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Omma Fotc


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This is the presentation given by Ian Schaffer (CEO Deep Focus) at the May 2009 Social Media Boot Camp in New York.

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Omma Fotc

  1. 1. Season 2: A Muthaflippin’ Case Study!
  2. 2. Season 1 marketing recap! •! Built on existing global fanbase! •! Aggressive product sampling and syndication strategy! •! High-impact display advertising campaign to drive tune-in! •! React, react, react via community!
  3. 3. The situation following season 1! •! Relatively strong first season! •! Evangelizing fans, fragmented base! •! Ravenous community! •! Emerging potential for mainstream success!
  4. 4. What we knew! TV info seekers who seek information on a show pre-premiere are more likely to become regular viewers…! “I watch this show regularly”! Looked for information Pre-Premiere! Looked for information Post-Premiere! %&#$ 'quot;#$ !quot;#$ !'#$ New Show! Current Show!
  5. 5. What we know! … and are more likely to make the time to watch the show loyally, every week – when it airs.! “I watch this show regularly every week when it airs”! Looked for information Pre-Premiere! Looked for information Post-Premiere! ()#$ ''#$ +*#$ !*#$ New Show! Current Show!
  6. 6. What we know! Most importantly, pre-engagement also turns viewers into influencers.! How many friends do you think you have convinced to watch these particular TV shows? Your best estimate is fine…! Looked for information Pre-Premiere! Looked for information Post-Premiere! (-'$ (-!$ ,-)$ '-quot;$ '-*$ '-*$ New Show Current Show ALL SHOWS
  7. 7. Challenges! •! How do we get more people to see (and seek) more information about the show?! •! How do we get more people to create more content about the show?! •! How do we earn more advocacy for the show?! •! How do we mainstream the show while still being loyal to its cult roots? ! •! How can we bring the brand closer to people, but just as importantly, bring people closer to each other via the brand?!
  8. 8. The strategy: Leverage every touchpoint! ./012$ 38>@/>@$ 34/256/$ A1?@41B=58>$ 78912:$./012; 38<<=>19258>?$
  9. 9. The strategy: Dotcom vs. Notcom! A8@98<$DE=::H$ C8@98<$DE=?F$G$E=::H$ Social media hubs! blogs! Official Website! Content partners! profiles! Promotional hubs!
  10. 10. The tactics! Broad, syndicated online season premiere! Facebook “Lip Dub community! Fansterpiece”!
  11. 11. Click to watch the final Fansterpiece.!
  12. 12. Over 500k friends! Over 150k friends were added in December! Over 4k wall posts!
  13. 13. Facebook ad performance! !quot;#$#%&%quot;'()$'%( !-+&#$ !-&&#$ &-*&#$ &-)&#$ &-,&#$ &-+&#$ &-&&#$ I2>$ J10/8$I2>$ K7JL$
  14. 14. Paid vs. organic performance! paid! organic! Organic engagement increased overall engagement by 30%.! There were 38 million organic impressions generated via ad or content engagements, resulting in an effective CPM of 85% lower than planned.!
  15. 15. Facebook Lexicon data! Online premiere! Sustained activity!
  16. 16. Search volume! Online premiere! Lipdub launches!
  17. 17. Tweet volume! Show airing! Show airing! Show airing! Online premiere! Season 2 premiere!
  18. 18. The results! •! Over 500,000 fans in FOTC community on Facebook! •! 1000 minutes of amateur video content created with over 500,000 views – millions of views of professional content! •! Over 2mm views of the Season 2 premiere online! •! Almost 70 million organic impressions of Conchords Content! •! A successful launch of a second season!
  19. 19. The Takeaways! •! Keep communities active! •! Connect everyone and everything! •! Take advantage of the Facebook redesign! •! Use UGC to tell a story! •! Leverage social media ad spending to optimize and maximize organic engagements! •! Make everything portable! •! Make use of OPP!
  20. 20. Q & A!