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10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Lists (Monty Python style)


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We often read , create and share list content.

My question and the purpose of this deck is to stop and ask the question - Why lists?

Lists work for a whole bunch of reasons and impact us in so many ways.

Lists are on first pass so much more about Psychology than Technology.

This deck asks the question - What have lists ever done for us.

The idea for this was originally inspired by the Life of Brian "What have the romans ever done for us sketch.

Published in: Marketing, Social Media

10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Lists (Monty Python style)

  1. lists RoMaNs ReAsOnS10 to take a fresh look at inspired by Life of Brian’s famous “What have the Romans ever done for us” sketch
  2. What have Romans ever done for us?Lists Romans Listly
  3. 10 reasons to be thankful for Lists Romans Listly
  4. Each page links to bonus content on Bonus content Listly
  5. 17 Quick Reasons Listicles drive traffic to blogs Lists are quick to consume & quick to create Lists Are A safe, portioned content type that entices the reader to skim, click, read & share Mind Candy What’s next for lists? via Listly
  6. 29 Smart Ways we use lists to Share insightful,useful or funny GeMS What’s next for lists? : via Lists act like checklists, helping us learn as we skim Lists fill knowledge gaps & satiate our need for new cool stuff to share like Vegas, lists are addictive because the deliver a random reward (something share-worthy) Wisdom Listly
  7. 10 KEY Ways Listicles KEEP US Focussed What’s next for lists? : via The best lists are highly targeted. They appeal to exactly their audience by a process of self selection We ignore lists that don’t speak to our passions. Our subconscious blocks them from view Lists send welcoming triggers to our brains Lists offer “Brain-off” relaxation - A function of trust & targeted content Niched Listly
  8. 17 TOP reasons Numbered-Lists Hook Our Attention What’s next for lists? : via Lists capture our attention with numbered headlines the best headline formulas utilize numbered lists Buzzfeed is proof of the value of numbered lists headlines Listicles have become iconic Attention Listly
  9. 33 REASONS To EMBRACE Imperfection What’s next for lists? : via Humans love order we complete series & sentences & fill in blanks If you want to engage people, leave gaps & flaunt your imperfections Don’t forget Lurkers & the 1% rule Imperfect Listly
  10. 15 hacks to make sure your lists never go out of style What’s next for lists? : via People find lists when they need them via search Lists play a big role inorganic traffic to blogs Lists posts offer tips, tricks & solutions on most topics Yet, There’s an infinite supply of potential list content Eternal Listly
  11. 99 tips to create social compelling List Content What’s next for lists? : via Numbered lists are Human hooks We connect emotionally with the content but also readers who like the same things we do The title tells readers what to expect, with an estimate of implied read time Lists are a proven playbook to deliver more views & shares than other content types Connection Listly
  12. 18 reasons Editors can’t resist lisTS What’s next for lists? : via Bloggers, brands & publishers seek attention They know lists = compelling content Lists also work as playlists for all media forms - e.g. lists of videos, slides, podcasts etc Trusted Listly
  13. 9 WAYS LISTS ARE TEXT/ KEyWORD RICH What’s next for lists? : via a well written focussed list, with a great title is highly findable people self-select lists that pique their interest, which is why great lists are the best hook Findable Listly
  14. 37 Reasons WE crave ORDER What’s next for lists? : via Giving order implies priority A list also implies pre- work & pre-filtering (curation by others) new/ old, Top/Bottom, fast/slow , cheap / expensive - There’s many ways to rank lists Lists are the quickest way to distill a topic & tap into public opinion Prioritized Listly
  15. 7 ways html lists are dating your blog Time to rethink lists? Sir Tim berners-lee 25 years on from inventing HTML Follow-on deck now live. Click to view
  16. Listly : for bloggers, brands, publishers & journalists who want their readers to contribute Don’t miss Listly on Wordpress Listly embeds work on just about all Blog/CMS platforms
  17. 1.Getting started guide 2.Local Lists 3.Listly About page 4.Time to Rethink Lists? 5.This Deck as a list Try these Links WHat next? Want to help? Share, download & like the deck