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Interview#5 Interview Observation Of Video


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Interview#5 Interview Observation Of Video

  1. 1. Interview Countdown#5 Interview Observation of your mock interview Video DO NOT USE ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Answer below the question in a different color text.1. Did you dress up professionally for your interview? (Did you dress better than usual?) no I was not prepared for the interview2. Did you greet the interviewer properly? yes, I greeted the employer with a professional “hello”3. Did you use your hands to speak with? Were you fidgeting? No I concentrated on what was slightly to the left of the interviwer.4. Did you say; ‘Ahh’, ‘Err’, ‘Uhm’, ‘And’, ‘Like’, ‘Stuff’, ‘Kinda’, ‘You know’, etc., quite a bit? I didn’t do it often, but I did figet once in a while5. Were you sitting straight? Yes I was sitting straight.6. Were you keeping good eye contact throughout the interview? Yes I kept eye contact throughout the interview7. Were your answers clear and loud enough? (Not mumbling) yes they were clear enough8. Did you look confident? (Not how you felt) I looked the same as normal so I would say I looked confident.9. Did you thank the interviewer? Yes I thanked the interviewer10. Were you positive, smiling, responsive, or did you look like a statue? (Change facial expression) I changed my expression if the question required it.11. Were the questions you asked the interviewer relevant and appropriate? I didn’t ask any questions.12. Did you bring your completed application and Portfolio folder with you? Yes I brought a complete portfolio13. Would you hire yourself from this interview? Why or why not? Um….i would say that I was acceptable.
  2. 2. 14. What did you do well? (According to the Job Search packets studied) I stayed calm and didn’t move a lot and say “um, er, or I don’t know”15. What would you improve? (If you could do the interview again) thee was one part where I kind of froze.