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Bus stop


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Bus Stop set design powerpoint

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Bus stop

  1. 1. Bus Stop Set Design
  2. 2. General Design The general design will be that of typical diners in the 1950’s. Just like this picture to the right there will be a lot of chrome. This picture is also a very good example of what the stage would look like. Notice that the set is a bit dingy.
  3. 3. General Design On the Back wall there will be glasses and different appliances such as milkshake makers. This is very typical of 1950’s and 1960’s diners.
  4. 4. General Design The lights within the set will look like these here. They are very retro, dingy, and give the place an overall feel that will match the set.
  5. 5. General Design Within the set tables are called for. These tables with chrome edges and square retro chairs will be utilized.
  6. 6. Bar View Design Once all items have been acquired the finished Bar part of the set will look like this. Notice the windows on the side, the chrome accents, baked goods, posters, and general diner machinery. Also notice the kind of dingy feel that is created by the colors.
  7. 7. Finished Set Design Once all of the products have been combined they will resemble this. Notice the style of the bar chars, the window so that the weather can been seen outside. The colors that have been used also help create this old timey, dingy feel.
  8. 8. Finished Set Design Pt. 2 Also notice the placement of the front and back door. They are both visible to the audience while not being obtrusive to the set. This attribute is also seen within the rest of the set. Each part of the set is clearly visible. From the bookshelf to the “bathrooms in back” sign. Every single piece is meticulously placed.