Improve your website with google website optimizer


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Improve your website with google website optimizer

  1. 1. Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  3. 3. INTROA powerful technique used to increase your websites ability to turn visitors into customers.Can be used for any product, service, or offer where the desired outcome is the completion of an action.Test multiple versions of something to discover which one leads to higher overall outcome of your target conversion Simply put: Testing = More Money Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  4. 4. CONVERSION RATES – WHAT IT MEANSConversion rate simply means the percentage of your visitors that end up reaching a goal within a set amount of time. Photo Source: Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  5. 5. WHAT IS A SPLIT TEST?Testing multiple versions of the same element, common elements include:• Headline• Page copy• Images• Prices• Offers• Buttons• Etc. Photo Source: Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  6. 6. WHY YOU NEED TO INCREASE CONVERSION RATES 1. Always Room for Improvement 2. PPC traffic will continue to become more competitive 3. Some Tools are FREE and Relatively Simple! 4. If you DOUBLE your conversion rate, you decrease your CPA by 50%! What can you do with a 50% lower CPA? • Spend more on traffic! • Test alternate advertising channels! • Get that re-design you so desperately need! Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  7. 7. HOW TO THINK ABOUT TESTING – LANDING PAGE 101 Small Changes can make a big difference • Who are you selling to? (personas) • What are the top 5 points you want to communicate? • Identify your highest profit products or services • What are the customers’ Benefits? Prove it! Photo Source: Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  8. 8. MESSAGING TO TEST• Core value proposition• Supporting evidence• Pricing• Offers• Social proof• Alternate messaging… Photo Source: • Social Proof: “Over 30% of so and so found…” • Fear: “Don’t miss out, Stop losing money/customers/etc…” • Domain Expertise: “8 out of 10 leading widget makers agree…” Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  9. 9. ONTO THE TECHNICAL STUFF Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  10. 10. FOR YOUR FIRST TEST• Create a list of high traffic (relative) established pages• Find the „weakest link‟• Formulate some hypotheses• Identify elements to test (refer to previous slide)• Be realistic! (and use the Calculator) Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  11. 11. SETTING UP YOUR EXPERIMENT• Choose your test page• IMPORTANT! Duplicate this page and change the elements you have identified to test – DO NOT START WITH NEW PAGE• Choose your conversion page• Decide how much traffic you want to „test‟ Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  12. 12. ADDING EXPERIMENT TAGS You must add the GWO generated code snippets to your experiment pages, this includes: • Your control page (current existing page you are testing) • Your variation page (the new page with your content variations o it) • Your conversion page (the page that is served when a visitor completes your desired conversion offer) All snippets are simple to cut and paste into the <head> of your pages Once you have installed the scripts onto the pages, click “Validate Pages” inside your GWO experiment. JUST USE WORDPRESS! OR  Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  13. 13. WITH WORDPRESS• Still need to use GWO through web browser• Grab test ID and GWO account ID• Choose whether a test page or goal page• Provides ability to use a link click as a conversion goal• Makes it very easy to create multiple sections in one page/post• Must tag link as conversion link – can be easily done in page WYSIWYG
  14. 14. WITHOUT WORDPRESS <head>• GWO will generate the <!-- Google Website Optimizer Control Script --> <script> snippets for control, function utmx_section(){}function utmx(){} variation, and conversions ... More contents of your control script ... " type="text/javascript" charset="utf- pages 8"></sc+ript>)})(); </script> <!-- End of Google Website Optimizer Control• Simply copy and paste Script --> <!-- Google Website Optimizer Tracking Script -- into <head> then validate > <script type="text/javascript">• ... More contents of your test pages tracking Possible to add script ... conversion tracking to s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); </script> links only but requires <!-- End of Google Website Optimizer Tracking Script --> addition of onclick="return ... Any other contents in your header section ... ConversionCount(this);” into <a> </head>
  15. 15. EDITING OR REMOVING A VARIATIONBefore you start running your experiment (no problem)• Go to the experiments main page• Click “view or edit” in Step 3After you‟ve started your experiment (shitty)• Can‟t edit or remove a variation as would compromise experiment data• Must stop the experiment, make change(s) and start over… Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  16. 16. PREVIEWING & STARTING YOUR EXPERIMENT • Created your variations and tagged your pages? BLAM! • Check out your variations using the “preview” link on your „Review & Launch‟ page • Limit how many people participate using „Total traffic sent‟ prompt • Phase out poorly performing variations by setting „auto-disable losing variations‟ to „ON‟ • Aggressive vs. Conservative Filter Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  17. 17. RUNNING THE EXPERIMENT• Yellow is your friend• Disabling is FOREVER• Copy and try again• When in doubt, do nothing! Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  18. 18. WEBSITE OPTIMIZER + ANALYTICS• Since optimizer script is placed immediately after <head> and analytics script is placed immediately before </head> they can coexist peacefully• If using same account for both, „setAccount‟ value will be the same• Make sure your GWO experiment ID is listed correctly after „trackPageview‟• IMPORTANT: if code is on a variation page experiment ID must be followed by /test, if code is on a conversion page experiment ID must be followed by/goal Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  19. 19. KEY TAKEAWAYS• KEEP IT SIMPLE!!• Don’t Assume, Test!• If there’s only ONE target conversion point - Test ONLY ONE variation at a time• Be patient – testing takes time• When in doubt – DO NOTHING• Don’t change anything on your control page• Let your test complete! Even if it is on track and likely to win Presented by: @Nick_Eubanks
  20. 20. Connect with me: Follow me: @Nick_Eubanks