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Treatment sheet 4

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Treatment sheet 4

  1. 1. Title, Unknown A horror opening sequence TREATMENT SHEET 2013 By Nicholas Dixon CONTENTS Story outline 2 Cast list 2 Overview 2 Synopsis 3 Technical Information 3 Props 3 Costumes 3 Locations 3
  2. 2. Story Outline Beginning – close up of protagonist’s face looking paranoid and scared. Zoom out and turn camera to POV perspective as the protagonist starts to run towards the college fence (to people for safety). At this point the audience don’t know what he’s running from… A man is hiding in the bushes, the antagonist; zoom in on the antagonist’s knife to show the audience his malevolent intentions. The murderer starts to chase the victim hungrily as the camera changes back and forth between the protagonist and the antagonist in POV perspectives for a fast-paced chase scene. Middle –POV of protagonist, he just manages to get through the college fence gates and things are looking up for his survival. Then we see victim running away from the camera, as the camera swings around to see the murderer running towards the camera. Back to POV of the victim as he runs through the car park believing that he has escaped his doom. End – victim hides behind some cars to make sure the murderer has gone. POV of the antagonist coming up behind the victim with knife in shot. Victim turns head to see the murderer as the camera switches to POV of the protagonist to continue running for his life. As the victim runs towards the college doors, it’s life or death as the murderer is right behind him! …He doesn’t make it! Still in POV of victim, the murderer grabs and turns victim around as he thrusts the knife in the victim’s throat. Cast List Protagonist/victim – Nicholas Dixon Antagonist/murderer - Daniel Connor Trischler Narrator – Samuel Steven Neesam Over View Burn valley has been known for its mysterious disappearance’s. In fact people stay clear of the dangerous grounds surrounding the Valley, if you wherever unfortunate enough to pass through Burn valley you better watch your back! My film ‘Title, Unknown’ is set with that thought in mind, a victim is chased though Burn Valley by a crazed murderer and it just so happens that no one is around to help or save him from a brutal death. No one even knows that he’s there.
  3. 3. Synopsis Steve has always been a quiet person; he always kept to himself and always ignored what other people said about trying to make friends. So to be honest, he really didn’t know that many people and not that many people know him. One night Steve decided to ignore everyone! He would walk through Burn Valley alone, he was stubborn and thought that he knew best. From the moment he set foot in the Valley something wasn’t right, he could feel that someone else was with him; but that’s not possible he thought because no one ever walks through Burn Valley so clearly he was safe, right? He soon realizes that this was a bad idea and starts to run fast! To try and get out of the Valley as quick as possible. But some plans just don’t work… Technical Information Location – Hartlepool, Burn Valley. - Hartlepool, Brink Burn College carpark. Equipment – camera, tri – pod. Rating – 15 Sequence running time – 2mins approx. Props Props – fake knife - fake blood - make up Costumes Nick (victim) – will wear casual cloths, as he is just gone out of a walk in the Valley. Danny (murderer) – will be in a hooded cloak and generally look creepy as he is sneaking around in the bushes waiting to kill a passing traveller. Location Burn Valley and Brink Burn College are our two set locations. We will start off in the valley and shoot the first scene ‘the chase scene’ where Dan will chase Nick through the valley in a fast paced scene. The second scene will be shot in the car park of the college, starting at the back gates and leading through the cars unto the college doors where the murderer will take place.