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Gift trap rules english (with tips)


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GiftTRAP rules in English.

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Gift trap rules english (with tips)

  1. STEP 2 - GIFT BAGS STEP 3 - SCORING Remember the object STEP 2 - SHOP STEP 5 - REVEALSETUP Players choose and empty a MARKERS of GiftTRAP is to be SCORING When you receive a gift, move your Get marker on the get track. PLAY A Look at the gifts on the gift grid The dealer is first to reveal. WINNING TIPS Note:STEP 1 - GIFTS colored gift bag, containing these matching colored items: Place your markers, Give (closed gift) and Get (open gift) on the as good at giving Uniquely, players keep score on two tracks, GIVE and GET. ROUND and consider: ❘❘ Which gift should you give Start by turning over his/her four GET tokens - choice up. The winner is the first player When you open your gifts be sure to refer to the giver by name rather than Rules: For 3-4 players it’s our house rule toYou will need to set up the to have both their Give and deal twice as many gifts as normal.playing board, place the four Two scoring markers ❙❙ board at GO as shown below. as getting. Both the gift giver and receiver STEP 1 - DEAL to each player? Next the dealer turns over one Get markers in the GIFTED color as this keeps everyone involved. i.e. When opening a gift say “Jane Each player gives two gifts (instead Choose a dealer. ❘❘ Which gifts would you like? of one) to each player. All other rulespacks of colored gift cards next Give (closed gift) and Get GIVE MARKER GET MARKER move their markers for every of his/her received GIVE tokens. Zone at the end of a round. gave me a Diamond” and not “Pink The dealer picks which pack of ❘❘ Which gift do you really not remain the same. If you have anyto the board, (each color is for (open gift). Be the first to move gift when it is revealed want? You can move back from gave me a Diamond”. So players know questions or house rules of your own, gifts will be used for each round. ❙❙ Score this gift for both the GIFTED Jane is “Pink” we suggest you placea different gift giving level). (revealing is explained later). send an email: howtoplay@GiftTRAP.comThe dealer will place the gift Nine GIVE tokens ❙❙ your two markers The gift cards are double sided STEP 3 - GIVE giver and the receiver your colored organza bag in front of You decide which of these You advance each time your The number on each GIVE token you. with a different gift on each side. ❙❙ The player revealing moves oncards on the gift grid shortly. tokens representing the from GO to GIFTED. gift matches another player’s represents a gift on the gift www.GiftTRAP.COM the GET track, other players gifts on the gift grid to give GIVE TOKENS GET TOKENS The number of gift cards used grid. All players choose one GREAT, GOOD or OK choice: When you give a gift, move your move on the GIVE track Attribution is included inside for each each player, based on your Advance by giving Give marker on the give track. will be one more than the GIVE token to give to each other ❙❙ Repeat for each remaining mage, licenced under a CC licence. i knowledge of that person. GREAT + 3 spaces number of players in the game. the gifts other players player as a gift. Place it GIVE PHY GIFT VALUE The dealer takes that number of GIVE token. ©2006 GiftTRAP Enterprises, Patents pending RA ❙❙ Four GET tokens side up in front of them. OTOG BLACK: $$$$ GOOD +2 spaces N would want, and for DITIO cards from the top of the pack RI PH To represent your personal (It remains a secret) Now repeat for the next player EXPE SAFA OK +1 space and places the cards starting at to the left of the dealer until all PHY choices. receiving the gifts STEP 4 - GET IENDS RA FOR OTOG RI PH GIFT VALUE one on the gift grid as shown. SAFA players have revealed and scored N DITIO URSE EXPE SIX FR ❘❘ anted gifts: W You move back for all other gifts: you want most. ING CO BLUE: $$$ Once all the giving is done, their gifts. AND COOK GREAT, GOOD and OK YOU NO WAY back -4 spaces each player chooses their own Play continues: When all players FOR URSE ING CO IENDS ❘❘ Unwanted gifts: NO WAY top three gifts ( ), Get it wrong and COOK SIX FR AND NO MATCH* back -1 space YOU have revealed and scored GIVE OF GIFT VALUE ❙❙ Expert Strategy Cards and their least favorite FULL AQUA AL FISH you’ll move back tokens, return them. Place gift RIUM RED: $$ Optional Play *A NO MATCH occurs for any ( ). Place the GET IC TROP other gift i.e. Gifts that are not tokens, GET side up on the cards on bottom of the pack and RIUM FULL AQUA AL FISH OF ❘❘ Give More instead. ( ) You can’t move back from GO start again with next dealer. IC GIFT VALUE or advance beyond GIFTED. corresponding gift on the gift S TROP ❘❘ Get More ASSE YELLOW: $ grid. (It remains a secret) Y GL ❘❘ GiftTRAP You can move back from X-RA Y GL ASSE S GIFTED. X-RA ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge
  2. INTRODUCTION EXPERT STRATEGY The perfect board game for 3 to 8 players who know just enough CARDS about each other to be dangerous. When money is no object, (Optional Play) and the gifts get touchy, matching the right gift to the right GET MORE GiftTRAP person makes for some very interesting conversations! Get it DOUBLE YOUR GETTING NO LONGER UP FOR GRABS! wrong and the conversations might not end with the game… Choose to play this each round Use GiftTRAP to strategically on a gift you receive before stop the scoring for a particular OBJECT you reveal your choices. Decide gift. Shout GiftTRAP and place The object of GiftTRAP is to be as good at giving as getting. which player is most likely to the card on top of the gift Be the first to move both your markers from Go to Gifted. give you your GREAT gift. Slide card you wish to block. this card underneath the GIVE Advance for giving the gifts other players would want, and GIVE MORE token from this player. You From this point on (and until for getting the gifts you want most. Get it wrong, and you DOUBLE YOUR GIVING will double your score for this the end of the round) no-one can score further from that move back instead. Choose to play this card with gift so you’d better be right or gift. one GIVE token each round. you will be moving back twice TO WIN Give it with the gift you are as far! Any players lucky enough to To get to Gifted is not enough, you need to remain Gifted until most confident about. You will Note: Only the person have already scored from that both your markers are in the Gifted Zone at the end of a round. double your score for that gift, gift keep their score. playing the GIVE MORE or GET so you’d better be right or you MORE card doubles their score. Each player can play his or will be moving back twice as her GiftTRAP card once per far! game. Choose to GiftTRAP at any time during a round even while scoring.Rules and Play ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge ❙❙ the hilarious gift-exchange challenge