Future Of Digital Aimia 2009


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  • .. Or what I learnt about Digital and social media in 2009Similar to Dale: no numbers. We’ve spent the last 50 minutes talking technology.Getting & holding people’s limited attentionThis is going to be a little random and unstructured: hang on!
  • Take offence to anything I state here ….The biggest theme: do we have our heads up our technological arses?
  • I am from MicrosoftWe do software technology. Lots of it.Microsoftis not evil6000+ bloggersLots of twitterers, including up my management chain to 4 levels; Australian and othersEngagement via Linkedin, Facebook etc. strong use. Ben Harrison from Microsoft in the AudienceExample: Engineering Windows 7 Blog. Senior Execs & engineers on decisions.AU impact of blogs into the product.Even @bing using ^ to communicate
  • My boss’s boss is such a kind and supportive fellow 
  • have a confessionI was once a highflying sales man….
  • I have a confessionI have said some negative things on socialmedia, ironically in social mediaFor instance: 120% of australians will be using social mediaSocial media experts, blah blahblahDo we have our collective heads up our arses? We are eastern Sydney … this is not Australia.
  • To a Social media practitionerAnd with that sales background, with some marketing mixed in…… see the online/social/digital world…
  • I work onlineAs it happens, my target “audience” is largely onlineConverse through a variety of media: twitter, ustream, blogs--Blogs, video, twitter etc throughout 2009 to a point where “digital and social” is the central premiseGuess what: 1 in 3 AU on Facebook.
  • This is where I get controversial
  • Problem 1: Technology! Geeks!It’s bright!It’s shiny!Let’s make an app! Oh, people aren’t viewing it. Oh shite.
  • Social media isEasyFaddishIt is the now
  • The Easy way OutSecondly, attempt at socialise a brandSimple reason: you go where the concentration isGoing Viral is not Social … it is merely wishing for impressionsCEO Blogs: PR trained, talk in management speak (synergies, end-of-the-day, detailed programmatic specifity)Faceless twitter personasCrowd sourcing via a lame competition video, hoping it goes viral
  • Social is cheap, too!
  • Are we selling a furphy?We, as an industry have missed an opportunity: and this is the future 2010. I implore you to do more!Otherwise this is a furphyBig ideasThe technology is out there
  • People talk to peoplePeople buy from people they likePeople tell and retell storiesIt’s a communityOnline, communication is easier.
  • Noone (in their right mind) talks to billboardsHow do you “friend” a Brand?
  • Taking it too farYes, there is more to this imageNo, this is not me
  • Connect the stars within organisations; the latent talent.Through digital to get leverageTo the customers/audience/constituentscommunityAs people.Real peopleEvidences: Tip Hereth, Amnesia Razorfish Windows 8 22-10-2009 launch 3000 viewersYour perception of an organisation is altered if you know somewhere who works there.Family pack
  • Challenge for 2010To use the latent talent within you / your customer’s organisation and make them social-famous.Change the perception of the brand.
  • Future of Digital Use the cool toys to connectBut connect real people to real peoplePeople. Emotional connections.Emotions get attention
  • At your servicePenanceTalk to your customers
  • Future Of Digital Aimia 2009

    1. 1. THE Future of digital<br />Nick Hodge<br />Professional Geek, Microsoft<br />@nickhodge, nhodge@microsoft.com<br />
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    6. 6. I HAVE A confession<br />
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    11. 11. BUT IT’S Social: It’s NOW!<br />
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    17. 17.
    18. 18. DIGITAL<br />
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    21. 21. Mgmtsez: do want “ROIs, POCS, Case studies”<br />
    22. 22. AIMIA ExclusiveOne-time Offer for 2010<br />
    23. 23. With people & EMOTIONS, DIGITAL IS…<br />the future of PR<br />the future of Customer Service<br />the future of Marketing<br />the future of Sales<br />
    24. 24. Nick Hodge<br />Professional Geek<br />Microsoft Australia<br />nhodge@microsoft.com<br />@nickhodge<br />