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Mah tweets oss wp7

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  • Windows Phone 7 has a new design language, codename Metro.

    As you can see from experience, Metro refers to the metro signage; a typography centric
  • We have our best two frameworks for you to choose from when creating a client app.

    Silverlight is microsoft’s already established RIA offering. A very comprehensive and powerful App UI framework and run-time with huge innovation around media, controls, etc..

    XNA is our high performance gaming framework; another well established framework, already proven on XBOX 360 and Zune.

    These APIs not only provide you the best of breed
  • Our tools are Free. This includes Visual Studio, Game Studio, and Expression Blend.

    They will continue to be free even after V1 of the tools RTM.
    Though we don’t have this as a single download today, that is the goal.

    Go get the tools at

  • These two presentation stacks can access a set of common run-time APIs.. It is all accessible using .NET managed code, and the APIs behave consistently across either presentation stack.

    On touch, we do 4 points multitouch.

    Our hardware accelerated media stack is consolidated. Here we can play video or access the media library captured via the device or downloaded via service.

    For data, we do isolated storage with unlimited access, and support LINQ to objects and XML..

    We also give you access to the hardware: Camera, sensors, microphone. As well as APIs for accessing the cloud services we already mentioned.

  • You submit your applications, and we certify it.
    Certification is not about causing you pain; it is about validating that your app will have a great and safe user experience.

    If your app passes certification, we then ingest it into our deployment services and the marketplace.
    We do have a beta test program on the market place.

  • Mah tweets oss wp7

    1. 1. Microsoft at a Mobile F/OSS WTFD?
    2. 2. Microsoft at a Mobile F/OSS WTFD? • Can publish into WP7 Marketplace – Free as in beer apps ($0) – GPLv2 apps ($0; $0.99  $499.99) – Permissive Licenses (eg: BSD, Apache, MS-PL) • I am on MahTweets Windows desktop & WP7 team – –
    3. 3. Personal • MahTweets core (scripting) • Implementing Haversine
    4. 4. In a Microsoft Open source ecosystem
    5. 5. Thanks to:
    6. 6. Live WP7 FOSS examples • Wordpress for WP7 – GPLv2 • Iron7 – Write & Run Ruby on your WP7
    7. 7. Two Flavors of Applications  High performance game framework  Rapid creation of multi-screen 2D and 3D games  Rich content pipeline  Mature, robust, widely adopted technology spanning Xbox 360, Windows, and Zune  Modern XAML/event-driven application UI framework  Rapid creation of visually stunning apps  Metro-themed UI controls  HTML/JavaScript  500,000 developers spanning Windows and web
    8. 8. Phone Emulator Samples Documentation Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools Windows Phone Developer Tools
    9. 9. Common Capabilities Input • Touch • Hardware buttons Media • Digital media capture & playback • Media library access Data • Isolated Storage • LINQ (Objects and XML) .NET • Superset of Silverlight 3.0 • Windows Communication Foundation • SOAP and REST services Phone Access • Integrated access to phone UI • Sensors (accelerometer) • Camera, microphone • Picker for contacts and photos Integrated With Cloud Services • App Deployment & Updates • Notifications • Location • Xbox LIVE
    10. 10. Deployment Process Develop & Debug Submit & Validate Certify & Sign Windows Phone Application Deployment Service Marketplace
    11. 11. Marketplace • US$99 / year • US$0 / year for Dreamspark students • 5 free submissions for free apps – US$19.99 / submission after • All submissions are reviewed – Updates to existing submissions are not • 70% developer share
    12. 12. MahTweets WP7: • Silverlight based application • Fibre (codeplex) – Async Library, – MIT. © Jake Ginnivan • MvvmLight (codeplex) +others – MIT • Hammock (codeplex) – For REST – MIT • Autofac (googlecode) +others – Inversion-of-Control (IoC) / DependencyInjection (DI) – MIT, © Nick Blumhardt • Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit (codeplex) – Ms-PL; Microsoft created
    13. 13. MahTweets WP7: • Published on codeplex • Hg (mercurial dvcs) access – Open read, closed commit • Open source – Same community tempos