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Disruptive mobile health business models


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There's plenty of talk about mobile health, but few successful businesses. To succeed, models need to be far more disruptive, going outside the industry box to develop their models. This presentation, given at Medica 2010, explains why and how.

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Disruptive mobile health business models

  1. 1. Making Mobile Health Work Nick Hunn an alternative look at Mobile Health business models
  2. 2. mHealth isn’t about curing disease that’s too hard. it’s not a business model. leave that to the health services…
  3. 3. it’s about what people will pay for. maintaining quality of life, enhancing self image, assuaging guilt, convenience.
  4. 4. it’s all about compelling services. and if you want to make money,
  5. 5. so don’t bother about: 1. doctors 2. insurers 3. hospitals they’re just barriers.
  6. 6. let’s look at some real business models that might make Mobile Health happen…
  7. 7. The Guilty Look at current models that work (Weightwatchers, etc.). Target the worried well. Work out how to use loyalty for ongoing service revenue. Remove the guilt from not having to have your parents live with you (a.k.a. Assisted Living).
  8. 8. The Gullible Alternative healthcare has less regulation. It has fast development and deployment cycles. Look on it as the pornography of health (and remember that porn was responsible for most web developments).
  9. 9. The Drug Dealers Our average lifetime pill consumption is 54,000 pills. Kick the doctors out of the loop. Monitor and dispense generics directly to the patient. Think about the opportunities in medication compliance for vitamin pills (and encourage overdoses).
  10. 10. The Supermarket They know what you buy, They know how to mine data, It’s easy to add sensors to a shopping cart handle, Diagnose customers as they shop and sell them healthcare as part of your loyalty scheme.
  11. 11. The Workforce Make your workforce fitter. Sell a Faustian pact of compliance versus healthcare. Increase presenteeism, reduce absenteeism. Tell your shareholders that you care for your employees. (Even if you really only care about your bottom line.)
  12. 12. The Wisdom of (sick) Crowds Engage with those patients that DO care, Use their experience to build compelling feedback, Consider how to make it Open Source. Charge a monthly subscription for using their data (and selling it to someone else).
  13. 13. Be aware of the Barriers 1. the medical profession 2. regulation and remember… the biggest barrier is probably your imagination and avoid them.
  14. 14. if mHealth is going to work… we need to stop thinking like doctors, and start thinking like patients consumers.consumers..
  15. 15. If all else fails… …there’s still pets and kids.
  16. 16. Unless you’re in the U.S. as FDA regulations extend to pets and cosmetics.
  17. 17. there’s a business model somewhere… you just need to look hard enough.
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