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Who is your safety officer


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Humours look as health and safety in the workplace

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Who is your safety officer

  1. 1. Who is in charge of your safety ?
  3. 3. Who is in charge of your safety ?
  4. 4. That’s right you are your own safety officer. You above anyone else areresponsible for your own safety.
  5. 5. The images you have just seen are extreme anddo have a humorous side, but take a few minutes to think about what you have seen.Now! Have you seen similar things in your work place? I know I have. There may be someone out there about to do something similar. Who is in charge of their safety?
  6. 6. That’s right you are just as responsible as theperson committing the unsafe act.If you see someone doing unsafe – STOP THEM. WARN THEM. AND REPORT IT
  7. 7. Untidy work place, hoses or cablesblocking access to safety equipment.At Siemens we all enjoy a laugh but wetake our safety seriously.Work safely, have a nice day and don’tleave an unsafe act unchallenged.