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IoT - Life at the Edge


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Edge computing is set to be the next big thing in the Internet of Things. There is a rush to bring new low power AI chips to market which will allow devices to have greater autonomy, particularly in areas like video processing and self-driving vehicles. This presentation looks at the current state of development and the emergence of a new generation of silicon startups.

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IoT - Life at the Edge

  1. 1. IoT – Life at the Edge Nick Hunn – WiFore Consulting Presented at “Feeding AI” – a Cambridge Wireless Seminar – Dec 2018
  2. 2. The IoT story so far…
  3. 3. Towards 50 Billion Connected Devices
  4. 4. Amount of time spent discussing LPWAN Amount of time spent discussing the rest of the IoT Amount of time spent designing products Amount of time spent discussing AI
  5. 5. The Comms part is largely done LPWAN exists • Sigfox • LoRa • Telensa • Ingenu • NB-IoT Low cost data exists • Sigfox • LoRa • 1NCE Just because it will get better is not a reason for prevarication.
  6. 6. IoT Basics Data Capture Data Insight There’s a lot of detail in between…
  7. 7. The IoT value stack Deployment & Physical installation Algorithm Development Additional Data Sourcing Business Applications (vertical) Business Applications (packaged) IoT Analytics Cloud Device Management Data Contracts Comms Project Management Data Cleansing & Verification Security & Updates Provisioning Sensor & Physical Deployment Applications & Analytics M2M / IoT Infrastructure (DLC – Device Life Cycle) Connectivity HardwareEDGE
  8. 8. The world is producing excessive amounts of “unstructured data” that need to be reconstructed. Rob High – CTO, IBM
  9. 9. Big Data doesn’t need to reside in one place. Lots of Little Data is also Big Data. Learning can be distributed.
  10. 10. Because Intel wants to sell more server chips. Because CISCO wants to sell more infrastructure. Because the network operators need a story to support 5G. Why is edge computing such a well kept secret? And also because it’s difficult.
  11. 11. The balance of power Cloud • Limited processing power • Limited resources • Limited battery life • Intermittent connectivity • Lots of processing power • Lots of resources • Mains powered • Aggregated Data • Additional Data Sources Processing Power Thing
  12. 12. The balance of power Thing Cloud • May need to make real time decisions • Can’t guarantee a connection • May have limited data throughput • Intermittent uploads • Very limited downloads • Little access to additional data • Difficult to make real-time control decisions for millions of devices Autonomy
  13. 13. The processing hierarchy Cloud • Heavy Lifting • “Unlimited” resources Mobile • Pre-programmed and learned models • Video processing, etc. ThingEdge • Real-time learning • Autonomous operation
  14. 14. Giga (Billion) Operations per second and Trillion Operations per second TOPS and GOPS Intel Xeon 8180M 0.3 TOPS / W NVIDIA 0.4 TOPS / W Thing < 0.05 TOPS 2 - 3 TOPS 25 - 50 TOPS GreenWaves 0.6 TOPS / W Kneron offers 1.5 TOPS / W ARM ML 3 TOPS / W Novumind 3 TOPS / W Cambricon 3 TOPS / W Mythic 4 TOPS / W Groq 8 TOPS / W Syntiant 20 TOPS / W
  15. 15. Is it training or is it inference? MLP - Multi-layer Perceptron CNN - Convolutional Neural Networks RNN - Recurrent Neural Networks DNN - Deep Neural Networks – image recognition & voice The AI Landscape Machine Learning Neural Networks Deep Learning
  16. 16. Video Neural Network Engines and AI accelerators
  17. 17. Sunrise AI chip for Facial Recognition Supports 4 x 1920 x 1080 30fps video inputs at under 1.5W Horizon Robotics
  18. 18. Automotive and Audio
  19. 19. Google’s Edge TPU “Edge-based ML inference is vital to delivering reliable, live, low-latency, and cost-effective smart city IoT. Cloud IoT Edge and Edge TPU unlock these capabilities in new ways for the next generation of Smart Parking systems.” John Heard, Chief Technology Officer, Smart Parking Limited Edge TPU Features “The first step in a roadmap that will leverage Google's AI expertise to follow and reflect in hardware the rapid evolution of AI.” • Inference Accelerator • Dev boards coming soon
  20. 20. The IoT is getting smarter… Are you?
  21. 21. Nick Hunn CTO mob: +44 7768 890 148 email: web: Creative Connectivity Blog: LinkedIn: Questions?