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Online support for STEM teachers: Enhancing the training of maths and science teachers presentation


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A presentation to representatives from the Enhancing the Training of Maths and Science teachers projects. Describing the need to support STEM teachers online to create online professional identity from day one of initial teacher education. For more information refer to

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Online support for STEM teachers: Enhancing the training of maths and science teachers presentation

  1. 1. Online community as a critical part of STEM teachers’ education Dr Nick Kelly
  3. 3. The need to improve online STEM support • Re-use of knowledge • Available, accessible • Professional practice conversations • Modelling of practice • Reflection on practice • Emotional support • Part of professional community (from day one) • Professional learning network • Retention
  4. 4. Where to from here? Leadership EngagementTechnology
  5. 5. TeachConnect project leaders: Dr Nick Kelly, Steven Kickbusch Step Up project leader: Prof Les Dawes Project partner: Queensland College of Teachers
  6. 6. Selected references • Kelly, N. (2013). An opportunity to support beginning teachers in the transition from higher education into practice, Proceedings of ASCILITE 2013, Sydney • Kelly N., Reushle S., Chakrabarty S. & Kinnane A. (2014). Beginning teacher support in Australia: Towards an online community to augment current support, Australian Journal of Teacher Education 39(4), pp. 68-82 • Kelly N, Clara M. and Kickbusch S. (2015) How to develop an online community for pre-service and early career teachers, ASCILITE 2015, Perth • Kelly N. and Antonio A. (2016). Teacher peer support in social network sites, Teaching and Teacher Education, 56: 138-149 [SNIP=2.8] • Merceica B., & Kelly N. (2017). Early career teacher peer support through private groups in social media, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, • Clara M., Kelly N., Mauri T. & Danaher P. (2015). Can massive communities of teachers facilitate collaborative reflection? Fractal design as a possible answer, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education [SNIP=1.097] • Kelly N., Kickbusch S., Hadley F., Andrews R., Wade-Leeuwen B., & O’Brien M. (In press). The praxis of online mentoring. In: Ambrosetti A., Rorrison D., Kriewaldt J., & Capeness R. (eds). Educating Teachers: Innovative Perspectives in Professional Experience. Springer. • Kelly N., Russell N., Kickbusch S., Barros A., Dawes L., & Rasmussen R., (Under review). A network of preservice teachers for transition into the profession: TeachConnect as design-based research, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology