World Gaming Executive Summit Barcelona 2012


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This PPT was for WGES an igaming conference in Barcelona. The theme is around Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT and social proof online. A couple of the slides are non functional because its on slideshare :-(

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World Gaming Executive Summit Barcelona 2012

  1. 1. The Zero Moment of Truth & Global Branding
  2. 2. Nick Garner Nick Garner. Global Head of Search, Unibet He looks after Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click for the UK, Social Media Optimisation, Refer a Friend, and some parts of Unibets conversion optimisation activities. He is a recognised expert in SEO and social media within the iGaming industry with a long track record of commercial successes. An internet marketing veteran, Nick has been architecting and building marketing strategies for the 13 years. He puts his commercial successes down to a practical understanding of internet related technology, human behaviour and the commercial drivers on the internet Nick is a family man and competitive international sportsman based just outside London.
  3. 3. Googles share isnt growing much
  4. 4. But its revenues are...
  5. 5. Google & Spam $15.62 per person per quarter in the UK* £££
  6. 6. Signals are changing OLD: Look for algo weakness NEW: Look for human patterns and exploit them > SEO in ranking sites, socially engineer them > Online PR
  7. 7. Information / Commercial Internet Mix in commercial with $15.62 per person per year in the UK* information as much as possible Rank (fairly) easy Rank (fairly) hard
  8. 8. Conclusion $15.62 per person per quarter in the UK*Google is becoming an ads engine,cleansing the SERPS & mining dataabout you to be the perfectmiddlemanFor more of this thinking
  9. 9. New acquisitions in iGaming Where is the new business coming from?Trackable 50% Direct 50% ● Adwords/SEO ● Word of mouth ● Campaign ● Social Proof ● Affiliate ● Brand Stimulus ● Other
  10. 10. Tracking conundrum...Marketing budget is No tracking,assigned where theres No accountability,accountability. No budget... £ -£
  11. 11. Real Consumer Behaviour
  12. 12. Is it this?The traditional marketing funnel
  13. 13. Or this? The reality... How can you 100% track this?
  14. 14. Perspective: 1% > 2% conversion rate Target your activities at the people who want social proof on you.
  15. 15. ZMOT | Social Proof | SEO
  16. 16. ZMOT: 5,000 RespondentsShopper Science was commissioned by Google in 2011 to make more sense ofsocial proof online. 5,000
  17. 17. Traditional mental model of marketing Brand Cart Feedback
  18. 18. ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth Social Proof Brand Cart Feedback
  19. 19. ZMOT is huge 84% say ZMOT shaped their purchasing decisions. This shows the power of online feedback and research.
  20. 20. Users are learning to research better... In 2011 the average shopper used 10.4 information sources to make a purchasing decision in 2011. Up from 5.3 sources in 2010. Not many sources of information, but ZMOT is important Different sectors: Varying sources of information Varying importance of social proof. I.e. Credit cards: 8.5 sources & ZMOT influenced 75% of the decision.Source:Shopper Sciences
  21. 21. Research Cycles“People research well ahead of closure” Degree of influence Period before purchase
  22. 22. Research Cycles “Depending on the complexity and value of the product or service, users will research at different times.”
  23. 23. Research Cycles “Depending on the complexity and value of the product or service, users will vary their research intensity”
  24. 24. Age and behaviour
  25. 25. Age affects surprising waysNick Garner | Unibet WGES
  26. 26. Netgen...Internet is a 2nd language 15 years of mainstream internet: Hypothesis: Learning to use the internet is like learning a language. Natives understand the subtle signals. Late learners can still communicate, just not so well.Source:The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
  27. 27. All ages: Online behavior The young use search engines more, buy online more, but dont rate/feedback like Gen X. In total there is 400% more feedback online from people over 35.Source:The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
  28. 28. ZMOT in action
  29. 29. Reputation marketing“Half my advertising iswasted, I just don’t know which half.” John WanamakerTreat online reputationmanagement like brand/prspend.This pattern is across alllanguages and territories.
  30. 30. Process & Workflow
  31. 31. Typical process Identify need: Look for good Linkbuild to Improve your i.e. clean up feedback on those pages for search results strong domains your target for keyword X phrases Use tools like SEMRush to analyse the domain
  32. 32. Organisational structure Where a planning Centralised Country Specific task or process isnt language based, Manager then its centralised. SEO is too risky to Country A leave to the marginally Strategy Country B competent. Local Data Analysis Country C Languages & All speaking English Lead Gen Country D Country E
  33. 33. Find your Zero moments Find the greatest Social Proof hot spots where potential customers seek information and validation about your service or product: - Forums - Trusted Reviews - Thought leaders - Tidy up your Google search results. Manage those touch points. The traffic wont always be big, but the commercial intent is huge. The process is identical to any territory.
  34. 34. Final thoughts Get someone in charge of ZMOT Map out customer touch points online. Use ZMOT to help focus this process (Search engines, places of discussion) Look at your reporting systems. Do you ignore huge opportunities because they are difficult to build business cases for? Can you use some of your brand money for ZMOT? Accept you wont get 100% attribution tracking, but its improving all the time. Finally, to reiterate, this process is universal to all people, anywhere on the internet. It is a global phenomenon.
  35. 35. Thanks! Nick Garner