Alone / Together - How we Find, Read, share & Publish


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The way we find, read, share, and publish ideas and create value has changed.

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Alone / Together - How we Find, Read, share & Publish

  1. ListeningTools We listen via social networks, alerts, RSS feeds & email subscriptions SocialNewsApps Collective wisidom makes us smarter consumers in the content we discover ContentCollaboration/ Crowdsourcing Tools to scale contribution & tap into the wisdom of the crowd help you create more value & build deeper connections Collaboration/Influence Networks Tools to build tribes of collaborators both inside & outside the enterprise help you create, promote & share better content ContentCurationTools Curation lets you tell a story by reusing & assembling existing content thereby involving more people in your story SearchEngines We often begin research by searching RecommendationEngines Data mining tools automate finding equivalent/related content ContentNetworks YouTube, Slideshare, Soundcloud, Listly etc offer destination sites of searchable, shareable, embeddable content Reading&BookmarkingTools Read now or later? Read alone or with collaborators? SchedulingTools Sharing later & via collaborators is an emerging behaviour Sharing collaborator’s content with your audience as a reciprocal act is best practice for many ContentAuthoringTools We use a range of tools to create videos, slides, podcasts, lists, blogs, infographics etc 1 3 5 7 11 2 4 6 8 10 search listen social News engines crowd source now later you your collaborators create curate create curate collaborate/ crowdsource now later your Audience YourCollaborator’s audience Alone / Together - How we Find, Read, share & Publish mapping tool categories to the 4 step process of content value creation Content Networks 9 search recomendation engines Content Networks readAlone FindtogetherFindAlone readtogether ShareAlone Sharetogether publishAlone publishtogether Find READ SHARE publish