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Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp Portfolio


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This is the portfolio of case studies I have selected and compiled from my time at the Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp (2012)

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Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp Portfolio

  1. 1. NickJones" Brand Planning Portfolio
  2. 2. ContentsSabrina Cohen Foundation                                                                      4T.G.I. Friday’s                                                                                                                        12  Stride Gum                                                                                                                            19About Me                                                                                                                           26   2  
  3. 3. This portfolio is an overview of three separate case studies. These accounts were part ofmy Account Planning Bootcamp at the Miami Ad School.These works are the result of collaborative efforts on the part of two separate, but equal, teams ofplanners and creatives.Each study highlights the unique and industriously creative approacheswe took toward real world business and brand issues. 3  
  4. 4. Sabrina Cohen Foundation For Stem Cell ResearchSabrina Cohen Foundation   Getting behind the human revolution *She loved it. We won the pitch. 4  
  5. 5. Sabrina Cohen FoundationThe BrandThe Sabrina Cohen Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit fundraiser for research in stem cell sciencebased in Miami, Florida, with a goal of giving two $25,000 donations a year to US basedresearch doctors.The Problem – People don’t see the potential of Stem Cell Science.People see Stem Cell Medicine as a technology that can only help the catastrophically unwell. The reality:Stem Cell Medicine will be the biggest breakthrough in technology for mankind since the Internet.The Plan - Create a movement that speaks to this brand’s higher purpose:Unite mankind under the flag of its own future. 5  
  6. 6. Sabrina Cohen Foundation  The Target - The Early Adopter - 25 – 30 year old men and women - Make between 30 and 50 thousand dollars - Get behind other campaigns of change (Obama, Mac v. PC) - Are digital natives, comfortable interfacing online, sharing linksThe Strategy -Stem Cell medicine is a human revolution,not just a medical one.. " 6  
  7. 7. Sabrina Cohen Foundation The PitchBy reinforcing the idea that this movementhas huge implications on a global scale, wecan give consumers the perspective on stemcell science we are trying to communicate. Print ads to raise awareness and drive consumers to the video landing page.Manifesto Video“We are on the brink of a future saturated with promise, it is up toeach and every one of us to see how brightly our flame can burn, forwe are all connected”The video is both the landing page for the site,and a stand alone with a link to the site at the end. 7  
  8. 8. Sabrina Cohen Foundation   The Pitch With a donation of 20 links or more, participants would receive a physical link with a unique link number and a QR code on it. The SCF app allows Donor Site users to check the progress of the donorThe donation site is centered around one concept: chain, view donorthe road to the future is long, but we can get there Facebook pages, andtogether – one inch at a time. The earth is 1.5 billioninches in circumference. At $1 an inch, the SCF will view their own links.bring this medicine to life. “linking up” with fellowEach link will be unique in it’s number and donors at sponsoredgeographic coordinates. Every link will also have links locations to getto the donor’s Facebook, and will show a small notedetailing the donor’s reason for giving. This fosters a discounts on tickets,sense of community and a larger purpose. food, or products.   8  
  9. 9. T.  G.  I.  Friday’s                             From one fun to the next. 9  
  10. 10. T.G.I. Friday’s  The BrandTGI Friday’s was established with a single objective: create a bar that encouraged young,single adults to mingle over cocktails. The brand would like to get back to the Friday flavor.The Problem – Low rent brand experiences are pushing away young singles.Friday’s has become a stagnant brand to twenty-something customers. Faux enthusiasm, kitschydecor, and an immature atmosphere all negatively influence consumer’s brand experience.The Plan – Relating transformations. Maturing the brand   We are finding the sweet spot between run of the mill and run up a bill. 10  
  11. 11. T.G.I. Friday’s  The Target The College Professional Individuals that are less than 6 years out of college, are beginning their careers, and view bars as a social racetrack and alcohol as the vehicle. They are afraid of becoming “old”.  The Strategy Mature your fun  We are growing up just like you; Let’s make this transition a fun one. 11  
  12. 12. T.G.I. Friday’s   The PitchReal World Randy Friday’s new brand ambassador is the embodiment of a slightly older version of our target. He bridges the gap between college and adulthood, and encapsulates the fun on each side. Randy has a series of TV and web spots that highlight his wacky but classy characteristics, and allow him to speak to the target about the transition that Friday’s is going through, and drive interest in his persona. A microsite that allows you to post your friend’s face (using a picture from a social networking outlet) and list their immature behavior that isn’t in line with ideals of the new Friday’s. This would prompt a email to be sent to the targeted friend, where Randy stands on their shoulder and berates them for not classing up his fun. 12  
  13. 13. Stride Gum                 Own awkward moments 13  
  14. 14. Stride Gum  The Brand Stride is a brand that hit the scene in the early 2000’s and became an instant hit. They’ve positioned themselves as the “longest lasting” gum, a claim that is fairly ubiquitous in the category. Their wacky advertising endeared consumers through humor, and solidified the brand identity of “young and fun” in the mind of the consumer.The Problem Stride’s momentum has fallen off, and their advertising has lost the shock factor that catapulted it to the top of consumers’ minds. Stride would like to re-position themselves as the brand that wants to celebrate non-sense.The PlanConvince teens to embrace their awkward, ironic moments, by laughing at them with Stride. 14  
  15. 15. Stride Gum  The Target The Peer Pressured Risk Taker - 14 - 17 year old boys - Risk takers, socially awkward - Largest segment of gum consumers - Highly adept at web-based sharingTeenagers are individuals who are just beginning to form their social identities. This lack of identity leads themto take risks. These choices often end up creating awkward and ironically funny moments. These momentshowever are often as ammunition against them by their peers, who ridicule them, thusly starting the cycle over. We want to turn this cycle on its head by embracing the failure – by striding on.The Strategy - You can take it in Stride 15  
  16. 16. Stride Gum   The Pitch #StrideonBy creating a twitter hashtag, we cancreate a movement that is highlyshareable and that, at its base, isabout a universal truth: we all have tolaugh at ourselves sometimes.The #strideon twitter page would allowpeople to tweet their moments to thecommunity.Example videos of “strideon moments” togenerate awareness and conversation.Communication placements in Webbased, banner ads, mobile internetradio ads. 16  
  17. 17. Stride Gum   The Pitch“Stridefying”videosThese kids love videos. Let’s getthe message of Stride outthrough augmenting alreadyviral videos with Stride brandrepresentatives. Each wouldexemplify a strideon moment,illustrating Stride’s new stance onawkward moments being fun.The teenagers of the world are some of the biggest consumers of onlinevideos and pictures. Online spaces like FML, Texts from last night,FAILblog, and the like are disproportionately popular with our targetdemographic. 17  
  18. 18. Stride Gum   The PitchA interactive billboard would be setup at concerts, featuring live feed ofconcertgoers tweeting their strideonmoments from the show. Everybody likes to see their name in lights… 18  
  19. 19. Stride Gum   The Pitch Print ads illustrating athletes taking it in stride and taking their strideon moments to twitter. These ads would illustrate to the target that they aren’t the only ones who need to strideon, and they will evoke the humorous side of awkward moments. 19  
  20. 20. About me I am a citizen of the world, and I take life in I’ve been to all of the Americas, Europe, andgiant gulps. The single most interesting thing in life to Africa; I fear the day when someone asks me whichme is hearing people’s stories. I want to know what is best.series of bizarre circumstances (and we all have I have a larger than life sense of humor. Ithem) led whom I am talking with to that exact have been in and out of improv comedy for themoment in time, standing right in front of me. It is this better part of the last 5 years, and I am alwayskeen thirst for what shapes other people that drives looking for a to believe in strategy. If you can understand I like good whisky, black coffee, and oxfordsomeone through their experiences and stories, you commas. I studied Creative Writing and English atcan talk to those people from the viewpoint of a the University of Pittsburgh. I am from Philadelphia,brand much more effectively. Pennsylvania. Advertising, the way I see it, is a communitycomprised of people who knew their skills werevaluable, but hadn’t a real sense of where or how toapply them. Then they, like myself, found advertising.This field is a place where practiced skills arerepurposed in creative and exciting ways. No longercan a writer only write or an artist only design. This Nick Jonestype of dynamic is conducive to team work, an nickjones88@gmail.comelement of any business that I see as critical. 610 306 8506 20