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  • My name is Nicole and I’m here with Kelly to introduce you to a few of the applications you can use with the Microsoft Office 2010 software. These products are great to use in any business setting. Also, in all of these products, you can personalize your work with many options of templates and conditional formatting.
  • Sharing and collaboration is easy using cloud apps such as SharePoint and SkyDrive.
  • First, there is Microsoft Word. This is a document and word processing software. This is great for any part of your company for just about anything you have to do. It could be something simple like typing a document to something more complex like a book of how-to’s with pictures and other graphics. You can insert videos and pictures into your document with ease. It is easy for reading and typing because you can adjust the reading view size to your comfort level. Also, you can save your work as a PDF and open and edit your document as you please.
  • Some of the helpful features include cut, copy and paste options which allow you to modify and edit your document with ease.
  • You can insert headers, footers, and page numbers to help organize.
  • You can also select from templates and themes to give your document a unique look.
  • The reference tab allows you to make citations and bibliographies quickly and painlessly.
  • The Mailing Tab assists with creating personalized envelopes and labels.
  • When in doubt use the review tab which can recognize spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • And the View tab makes creating a document comfortable for all users by customizing the view and zoom options.
  • Next, there is Microsoft Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet software. This software is great for keeping track of just about anything! You can use this for money made for the company to employees pay and much more!
  • Excel has great tools to help manage, protect, and share your content. You can find files that were closed without saving, recover files that had unwanted changes done, or if you just want to revert to an earlier version of your workbook. There is a protected view option so you don’t expose your, or any other, computer from vulnerabilities.
  • You can, again, manage your files in the cloud or using a mobile Excel app.
  • Sparklines are a great tool to use in Excel. It helps compare patterns and trends for any use. Excel is also great for using formulas and calculations.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide presentation software. This software is great for meetings and presentations in your company. You can share information and include videos and pictures to make sharing easy to understand. One of the greatest features of Microsoft PowerPoint is the variety.
  • You can chose from numerous themes or you can start with a blank canvas and create your own background design.
  • There are also many slide layout options to choose from or you can create your own layout from scratch.
  • In addition to text information, shapes, pictures, clipart, screenshots, charts, videos, audio, and numerous other options are available to complete the slides.
  • Once your slides are prepared, you can add various transitions, animations, and sounds to the presentation for even more attractiveness as well as and timers for extra convenience.
  • Microsoft Outlook is a helpful email and calendar software. In the email portion, you can search your emails with the Instant Search bar. There is also an auto-complete feature when sending the email.
  • In the calendar, you can create appointments, meetings, and events. You can set your calendar to make a sound or give you a message as reminders. You can also color coat your schedule. When you create these events, meetings, and appointments, you can invite others by email.
  • In the invites, you can choose for the invitee to accept or decline the invitation. Also, you can view calendars side-by-side or on top of one another. This may be two or more of your own schedules or yours and other’s schedules. This is possible by sending calendars through email.
  • Overall, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Microsoft Office. Especially since all of these programs are compatible and have very similar toolbars and features. Once you a familiar with one program the rest will come with ease. Thank you for your time.
  • If you would like further information on anything concerning the Microsoft Office programs, or if you would like to purchase your own please feel free to contact Nicole at: or Kelly at: Or visit the Microsoft website at We have also posted a link to a very helpful E-book about Microsoft Office 2010.We would also appreciate if you would take a short survey on the success our webinar. The link is provided.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 presentation

    1. 1. Microsoft Office 2010 By: Nicole Held and Kelly Collins
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Sharing and Collaborating
    4. 4. Microsoft Word Word Processing Pictures Videos Charts Graphics
    5. 5. Microsoft Word
    6. 6. Microsoft Word
    7. 7. Microsoft Word
    8. 8. Microsoft Word
    9. 9. Microsoft Word
    10. 10. Microsoft Word
    11. 11. Microsoft Word
    12. 12. Microsoft Excel
    13. 13. Microsoft Excel
    14. 14. Microsoft Excel
    15. 15. Microsoft Excel
    16. 16. Microsoft PowerPoint Meetings Presentations Videos Pictures
    17. 17. Microsoft PowerPoint
    18. 18. Microsoft PowerPoint
    19. 19. Microsoft PowerPoint
    20. 20. Microsoft PowerPoint
    21. 21. Microsoft Outlook
    22. 22. Microsoft Outlook
    23. 23. Microsoft Outlook
    24. 24. Microsoft Office
    25. 25. Additional Information Nicole: Kelly: Microsoft: Please check out this E-book for more Information: Survey:
    26. 26. Sources Images: Information: