Sort book letter name sequence


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Sort book letter name sequence

  1. 1. Letter Name-Alphabetic Stage Sort Beginning Consonants preassess Hearing and Representing Beginning and Ending Sounds in Words 1 B, M, R, S 2 T, G, N, P 3 C, H, F, D 4 L, K, J, W 5 Y, Z, Vassessment Spell check of initial consonants activities Sort Same-Vowel Word Families 6 -at 7 -ad and –an 8 -ap and -ag 9 -op, ot, and og 10 -et, -eg, and -en 11 -ug, ut, and un 12 -ig, ip, and -illassessment Spell check for same vowel word families • Spelling Speedway (short a word families) • Welcome to the Neighborhood (short a, e, o word activities families) • Wet Pet (short e, o, i word families) Sort Digraph Picture Sorts 13 S, H, and SH digraphs 14 C, H, and CH digraphs 15 H, SH, and CH digraphs 16 TH and WH digraphs 17 SH, CH, TH and WH digraphsassessment Matching Consonant Digraph Sounds with Letters • Shark or Ship? (s, h, sh sounds) activties • Terrific Teeth (all beginning digraphs)
  2. 2. Sort Blends Picture Sorts 18 S, T, and ST blend 19 SP, SK, and SM blends 20 SC, SN, and SW blends 21 P, L, and PL blends 22 PL, SL, and BL blends 23 CR, CL, FL, and FR blends 24 BL, BR, GR, and GL blends 25 PR, TR, and DR blends 26 K, WH, QU, and TWassessment Matching Beginning Consonant Cluster Sounds with Letters • Cluster Buster (all s-blends) activities • Stairs and Slides (all s-blends) • R-Express (r-blends) Sort Mixed Vowel Word Families 27 -at, -ot, and -it families 28 -an, -un, and –in word families 29 -ad, -ed, -ab, and –ob word families 30 -ag, -eg, -ig, -og, and –ug word families 31 -ill, -ell, and –all word families 32 -ick, -ack, and –uck word families 33 -ish, -ash, and –ush word familiesassessment Matching Ending Consonant Digraph Sounds with Letters • Word Maker (short vowel word families) • Big Pig (at, ot, it, an, un, in, ad, ed, ab, ob, ag, eg, ig, og, ug) activities • The Pyramid Game (-all, -ill, -ell, -ull families) • Roll and Write (ick, ack, uck, and ock word families)
  3. 3. Sort Picture Sorts for Short Vowels 34 Short A and short O vowel pictures 35 Short I and short U vowel pictures 36 Short E, I, O, and U vowel pictures 37 Initial short vowel picturesassessment Matching Short Vowel Sounds with Letters activities • Volcano Race (short a and short o) • Short Vowel Concentration (all short vowels) Sort Short Vowels in CVC Words 38 Sort A and short O in easy CVC words 39 Short I and short U in easy CVC words 40 Short E, I, O and U in easy CVC words 41 Short vowels A, I, E, and initial digraphs 42 Short A and I in words with initial blends 43 Short E, O, and U in words with initial blendsassessment Assessment for short vowels 44 Short vowels in words with final blends 45 Short vowels in words with final digraphs 46 Short vowels before -ng and -mp 47 Short vowels before –nt, -nd, and -nkassessment Matching Ending Consonant Cluster Sounds with Letters activities • See It! Spell It! (short o, i, u) • Sound Catcher (all short vowels) • Hop to It! (all short vowels) • Stake a Claim (all short vowels) • Cops & Robbers (all short vowels) Introduction to R-Influenced Sort Vowels/Contractions 48 -or words 49 -ar words 50 Contractions with am and not activities • “R” Party (ar, or words)