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EduCal - Hackathon Kortrijk


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A presentation introducing the Code9000 team and the EduCal project, created during open Summer of Code 2014 hackathon. Presented at Leiedal, Kortrijk (1/07/2014)

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EduCal - Hackathon Kortrijk

  1. 1. EduCal Team #code9000
  2. 2. The team
  3. 3. Our sponsors
  4. 4. What is EduCal? ● online application for schools ● easily create and manage calendars ● can be shared with others.
  5. 5. Example 1. Mother of three kids (5, 6, 8 years old) is confused about school schedule between kids 2. Principal implements EduCal in his school, educates teachers to work with the app 3. Teachers create different events/activities per class in EduCal. 4. Once shared, parents can subscribe to multiple calendars via computer/smartphone with 1 click!
  6. 6. v View months Clutter-free calendar Today Quickly edit/delete eventsNavigation How it should look...
  7. 7. How it looks now... ● This is the part where we open our browser and show our prototype ;)
  8. 8. Milestones ● Login feature ● Fully working calendar ● Creating events ● Editing events ● User management v v v v x
  9. 9. Features to come ● Manage users ● Ability to divide users by group ● Add schools ● Categorize different calendars per school ● Drag and drop for events ● Export to iCal format ● Login page for iCal URL
  10. 10. Thank you