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Using wordle-in-the-classroom

  1. 1. Ways To Use Wordle In Your Classroom
  2. 2. What is Wordle graphic representation of most frequently used words. in a speech, in a poem, in a book, in your head, in scripture, in historical document, on a blog, in a wiki, overhead in your classroom, on twitter/plurk, at a presentation or staff meeting, and more!However, it is NOT limited to only frequently used words --you can create a wordle to be what you wish the wordle tobe.
  3. 3. Expand Wordle If you use a screen capture tool (such as Jing) and online venues (such as BigHugeLabs or SmugMug) you can create some one-of-a- kind gifts, posters, and more.
  4. 4. Wordle Hints •Retype the words you wish emphasized 2 to 3 more times than the other words to make them stand out •Use a ~ between words to group words together such as We~The~People •Look through your font choices •Under layout – you can determine the maximum word usage. Can make your wordle truly POP!
  5. 5. Teacher AppreciationHave students brainstorm thoughts and memories abouttheir teacher. Print as poster, mousepad, or magnet.
  6. 6. Mothers Day/Fathers DayAfter children create wordle, place the image on amug. Or use fabric transfer paper and make a tie.
  7. 7. Famous SpeechesYou can find a collection of speeches at
  8. 8. Class RulesCreate your listing of rules or let students create theirlist. Print as a poster or desk reminders.
  9. 9. Student NamesDoublecheck and triplecheck you have EVERYONE beforeprinting.
  10. 10. Correct Way To SpellStart a list each month of frequently misspelledwords, change your wordle each month & compare.
  11. 11. Ways To Say Things DifferentlyThis can be done in a variety of ways including using the =sign. Such as cat=katze or synonyms/antonyms
  12. 12. Characters In A BookUsing a graphics program(PaintShopPro, PhotoShop, Pixie2, Paint) you can addimages to your wordle.
  13. 13. Artwork ReflectionOverlay students reflections on a piece of artwork -- afamous artist or your own classroom artists.
  14. 14. State ReportsCreate a unique state report, country report, animalreport……….any report.
  15. 15. Classroom LessonTurn your spelling book or grammar lessons into a wordleof review.
  16. 16. PoetryHave your students find (or create) a picture that showsa poem. Customize the wordle coloring palette.
  17. 17. Tell Me About……Take a well known item (Olympic rings, maps, householditem, etc) and create a wordle inside the object.
  18. 18. Guess The Book…Have your students create book jackets based oncharacters, plots, and locations w/in a book.
  19. 19. Review A Historical DocumentHave students review a document & pull out the wordsthey feel should be emphasized!
  20. 20. Create a MemoryThis idea was use in Texas on June 12, 2009. It couldalso be used for class subjects or field trip memories.
  21. 21. Information ReviewClipart courtesy FCIT:
  22. 22. Special Effects InformationMany people have asked how I created the specialeffects (such as overlays of artwork)I enjoy the software Paint Shop Pro … and within paintshop pro (or any graphics program) – you can create layersin which to manipulate your artwork.The image I used would become the bottom layer and thewordle (which I used a screen capture) would become mysecond layer.I also used opacity (to subdue some of the backgrounds)and also used EFFECTS to create bevels and shadows.
  23. 23. Other Ways To Use Wordle• Rodd Lucier has 20 ways on his blog at uses-for-wordle.html• Murcha has a slideshare of ideas at classroom-presentation• Samantha Lunn has 23 ideas at 23-ways-to-use-wordle-in-the-mfl-classroom/• Terry Freedman has 5 ideas at• Tom Barrett has a growing list at• Chris Thomas has an excellent tutorial at