Web Metrics: An Overview - #eduiconf 2010


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Web site statistics hold the key to making informed decisions, but throwing a little Google Analytics code on your site isn’t really enough.

In this one hour session you will learn how to use web statistics to better refine your designs. Get the basics of what all those analytics numbers mean, learn how to set measurable goals, and define conversions.

Conference Wrap Up: http://doteduguru.com/id6217-edui-2010-conference-wrap-up.html

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  • How many work on a web team?
    How many are involved with the strategy for the success of your site?
  • Ask for someone to give a definition
  • Web Analytics Association
    Add one thing: Understanding reasons for the measurements
  • Who is not currently looking at analytics for their site right now?

    Like what Relly said yesterday about Content ROT, Redundant, Outdated and Trivial.

  • Sometimes a redesign is necessary. How people use the web change over time.
    Trends from doing EDU Checkup in the last 2 years Seth Odell’s homepage evolution video10 Years of Higher Education Homepages (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knu5301wJRI)

  • You can’t make educated decisions about the future without knowing the present state of affairs
    How many of you have visited every page on your site?

  • Step 1: Stop it!
  • i.Very tedious but worth it
    ii.List all pages and files
    iii.Determine how old they are
    iv.Determine the goal for each page
    v.Determine the next steps if any

  • 1.What pages would you start with?
    2.Why would you start with those pages?
    3.What would you write on them?

  • Only redesign if the goals of your department/site have changed
  • You cannot determine the user experience just by looking at your analytics
    Every visitor is different
    Not everyone starts on your homepage [screenshot of entrance pages in GA]

  • Should be at ~10:30
  • i.Setting it up right from the beginning
    1.If it’s not setup right, change it right now
    2.Make sure your timezone is correct
    a.Otherwise tracking changes will get weird

  • The experience is completely different
  • Setup a filter right away
  • Setup a filter right away

  • Should be at ~10:50
  • People click where you don’t expect
  • Webmaster Tools?

  • Easy pain (access) points

  • Pipeline, Blackboard, Transcripts
    - Promote Something?
  • 1.psychology, physical therapy, physician assistant
    a.Featured Programs?
  • i.Understand where they are coming from
    1.Exclude sites from your own domain
    ii.Determine what they are looking for
    iii.Setup a goal

  • Focus on one thing, watch it and fix it
    Change one thing per week
    Dedicate the time
    Build trust through data

  • Report each week/month on the status of current and previous changes

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