Year 1 Parents Information Meeting August 2013


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Presentation made at the start of academic year 2013 / 14 to Year 1 parents to provide curriculum and logistical information about the year ahead.

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Year 1 Parents Information Meeting August 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to Year 1 Monday 26th August 2013
  2. 2. Welcome to Year 1 • Head of Year • Head of Curriculum • Assistant Head of Year • Teachers • Teaching Assistants • EAL team • Learning Support team • Specialist staff
  3. 3. The Year 1 Team • Mr Nick Goligher – Head of Year, 1G Class Teacher • Mrs Diana Jones – Head of Curriculum, 1D Class Teacher • Mrs Michelle Brinn– Assistant Head of Year, 1B Class Teacher • Mr Colin Brown – 1C Class Teacher • Mr Marcus Madden – 1M Class Teacher • Miss Jessica Llewellyn – 1J Class Teacher • Mrs Lorraine Illing – 1L Class Teacher • Mrs Kate Penstone – Learning Support Teacher • Mrs Clare Owens – EAL Teacher (1G and 1J) • Miss Marisa Suwanpatra – EAL Instructor (1L) • Mr Michael Wilson – EAL Instructor (1B and 1M) • Mr James Blyth – EAL Instructor (1C and 1D)
  4. 4. Our wonderful Teaching Assistants Miss A (1B) Miss Sarina (1M) Miss Jaree (1J) Miss Kem (1L) Miss Falguni (1C) Miss Harsha (1D) Miss Dear (1G)
  5. 5. The Curriculum and Implementation • Shared with parents through curriculum booklets and newsletters. • The English National Curriculum. • Creative Curriculum. • Theme based. • The best current practice. • A broad and balanced curriculum.
  6. 6. Long Term Curriculum Plan – 2013-14 Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b Title Who am I? Let’s Celebrate My Toy Box Once Upon a Time Our Wonderful World Circus Theme Settling In/Routines Family The senses Looking after ourselves Celebrations Light sources Toys Fairytales Geography /Buddhism Fantasy / Aspirations Essential Outcomes Family Tree Sense of chronology. Needs for health. Confidently talk in relative detail about at least 1 celebration. Understand the simple properties of some materials. Carry out an experiment. Write own fairytale using the structure of a well known fairytale. Confidently discuss similarities and differences between two places. Act in role Discuss how the Circus has changed over time. Assessment tool used not including AfL Family tree writing Hungry Caterpillar Stories Posters displaying information found Poetry writing Playground Rhymes. Write an innovated story from Storytelling text Information writing Write a descriptive section of a story Storytelling focus The Hungry Caterpillar Focus on oral retelling Jack and the Beanstalk Mr Benn – Innovated story IB Focus Introduce main 5 attributes- Caring, thinkers, risk-taker, communicator and inquirer. Inquirers Communicators Reflective Local/ International /Global Where we were born? How we are different/ similar Which different countries children have lived in? Different celebrations observed by children in the class Toys around the world Shadow puppet theatre Stories from around the world told in home languages Bangkok compared to different places / places of birth Global citizens What do different people think about using animals in Circus Performances?
  7. 7. Trips and Performances • Samrong market • Temple • Visit to the theatre to watch secondary students perform fairytales. • Class assemblies
  8. 8. The Learning Environment • We aim to provide the children with … • Stimulating learning areas • Variety of interesting resources • Interactive displays
  9. 9. Learning in Year 1 • At Patana we encourage the children to learn and maximise their potential through experience, discussion and reflection • Whole class activities • Group activities • Individual activities • Different learning styles
  10. 10. Learning through play in Year 1 • Building upon their experiences from the Foundation Stage • Integrated into daily learning • Child centred • Building upon your child’s interests • Vital for social, academic and emotional development • POWERFUL!
  11. 11. Lessons with a Specialist Teacher • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 1 x 40 minute lesson • Physical Education (PE) 2 x 40 minute lessons • Swimming 1 x 40 minute lesson • Music – 1 x 40 minute lessons • Thai Culture - 2 x 40 minute lessons • Thai Humanities – 1 x 80 minute lesson (for Thai Nationals)
  12. 12. Technology • iPads – 20 in year group • 2 x Computer suites • Digital Cameras • Interactive whiteboards • Recordable CD players • Chatterboxes and microphones
  13. 13. Assessment • We assess the children in 2 main ways - through monitoring and observation. • Methods • These include moderation of their independent writing, running records for reading, target setting in Mathematics and Literacy and everyday observations in class and social activities. • UK wide system of APP • Peer and Self assessment • Verbal Feedback
  14. 14. ECA’s Term 1 sign up opened today. Registration closes on Friday 30th August at 12:00. Sign up via Parents Gateway
  15. 15. Problems, Queries, Concerns?
  16. 16. Class Blogs
  17. 17. Personal Belongings • Uniform - Patana • Shoes – black leather please • Hat • PE kit and swimming kit (including flip flops / Crocs) • School bag, book bag, sports bag • No jewellery please, other than stud earrings or if it is of religious significance • Toys! • IMPORTANT: Please name all your child’s belongings, including their Class Name.
  18. 18. Celebrations • Birthday cakes – cupcakes are brilliant! (strictly NO nuts) • Class celebrations
  19. 19. Home / School Links – Working in Partnership • Parental support in class (Class Parent) • Parental support at home • Sharing information – Meetings WC 2nd Sep • Reporting to Parents (informal/formal) • Our doors are always open • Now, please enjoy your time with your child’s teacher in their classroom