather Channel’s iPad app And mobile is the first conversation that has already had over 520,000 downloads. we’re having.” Not surprisingly, The Weather Channel is one of the largest advertising networks in As Clayton says, mobile has now reached Often forgotten is that voice is still the the US, and this has enabled it to become scale. But it is how companies and brands first app, which Clayton says is a “lean one of the leading mobile players also. In utilise that scale that will ultimately forward experience”, encouraging fact, only Google, Facebook and Yahoo dictate the success of their mobile engagement. “And if you are interacting, are bigger on mobile in the US than The strategy. “If you’re a brand, you have to then the user is 100% focused on that Weather Channel. think about what iPad means to your and are totally locked in. For a brand that brand and your consumers, because a means that they have 100% mindshare of Its mobile heritage has been evolving brand’s view will be completely different that consumer.” since 1999 when it launched its first to a publisher’s view,” says Clayton. “That mobile site, followed by its first BREW and also means that the way consumers The lean back experience is likened to Java apps in 2001. interact will be completely different.” watching TV, whereby consumers can operate dual modality and are therefore “You have to be in these places right at Where The Weather Channel already not as focused. the beginning to ride the wave,” says holds an advantage is in its unenviable Cameron Clayton, vice president, mobile position of encouraging all of its 137 The World's Mobile Ad Network Reach. Size Matters. 179 Million Consumers. 7.5 Billion Impressions. 37 Countries. Perform . We Deliver. 3,000 Publishers. 25,000 Campaigns. 20,000 Ads/Second. Measu r e . AdROIt™. Revenue optimization through real-time analytics. L e a r n a b o ut our intelligent, self- l e a r n i n g m o b i l e a d n e t w o r k a t w w w . i n m o b i . c o m 14
  15. 15. walled garden Mobile apps: A Mexican stand-off? The mobile apps market is rapidly Consumers will start to buy mobile to revenue generation. This lifetime can evolving and has massive potential phones based on which ones provide the be extended by releasing similar apps for growth, especially as smartphones most highly recommended apps. It will across different stores to reach as many become increasingly ubiquitous over the no longer be sufficient for industry giants consumers as possible. Twitter and next ten years. A quick glance through to create an app store with thousands of Facebook currently use this method to the top ten in any of the major app stores potential downloads. What will become great effect. today reveals how things have changed. critical is securing the best-selling apps. Gone are the once highly successful Handset manufacturers have already If a cross-platform strategy equals longer novelty apps like iFart and Sonic Lighter begun to participate in an apps “arms- app lifecycle, a greater customer reach - displaced by big brand names like race” - purchasing exclusive rights to the and more revenue, then exclusivity Google and CNN.[i] apps that they see as the most influential deals are unlikely to be an attractive with their potential buyers. The success proposition for developers. What Apps are set to be the next battleground of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) shows could work is a solution that blends for brands fighting for greater market the power an exclusive app can have on the two models. Exclusive licenses share. Manufacturers, developers and driving consumers to your devices. with a set expiry date would provide consumers will have conflicting interests the manufacturers with the exclusive during this struggle, over issues such as The quest for exclusivity is already app carrot to wave at consumers to cross-platform apps, handset retention paving the way for specialisation from turn them into paying customers, and exclusivity. For example, while the manufacturers; location-based while allowing developers to work in exclusivity might give developers a services, travel and music are particularly the background perfecting versions of short term advantage, it may be to the popular. In the past few months, Nokia their app for every other store – to be detriment of long term innovation and has purchased companies like Novarra immediately released when the license customer satisfaction. and Dopplr and we can expect other expires. manufacturers to follow suit. What What does the future hold for the mobile will come next is a trend towards Although this will not guarantee apps market and the different players consolidation – fewer apps being success for every developer, the ones involved? available, but the ones that are will be that do recognise the commercial focused on quality and functionality benefits of this type of exclusivity Don’t adjust your handsets will look for further ways to add rather than providing consumers with Manufacturers are struggling to hundreds of low-quality apps that do the value. Whether that manifests itself differentiate their offering from same thing. in designing highly addictive apps the competition, and although all that can start a purchasing craze or The developing world solving manufacturer issues like in-app manufacturers proclaim the unique selling points of their particular handsets, payments or advertising, successful Developers will need to maximise developers will find ways to make these are quickly duplicated, making potential opportunities wherever them commonplace. Even pricing no themselves as indispensable and as possible. Many app developers currently lucrative as possible. longer provides much differentiation see cross-platform availability as their between the top tier handsets. default position in terms of maximising Consumer impact the profitability of their apps. They are Apps continue to offer consumers With more consumers turning to also realising that their mobile apps greater mobile functionality and content. smartphones, the changing relationship have a limited lifecycle when it comes 15
  16. 16. walled garden between manufacturers and developers Clever tactics from the corporation but compelling platforms, manufacturers will have a significant impact on more bad news for the gamer with limited and operators are free to strike exclusive consumers than ever before. Consumer funds. deals, developers are free to work demand will evolve from always-on on the platform of their choice and Conclusions consumers are free to reap the benefits access to mobile social interaction across any handset, on any network. of competition. So where does that leave us? It’s clear that all three parties want different Allowing open access to their APIs makes The ongoing competition between things. But it’s not enough to just use the perfect sense for service providers. They manufacturers and the exclusivity old adage and say “never the twain shall can concentrate on profitable deals between manufacturers and developers meet.” Someone needs to take a stand while external developers can create will fly in the face of the consumers who now and work out a solution – even if for undeserved platforms. Customers are looking forward to the potential that means compromising for the sake of benefit by having a wide range of device of apps that make further use of social moving the market forward. on which to use their preferred services. connectivity. Manufacturers and developers need to Opening up is the only way to ensure The fragmentation of the app space will see that they can work closely together, exclusivity deals remain profitable and eventually lead to further consumer whilst still maintaining a competitive ensure users aren’t locked out of the dissatisfaction with the mobile edge. Otherwise the apps market services they desire. marketplace – frustrated by the limited could see itself devolving into the next social interaction available to them MMS-style disappointment. Even today By Raam Thakrar, CEO of Touchnote and being constantly forced to change MMS is not used to its full potential and platform just to get the content they [i] What is an app? For our purposes, we have no-one to blame except the want on their mobile. We are already we can take it to mean any application industry for its lack of collaboration. seeing this frustration demonstrated by developed and distributed not by the console gamers. Microsoft’s purchase Without this collaboration the future will phone manufactures but by a third party of game designers like Bungie means produce more losers than winners in the developer and installed on the phone by hotly anticipated new games will only apps race. the owner. be compatible with Microsoft hardware. The proposition to consumers is all too Perhaps the answer lies in open For more information, please take a peek clear: “if you want to play this game, then ecosystems. With open APIs, service at you’ll have to buy our hardware first”. providers are free to work on the most mobile SQUARED fast facts: India 16
  17. 17. Roadshow 2010 Asia Europe US South Africa Singapore London New York Cape Town Returning in Spring 2011 September 29th November 2nd May 2011 Roadshow 2010 The essential guide to communicating with the mobile consumer Vinopolis, London, September 29th, 2010 Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Lanyard Sponsor Lunch Sponsor Coffee Sponsor Networking Sponsor Mobile Platform Partner I strongly encourage fellow creative and media agencies to attend the Roadshow to raise the tide for all our clients’ boats. Ian Loon - Associate Director, Digital Influence Group, Starcom Media Worldwide 17
  18. 18. Roadshow: Europe What’s it about? There was a good mix of content The mobile SQUARED Roadshow: Europe is an innovative 1-day and presentations for those new to, and those well immersed in event covering the essential aspects of connecting with mobile the industry. I particularly enjoyed consumers, relevant for brands, agencies, content providers, and insights into individual markets. mobile companies alike. We bring all these key players together to Mike Dunphy, Mobile Consultant, Liverpool FC. collaborate outside of their usual siloes, and facilitate fresh thinking on how to shape the market for best results. Very interesting, and the key highlight was the excerpts from It’s about how to harness the one media device that connects to the research. It was good to see an independent take on the industry millions, and is always on and always in view. and to have a third party actually break down the data to include • Content focus on the key areas of Apps, WAPs, and Mobile markets like Malaysia. Advertising. Rene Menezes, CEO, Better • Short ‘how to’ practical guides (e.g. create the perfect mobile Digital Solutions, Malaysia marketing campaign, build a sticky app) • Expert keynote presentations Workshop Challenge • Take the Workshop Challenge Pit your wits against other delegates • Exclusive case studies when your workshop group has €50,000 to create a mobile campaign • Lively panel debate to deliver maximum eyeballs and • Extended networking sessions – to maximise our unique cross interactivity. Your campaign parameters will be judged against actual mobile section of industry sectors including mobile folk, brands, metrics, with the winning group agencies, publishers, and non-profit organisations. handsomely rewarded. Who is the Roadshow for? Anyone who wants to understand how to create a successful mobile strategy, drive awareness and revenue from mobile, meet those who shape the market, and build consumer connections via the mobile platform. Our content is relevant to companies who are already on mobile and want to learn from the best to optimise their strategy, and also companies who want to make mobile part of their strategy, but need a clear roadmap and access to the right contacts to do so. 18
  19. 19. 3 ways the Roadshow can shape your mobile strategy • Delivering exclusive research, unique case studies, and focused insight from market-leading mobile experts, marketers and brands – wrapped up with practical ‘how to?’ sessions with advice on implementation. • An opportunity to network with a unique mix of new contacts, we help grow the market by attracting fresh non-mobile sectors as well as key mobile folk. • Every delegate will also receive a copy of “The Essential guide to communicating with the mobile consumer” Roadshow Report to take away with them. Our guarantee that you will leave mobile savvy. Who exactly attends the Roadshow? An eclectic mix of mobile and non-mobile sectors. We’re different because of the audience mix we deliver - we proactively market to representatives from across a huge variety of sectors to help grow the mobile market. Non-mobile sectors made up 47% of our delegates 2009-2010 Roadshows to date. mobileSQUARED Roadshow: Delegates by Sector 13% Digital Agency / Mobile Ad Agency 7% Vendor / Handset Manufacturer 13% Digital Agency / Mobile Ad Agency 7% Vendor / Handset Manufacturer 11% Service Provider 5% Content Provider 11% Service Provider 5% Content Provider 10% Creative / Media Agency 3% Public Sector / Government 10% Creative / Media Agency 3% Public Sector / Government 10% Ad Network 3% Mobile Solutions Company 10% Ad Network 3% Mobile Solutions Company 10% Brand 2% Media Aggregator 10% Brand 2% Media Aggregator 8% Operator 2% Publisher 8% Operator 2% Publisher 7% Software Manufacturer 1% PR Agency 7% Software Manufacturer 1% PR Agency 7% Consultant / Press / Analyst 1% Media Association 7% Consultant / Press / Analyst 1% Media Association Our attendees are also senior decision makers. 74% of delegates attending mobileSQUARED Roadshows 2009-2010 are Director level or above. mobileSQUARED Roadshow: Delegates by Job Function 18% SVP / VP / Managing Director 6% Associate / Regional Director 18% SVP / VP / Managing Director 6% Associate / Regional Director 12% 12% / Owner// Owner //President / COO CEO CEO President COO 6% 6% Head of Mobile Services / Head of Digital Services / Head of Digital Head of Mobile Director - Content-Development / Director Content Development / Account Manager / Account Exec Manager / Account Exec / Account / 9% 9% 6% Publisher Dev / Content Partnerships Partnerships Publisher Dev / Content Mobile Exec /6% Content Mobile Exec / Content Services Services 8% Sales / Business Development Director 4% Consultant 8% Sales / Business Development Director 4% Consultant 8% Head of Marketing / Marketing Director 4% Other 8% Head of Marketing / Marketing Director 4% Other 8% Manager - Dev Marketing / Country / Sales / BD 3% Research Associate 7% 8% Business Director / - Dev Services Director 3% Manager Client Marketing / Country / Sales / BD Manager Integrated Applications 1% Senior Research Associate 7% Business Director / Client Services Director 1% Senior Manager Integrated Applications 19