Good Morning Pssc And Welcome To Lesenm In


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Good Morning Pssc And Welcome To Lesenm In

  1. 1. Good Morning PSSC and welcome to LESENM in the Closet News I’m _____ and I’m________
  2. 2. IPhone 4 S Apple has sold over four million iPhone 4S in just three daysafter its launch on October 14, with more than 25 millioncustomers already using iOS 5, touted as the world’s mostadvanced mobile operating system, in the first five days of itsrelease, and more than 20 million customers having signed upfor iCloud.
  3. 3. Indie 300 Crash• Two time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon died in a 15- car crash at the Las Vegas motor speedway on Sunday. Mr. Wheldon’s vehicle hit another car, became airborne, collided into a wall and burst into flames during the Las Vegas Indy 300. Three other drivers were injured in the crash. Indycar officials and pit crew members pit tribute to Mr. Wheldon on Sunday. Indycar Chief Executive Randy Bernard said drivers would do a five-lap salute.
  4. 4. Joke of the day• Why do barbers become good drivers shortly?• Because they know all the short cuts
  5. 5. Food drive• Don’t forget to donate to our canned food drive before November 7th.
  6. 6. • The 150 Occupy Seattle tents in Westlake Park were taken down by 7:30 Monday morning as Seattle police and Seattle parks employees moved in to clear what the city has long said was illegal camping on city property. Police also arrested eight people.• Seven people were arrested for investigation of obstructing police. Police had original said nine people had been arrested, but changed the number later in the day. The eighth arrest was later in the morning. A woman who sat on a mat in the park was arrested when she refused to leave. When officers tried to physically move her, she resisted and threw a cup of coffee at one of the officers.• After the tents came down, some of the 250 or so protesters in the park began chanting, "Show me what oppression looks like." and other protesters responded, "This is what oppression looks like."
  7. 7. PSSC clothing line• Beanies are $7• Sweats and sweatshirts range between $18 and $22.• If you would like to purchase any of these items please see theresa in the finance office.
  8. 8. weather• And now we go to______ for the weather.
  9. 9. SAC• The SAC students have lots of surprises coming for halloween so make sure you stay tuned to hear about them.
  10. 10. Coolest car of PSSC• Congrats to Dallas Montgomory in the AM vital session.• You have the coolest car in school.• Come to the digital media classroom
  11. 11. closing• Thanks for watching LESENM in the Closet News. Stay tuned next week for another show.