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Local Content Toolkit - Part I - Why Local Content Matters


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This guide is Part 1 of a three part guide to local content.

This deck explains the why - it should give you a unique lens on local.

Have you thought about local tourist - local who never lose their curiosity to live like tourists

Local communities works like Lurkers - few people are the active creators and contributors.

It's for this reason you can dominate local content in your niche if you choose to do so and set out with a Marathon mindset.

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Local Content Toolkit - Part I - Why Local Content Matters

  1. LKIT TOO CAL I - LO ART P GETTING SERIOUS with CONTENT Why local matters part I of a 3 part guide to creating awesome locally crowdsourced content Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  2. 2014 CAL F LO AR O YE Why LOCAL MATTERs 1. Locals + Tourists 2. Lookers + Lurkers 3. Mobility + Mobile Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  3. Who Does Local Serve? Today’s Locals Today’s Tourists Tomorrow’s Locals Tomorrow’s Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  4. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  5. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  6. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  7. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  8. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  9. Local Has Dimensions Local is Ever Changing Local is all about Time - Today & What Now Local is not about automation & replication Local is about People & Places Domain Location Matters Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  10. Why Local AND Evergreen? No list is ever complete Local is alive and evolving Local changes daily, weekly, monthly, slowly Local demands fresh content Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  11. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  12. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  13. Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  14. Why Local Mobile? 20% OF SEARCHES HAVE LOCAL INTENT 1.4 Billion Smartphones Globally Smart Phones used Locally for Local Search Of smartphone users who searched for local info: Mobile set to grow 66% annually got next five years 65% visited the business they looked up 94% of smartphone users have looked for local info and 84% have taken action as a result 57% of smartphone users look for local info at least once a week 47% looked it up on a map and/or got directions 24% told others about it 29% made a purchase in-store 25% of smartphone users look for local info daily Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  15. Why Local Embeddable? Placing content in content is valuable Great context exists that can be reused and made local Embedding is on the rise Embedding works for video, audio, slides, images, lists, docs and social Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  16. Why Responsive? Experience Matter Mobile, Tablets & Desktop Space matters Space is like Brevity & Simplicity. Guard it Well We don’t like to scroll in 2 dimensions Most embeddable content is not smartly responsive Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  17. When Local Fails? Local Fails when you think sprint not marathon Local demands teamwork Local demand a long term mindset Too much automation Too much duplication Too much junk (not enough tidying) Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  18. Content by Image Credits: Skies photos/helter-skelter/ 8521998859/sizes/o/ Created via Blue Pattern webtreatsetc/6523464387/ sizes/o/ ! Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013 Stairs hansbrinker/2115784013/ !
  19. OLKIT L TO LOCA TIPAR GETTING SERIOUS with CONTENT Why local matters Coming Soon: Part II & PART III Going beyond WHY with the how & what A local content creation TOOLKIT Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  20. istly EXTEND lifeTime value of content 1 (evolving seo) embeddable findable Shareable content 2 Solo or 4 Collaborative Bookmarking Social 3 curation LY ST I L moderated crowd extended 5 6 lists Simpler Social List Creation 9 8 Twitter Lists Contest platform Social 7 ranking & prioritization ThE SwIsS ArMy KnIfE oF CoNtEnT MaRkEtInG Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  21. Listly is Slideshare for Lists Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013
  23. was this guide (part I) valuable ? L 2 We’d appreciate you liking, sharing & embedding this deck (or list) LIKE SHARE EMBED Don’t miss Part II The How of Local 3 Don’t miss Part III The How of Local Part II Part III Copyright Boomylabs 2011-2013