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M2 roadshow us daniel bethlahmy, nbc


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M2 roadshow us daniel bethlahmy, nbc

  1. 1. November 2, 2010 Achieving Success Across Multiple Platforms & Partners
  2. 2. NBC Universal…Depth of Mobile Experience Mobile Video iPhone appsMessaging Social MediaMobile Web 12 Brands 5 Platforms 10+ Partners
  3. 3. Vancouver 2010…Extending Reach Via Mobile  87.0M WAP Page Views  15.9M WAP Visits  2M Mobile Video Streams  #1 Free Sport App during first week of games  Major presence on mobile partners’ WAP decks
  4. 4. ND Football…Building Viewership Via Mobile  Cross Partner Support  On deck  On line  Banner ads  App: +10% To Date YOY on Premium Live Video Purchase  Significant Shift in Consumption  Video Clips: -19% To Date YOY  Live Stream:+35% To Date YOY iPhone App Video Clips Live StreamingMobile Web
  5. 5. Goals…3A’s: Awareness, Alignment and Agreement Making Mobile Partnerships Succeed Go To Market Timetable…Everyone on Same Page Marketing Support…Skin in the Game Performance Metrics…Availability and Definition of Success