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Five Slideshare Truths: Part I (Lessons from Authoring 50 Decks & Earning 200k Views


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Are you a content master?

Do you commit to platforms and build a body of work.

I've been learning how to be a slideshare master.

I've learned these hard lessons

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Five Slideshare Truths: Part I (Lessons from Authoring 50 Decks & Earning 200k Views

  1. FIVE SLIDESHARE TRUTHS 1 WHERE DO VIEWS COME FROM? 2 Where do customers come from? FIVE SLIDESHARE TRUTHS Part One ANSWERs to two Questions PLUS
  2. SlideSHARE CREDENTIALS 50 decks published 200k views earned Multiple awards Top 1% producer KeyNoTE AUTHOR
  3. 5 Slideshare Truths 1. Build & BENCHMARK Your Body of Work 2. Experiment to learn 3. Embrace SELF-SERVICE 4. Trash brand rules 5. BREVITY WINS
  4. 1 Build & BENCHMARK Your BodIeS of Work A body of work is 1st step to CONTENT Mastery Create 50+ DECKS , slides, videos , graphic etc I’ve created a 50+ on Listly, Slideshare & YouTube BODY OF WORK enhances all forms of content networkS/ MEDIA types (many reasons why) 2nd step is to benchmark across platforms to learn & REFINE FORMULAS VS
  5. BODY OF WORK COMPARE RESULTS Benchmark your media Views EmbedsFansBody of Work 50 500+ 50 200k 540k 60k 1500 1500 73 100 1000 10 * % Views 25% 45% 77% Follows (Fans) * On Listly fans = helpers (these people contributed to my body of work by suggesting or voting) % Views via Embed** Embedded media can be on your blog (ie OWNED MEDIA and on other blogs (EARNED MEDIA) These are my summary content metrics Platform * * Slideshare Listly YouTube
  6. YOU WIN WHEN YOU LET GO (& embrace embeds) if 75%of your slide views on are Slideshare 25% are not if 55%of your list views on are Listly 45% are not if 23% of your video views on are YouTube 77% are not YOU WIN. MEDIA PLATFORMS GET YOU MORE EXPOSURE
  7. Benchmark YOUR BEST PIECE TRANS PLATFORM Total ViewsContent Name THE LOVE CONNECTION: How to create content .. Twitter Bootstrap Alternatives 28.3k 76.5k 1.9k 0.9k The Origins "ReGifting" 47.5k 33k Platform Slideshare Listly YouTube Embed Views
  8. SHOCK FACT MEDIA PLATFORMS WORK PEOPLE FIND YOU In many ways TRAFFIC COMES FROM MANY SOURCES We all have unique media / learning NEEDS / PREFS You need to let go and embrace Media Platforms to enjoy this exposure You a blog (owned media) & outposts ( i.e. SOCIAl & EARNED & PAID) to facilitate this
  9. The RISE OF Embeds & MEDIA PLATFORMS 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 YOUTUBE SCRIBD SLIDESHARE SOUNDCLOUD LISTLY INSTAGRAM FLICKR VINE Platforms make it easier to manage your media & for others to embed & share it too
  10. key Metric: time to Author When thinking about building a BODY OF WORK consider TIME TO AUTHOR by MEDIA & learn how to DESIGN FOR REUSE
  11. 2 Experiment to Test Nobody can predict content success Create straw-man theories/models, then break, rebuild & repeat ! !!
  12. 3 Embrace SELF-SERVICE Content must be FOUND to solve problems People seek your content when they feel PAIN Publishing lets people find your content on their timeline " " " " " " " "" " " " " "" " " " " " " " " "
  13. 4 Trash brand rules Give each piece of content visual identity to be: 1. Memorable 2. Share worthy Work on Title/Theme/Look Use unique fonts, colours, themes & images (purchase / credit as needed)
  14. 5 BREVITY WINS Less Content = More Impact = less to SKIM = More memorable Don’t be afraid to revisit/ rework old ideas (or come back with 5 more points) Don’t bury ideas on slide 27 Don’t make readers think!
  15. Try THIS
  16. Try THIS