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Strategy Eye Overview 2012


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StrategyEye is a global content indexing and creation platform powering Content Marketing and Monetization solutions for publishers and major brands.

CONTENT MARKETING - We help brands become publishers by enabling them to create compelling content to engage audiences, promote thought leadership in web and social channels, support SEO and drive inbound leads

CONTENT MONETIZATION - We help traditional or startup publishers and event organizers to launch new, premium B2B intelligence products and generate incremental digital revenue through subscriptions or online advertising

Also check out our own-label digital media intelligence product: powered by our platform.

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Strategy Eye Overview 2012

  1. 1. StrategyEye Content Audience Revenue
  2. 2. IntroductionStrategyEye is a global content indexing and creation platform powering ContentMarketing and Monetization solutions for publishers and major brands We help brands become publishers by enabling them to create compelling content Content to engage audiences, promote thought Marketing leadership in web and social channels, support SEO and drive inbound leads We help traditional or startup publishers and event organizers to launch new, premium Content B2B intelligence products and generate Monetization incremental digital revenue through subscriptions or online advertising StrategyEye
  3. 3. Introduction Our platform makes it easy to simply plug in live content streams and then use our indexing engine to tag this in real-time against criteria tailored to your exact market We provide tools and templates allowing you to create your own proprietary content too and easily launch commercial products leveraging this dataLive Global INBOUND LEADS Content StrategyEye eg Newsletter + Web Site CONTENT STRUCTURING Content content promotion for PLATFORM Marketing Products IT Vendor NEW REVENUEProprietaryEditorial & eg Defence Industry Data Subscription Content Monetization Intelligence Service Products StrategyEye
  4. 4. For BrandsHow do I efficiently create Where can I promote How do I distribute valuable content for my content to maximise traffic content with “one click” target audience? and inbound leads? into all channels? BRANDS DRIVE THOUGHT LEADERSHIPTechnology Vendor ANDSHARING TO GENERATE INBOUND LEADSInsurance Provider EFFICIENTLY CREATE VALUABLE CONTENTFashion LabelSport Team SEOBank Social InteractionLocal Store Newsletters... StrategyEye
  5. 5. Content Marketing Brand Example Proposition Content Filtered Live Web Site Marketing Global News • Brands in any industry sector • Easy Content Creation Twitter • Spot breaking stories • Create new commentary • Promote to audience Brand • “One Click Distribution” to all your channels: Create Content Facebook • Web Site • Twitter Accounts • Facebook Accounts • LinkedIN Accounts • All content created is available for• Content editor easily • Writers create content: inclusion in Newsletter to audience spots relevant breaking stories • 140 characters Newsletter • Curated comment • Indepth Analysis Business Model • Part of content marketing strategy – driving thought leadership and SEOStrategyEye
  6. 6. For BrandsContent Marketing is becoming one of the most important topics in 2012 – and isapplicable to any organisation in any sector that wants to raise profile.Marketers are shifting budget towards Earned Media and inbound marketing: “ We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in – and be what people are interested in --- Chief Creative Officer, JWT Ad Agency “ 82% of respondents plan to increase or greatly increase their content marketing efforts in 2012 --- Outbrain Survey “ Marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing --- Content Marketing Institute Survey Greatest challenge is “producing the kind of content that engages “ prospects and customers” (41% of respondents) --- Content Marketing Institute StrategyEye
  7. 7. For BrandsContent Marketing to drive inbound, qualified prospects costs significantly less perlead than traditional, outbound marketing OUTBOUND Av Cost / Lead: $373 INBOUND Av Cost / Lead: $143 Source: Hubspot 2011 Analysis StrategyEye
  8. 8. For Publishers How can I create newHow can I generate more How can I offset declining intelligence products torevenue from my existing offline ads and magazine meet next generation of content or audience? subscriptions? audiences?EXISTING CONTENT + DATA NEW INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTS PUBLISHERS B2B Publishers Newspapers Research Providers Event Organizers ... EXISTING BRANDS INCREMENTAL REVENUE StrategyEye
  9. 9. Subscription Intelligence Product Proposition Content Monetization • Existing base of military web sites and proprietary reports / data – brought under new brand • B2B intelligence product tracking corporate activity in global defence industry • Executives use service to identify new leads and monitor competitor / market activity • Major corporate target clients • 2.000 + companies monitored • 70 categories • 5+ event agents • 30 daily editorial articles • Writers in London and India Business Model • Subscription Revenue PartnerStrategyEye
  10. 10. Subscription Intelligence Product Proposition Content Monetization • Launched in 2007 • B2B intelligence product tracking corporate activity in digital media • Executives use to identify new leads, new markets and competitive threats • Global clients – eg Amazon , UBS, Andreessen Horowitz • 25.000 + companies monitored • 150 categories • 4 agents – VC, M&A, PTR, DATA • 30-40 daily editorial articles • 6 writers in London Business Model • Subscription Revenue • Licensed content Partner StrategyEye Own Label • Ad RevenueStrategyEye
  11. 11. Open Industry Intelligence Product Proposition Content Monetization • 100% new brand • Intelligence product monitoring innovation in payment market • Executives use service to track new deals and spot opportunities • Suppliers can source qualified leads by listing company profile on site • 2,500 newsletter users < 1 month • 300 companies monitored • 40 categories • 5 event agents • 10 editorial articles daily Business Model • Sponsorship • Paid Company Listings PartnerStrategyEye
  12. 12. Our Growing Network of Implementations Digital Offshore Cleantech Defence Marine Windpower Satellite Media Power Telecoms Textiles Founders Forum Reed MIDEM StrategyEye Payment CONTENT PLATFORM Outsourcing Technology GP Telegraph Bullhound Tech100 BrandsStrategyEye StrategyEye
  13. 13. Platform Our white-label intelligence platform blends live global content and your proprietary editorial – all indexed against a taxonomy tailored to the “DNA” of your industry LIVE GLOBAL CONTENT NEW PRODUCT StrategyEye PUBLISHER TEMPLATES 500,000+ ARTICLES PER DAY StrategyEye CONTENT PLATFORM Software Modules Content ARCHIVE + PREMIUM CONTENT • Content Indexing Marketing • CMS • Interface Tools • Newsletter Tools • Networking Tools Lead • Subscription Management Generation • Advertising Management EditorEye APIs CONTENT & DATA CREATION INDEXING AGENTS – “YOUR INDUSTRY DNA” Categories Companies Events ExecutivesStrategyEye StrategyEye
  14. 14. Platform Our “Secret Sauce” is the way we define filters for highly accurate monitoring of any content type – global news, internal documents, Tweets or your own editorial Each filter agent is defined by our analysts and every article is compared in real time against our extensive agent library across thousands of category areas SEMANTIC DATA INDEXING AGENTS – “YOUR INDUSTRY DNA” ARTICLE STORE Categories Companies Events Boeing Lockheed NASA Unmanned Vehicles 500,000+ 2,000+ 70,000+ 100+ New Contract Win articles per day categories companies event typesStrategyEye StrategyEye
  15. 15. Platform We offer a range of standardized structuring components to be able to offer “turnkey” solutions for indexing content in key markets: CATEGORY EVENT ENTITY LIBRARY LIBRARY LIBRARY Telecoms M&A Companies Mining VC 70,000+ Currently Monitored Healthcare Private Equity INDEXING AGENTS + + Defence New Contract Win Executives Aerospace New Product Launch Brands Projects Client Specific 1 Market Trend Data (eg Wind Farm) Client Specific 2 Client Specific Client SpecificStrategyEye StrategyEye
  16. 16. Platform EditorEye is our powerful editorial interface for spotting breaking intelligence and instantly creating your own content – be that comment, analysis or data EditorEye can be used on a standalone basis and allows you to publish content in one-step into all channels you need Corporate EditorEye Web Site Newsletter Template LIVE GLOBAL CONTENT500,000+ ARTICLES PER DAY Social Networks Your Agents Intelligence Shortlist Spotter Portal Template Writer Workflow Content Management System Your Own ApplicationsStrategyEye StrategyEye
  17. 17. PlatformOnce the content is available in our database it can be delivered via one of ourproduct template options – depending on your required business model Subscription & Open Portals Member Networks Newsletter Or integrate into your own application directly using our APIs StrategyEye
  18. 18. PlatformWe provide a range of solution templates and can cater to most major APIintegration options for both content ingestion and output Inbound APIs Product Templates Outbound APIs Global Content (RSS) Subscription Portals Website Integration Proprietary Content Open Portals Twitter Enterprise Portals Facebook Microsites LinkedIN Member Network Portals Email Providers Sales Intelligence Portals Marketing Applications eNewsletters StrategyEye
  19. 19. Platform Set-up process for any of our solutions in any industry could not be simpler 5 steps and typically only a few weeks to launch a fully commercial portal 3 1 Define 2 Define Define 4 Select 5 Trigger Launch ! Categories Companies Interface Events $$$ Helicopter Boeing New Contract Wins Open Portal Sponsorship Tanks Raytheon Private Equity Subscription Portal Paid ListingsUnmanned Vehicles EADS M&A Newsletter Only Affiliate Fees +++ +++ +++ +++ Subscriptions StrategyEye
  20. 20. Contact Us +44 20 7930 4158 StrategyEye 40 Craven Street London WC2N 5NG StrategyEye