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Social Media. Who's Your Army? The Game of Risk. Visualize Your Social Content Graph


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Learn how to visualize 10 key metrics to produce a powerful actionable analysis of your social media landscape.

Where is your social army? Find out.

If this doesn't get you thinking we'll be surprised

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Social Media. Who's Your Army? The Game of Risk. Visualize Your Social Content Graph

  1. ! Let’s Play Social Risk? Social Where’s your social army? Mediaor Who’s Winning? includes DIY toolkit
  2. Think Risk (the Board Game) but for Social Media 1. A social army 2. A content (media) army There are two types of army at work in Social Media Where have you invested? Social Media
  3. Which is Stronger? Your Social Graph Your Content Graph OR
  4. Listly • Popularized by Zuckerberg at F8 in 2007 • Communicates person to person connections and the interconnected-ness of things • Somewhat intangible • Implies granular, implies personal • What about Brands? • What about Content? The Social Graph? Sounds cool, but what is it? What about the Content Graph?
  5. Listly • Today Content is the essential conversation starter for brands • How do the Social Graph AND the Content Graph co-exist? • Today, Content Networks like Slideshare, YouTube, Soundcloud & Listly have become essential tools for brands to navigate Paid, Owned & Earned Media • Embeddable media via Content Networks now caters to Slides, Videos, Lists, Podcasts/Audio & Infographics The Content Graph Can we Benchmark the Social Graph? Click on image for more
  6. Listly For more info on Social vs Content Networks explore these two decks Content Graph & Content Networks
  7. Introducing Combine 10 Metrics to Visualize your Social Media Strategy The Social Content Graph
  8. Listly Visualize & Compare Your 2 Armies 4 Metrics : Social Army 6 Metrics: Content Army 1. Email: Email List Size (Your Blog Subscribers) 2. Video: Number of Subscribers/followers for YouTube, Vimeo , Vine etc 3. Slides: Number of Subscribers/followers for SlideShare / Prezi etc 4. Images/Graphics: Number of Subscribers/followers for Flickr / Instagram, Imgur etc) 5. Audio Podcasts: Number of Subscribers/followers for SoundCloud /Blogtalkradio, iTunes, Audioboo etc 6. Lists: Number of Subscribers/followers for Listly etc • Find your 10 metrics (4 for social, 6 for content) and paste them into the Google Drive Spreadsheet (see final slide) • Create for you/ your brand(s) & to benchmark peers, allies & competitors The Social Content Graph 1. Twitter: Number of Followers 2. Facebook: Connections / Followers across your pages 3. Linkedin: Connections / followers on Linkedin 4. G+: Number of times circles on G+
  9. ListlyBuilding a Social Content Graph n1 n2 fb Tw Li G+ Social following Content following Social following Content following Slides Video Info/ Graphic Lists Social following Content following Segment by Platform/Media2 Benchmark vs Peer, Allies & Enemies4 Sizing your following on social networks & content networks1 Size proportional to following3 fb Tw Li G+ Slides Video Info/ Graphic Lists Brand A Brand B fb Tw Li G+ Slides Video Info/ Graphic Lists fb Tw Li G+ Slides Video Info/ Graphic Lists
  10. ListlyCategorizing Your Graph n1 n2 Social following Content following FB Driven Content Dominant Network Dominant (Content) Socially Dominant1 Network Dominant (Social) Facebook TwLi G+ n1 n2 Social following Content following Tw Driven Twitter FbLi G+ G+ Driven G+ TwLi Fb Video driven Video audioslides images Slide driven Slides videolists images List driven Lists slidesvideo images Depending on how you forge your connections, you will create a unique social content graph - here’s some simple categorizations
  11. Listly • You will see more activity where you are active and effective. • There will be some natural cross-over as people follow you across different platforms (this also explains why you need to track graphs over time to truly understand cause and effect.) • If the same people follow you on different platforms that’s a sign of commitment and interest in your brand. • You need to be active on a platform to nurture it. Eg having an email list and not using it will give your poor results when you do. Having a following on Slideshare and not creating regular interesting content is a quick way to get forgotten. Lessons from your Social Content Graph - 1/2
  12. Listly • There is first mover advantage for early users on new platforms and this can impact your following. • The propensity to follow people varies by platform. Eg people are more likely to follow on Instagram than on Slideshare. • Following on a content platform represents a deeper commitment and connection. • Being content driven is harder, but possibly more effective. You need a unique and stylized form of content to become successful on a platform. Buidling a body of work on a platform has a positive impact. • Being featured and promoted by a given platform can bias your position - hence it’s worth networking to make connections with the marketing teams for each platform. • I’ve seen example of this on just about all the platforms. This is one reason these platforms can help propel your brand and let your achieve an element of celebrity status in an given niche Lessons from your Social Content Graph - 2/2
  13. ListlyWrike - A Project Management Tool • Wrike are active in social with a well diversified profile. These are there social and content graphs (non proportional) • The next step it to make them proportional (using the grid on the next slide)
  14. Listly The charts are produced via Googe drive’s spreadsheet. There is no option to proportionally size two charts side by side (so this step is manual) Paste Your Graph Here 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 • Open your Social Graph via Google Drive and resize so the chart is square. Take a screenshot of the Social Graph and the Content Graph • Paste them here and adjust your Social and Content graphs to their relative size
  15. ListlyWrike - Social Content Graph • Wrike's Social Graph is twice the size of its Content (its easy to let social dominate). • Social: 50% FB & 25% Twitter and the balance split Linkedin & G+ • Content: Split between a healthy email list and a strong video channel on YouTube • For more info on tree maps see. See raw data 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1
  16. Listly • Destination Luxury’s social connections are driven by Facebook (166k) • Linkedin (4k) & Twitter (3.3k) play a minor role • G+ has largely been unused • This is shown clearly in the tree map Destination Luxury - Travel Blog Social Graph
  17. Listly • DestinationLuxury’s content is led by it’s email list (15k) & Instagram images (10.7k) • Video via YouTube (2k) comes 2nd with a lower level of activity on Slideshare (80) • They have recently begun actively using Listly but its too early for this to impact their Content Graph • eg 10-modern-living-spaces-need- see/ • See raw data Content Graph
  18. Listly • Destination Luxury’s social graph is 6.25 the size of it’s content graph Destination Luxury 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1
  19. Listly • Firstly these two don’t compete in any way but it also makes for an interesting comparison. • They have each executed very differently. Wrike vs Destination Luxury Wrike Destination Luxury
  20. Listly • Nash has amassed 7.8 million followers on Vine & 3.1 million on YouTube • Nash’s Content following is 3.5x that of Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and G+ • See raw data 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 Nash Grier - King of Vine
  21. Listly 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1 10:1 • Two surprises here - G+ and Soundcloud. My guess is Gary got adopted and recommended by these platforms • Given his Soundcloud following he should be producing more audio content • He’s still Socially led. 4:1 which surprised me. I guess this is because his Youtube activity postdates his success with Wine Library TV which was on viddler and not YouTube • See source data Gary Vaynerchuk
  22. Listly • Use this link • key=0AgjdJ07Dhx4EdEtoQURIdnRSUXNFTGQ5VkRJbktueEE&usp=drive_web#gid=7 • It’s a “read only” template, so you need to “Make A Copy” via the file menu in Google Drive • Then paste in your ten metrics • Share your results by putting your Google Drive file in the comments • This analysis is evolving so please leave comments, share it and give us your feedback • I want to do more case studies so ping me @nickkellet or nick at list dot ly • For more content and an explanation of how to use a Social Content Graph for your brand check out this post on Listly’s blog Make Your Own Analysis Image Credit augie_malson/3612634095