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Sort book syllables sequence


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Published in: Education, Technology
  • I love that this is so organized with sorts and activities. What is the source for all the listed activities. This looks like an amazing resource, but I don't know where to find the games. TPT? Where can I find the games? I would love to use this in my classroom. Thanks!
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Sort book syllables sequence

  1. 1. Syllab les an d A ff ixes Spe lle rs Sort Plurals and Other Inflected Endings 1 Review of vowel patterns in 1-syllable words 2 Adding –ing to words with VC and VCC patterns 3 Adding –ing to words with VCe and VVC patterns 4 Inflected Endings: review of double, E-drop, and nothing 5 Adding –ed to words with double, E-drop and no changeassessment Spell Check 1: assessment for inflected endings 6 Unusual past tense words 7 Plural Endings: adding –es 8 Unusual Plurals 9 Final Y 10 Y Plurals 11 Inflected endings added to words that end in Yassessment Forming Plurals of Words Ending in Y • Bonkers! (review of vowel patterns in one-syllable words) • Freddy the Frog (adding the –ing ending) activities • Double Scoop (adding -ed and –ing endings) • Time Machine (unusual past tense words) • Fox and Geese (plural endings) Sort Compound Words 12 Compound Words 13 High-Frequency Compound Words activities • Seashells Everywhere (compound words)
  2. 2. Sort Syllable Juncture 14 Syllable juncture in VCV and VCCV patterns 15 More syllable juncture in VCV and VCCV patterns 16 Syllable juncture in VCV and VVCV patterns 17 Syllable juncture in VCCCV and VV patterns 18 Open and closed syllables and inflected endingsassessment Spell Check 2 Assessment for Syllable Juncture Patterns • Smack Down! (VCV and VCCV patterns) activities • Visit the Planets (open and closed syllables: V/CV or VC/V) Sort Vowel Patterns in Accented Syllables 19 Long A patterns in accented syllables 20 Long I patterns in accented syllables 21 Long O patterns in accented syllables 22 Long U patterns in accented syllables 23 Long E patterns in accented syllablesassessment Spell Check 3 Assessment for Long Vowel Patterns 24 Ambiguous vowels OY/OI and OU/OW 25 More ambiguous vowels AU/AW/AL 26 R-influenced A in accented syllables 27 R-influenced O in accented syllables 28 Words with the W or /W/ sound before the vowel 29 SCHWA+R spelled ER, IR, and UR in first syllables 30 SCHWA+R and R-influenced E (ER/EAR/ERE)assessment Spell Check 4 Assessment for R-Influenced and Ambiguous Vowels • Race for Chocolate (Long A patterns in accented syllables) • Flip It! (Long I and Long O patterns in accented syllables) activities • Freedom! (All long vowels in accented syllables) • Oink (-oy/-oi and –ou/-ow) • R-Harvest (R-influenced A and O) • Quarrel (words with the /w/ sound before the vowel)
  3. 3. Sort Unaccented Syllables 31 Unaccented final syllable (-LE) 32 Unaccented final syllable (LE/EL/IL/AL) 33 Final unaccented syllable (ER/AR/OR) 34 Agents and comparatives 35 More final R spellings 36 Final EN, ON, IN and AIN 37 Unaccented initial syllables (A-, DE-, BE)assessment Spell Check 5 Assessment for Unaccented Syllables • Apples Apples and Bushels (-le and –el endings) Bushels • Take- Dinosaur Take-a-Card (-le, -el, -al, -il endings) activities • Take 4! (agents and comparatives) • Feed the Dragon (-en, -on, -ain, -in endings) Sort Exploring Consonants 38 Hard and soft C and G 39 S and soft C and G in the final syllable 30 More words with G 41 Sound of K spelled CK, IC, and X 42 Spellings with QU 43 Words with silent consonants 44 GH and PHassessment Spell Check Assessment for Consonants • Ghosts in the Cemetery (hard and soft c and g) activities • In a Pickle (sounds of /k/) • Capture the Castle (words with silent consonants)
  4. 4. Sort Affixes 45 Prefixes (RE- and UN-) 46 Prefixes (DIS-, MIS-, and PRE-) 47 Prefixes (EX-, NON-, IN-, and FORE-) 48 Prefixes (UNI-, BI-, TRI-, and other numbers) 49 Suffixes (-Y, -LY, and –LLY) 50 Comparatives (-ER and –EST) 51 Suffixes (-NESS, -FUL, and –LESS)assessment Spell Check 7 Assessment for Affixes • Prefix Pirates (Prefixes: re-, un-, dis-, mis-, pre-) activities • Depletion (prefixes) • Quickest (suffixes: -ly, -est, -ful, -er, -less) Sort Miscellaneous Sorts 52 Homophones 53 Homographs 54 I before E except after C 55 Syllable sort activities • Homophone Hotel (homophones) • Homograph Pancakes (homographs)