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MIUPA - Focus on Your Users


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Break Through the Administrative Barriers and Focus on Your Users.

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MIUPA - Focus on Your Users

  1. 1. FOCUSING ON USERS Nick DeNardis @nickdenardis
  2. 2. WHO I AM • Associate Director of Web Communications at Wayne State University • Host of EDU Checkup. 10 minute Web site reviews through the eyes of a prospective student • Staff writer at .eduGuru • Officer for Refresh Detroit
  3. 3. WHO YOU ARE
  4. 4. WHY WE ARE HERE • Explain my experience working in Higher Education • Create a plan, test and modify based on real users • Experience makes you stand out • 10 second test for primary objectives • Does accessibility really matter?
  5. 5. HIGHER EDUCATION IS CRAZY • Board of Governors • President • Chief of Staff • Associate Vice President of Marketing • Associate Director of Web Communications • Web Workers
  6. 6. HIGHER EDUCATION IS CRAZY • Provost • Faculty • Dean’s • Overactive Staff • Admissions • TheDean’s son’s friend’s cousin who does web sites • Computing on the side
  7. 7. IT STARTS WITH THE TECH PEOPLE Without them on your side you’re screwed.
  8. 8. FOCUS ON THE CONTENT Use wireframes templates
  9. 9. PROVIDE DESIGN OPTIONS What they want What you want An oddball
  11. 11. YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND Personalized Analytics. Woopra
  12. 12. HOW TO STAND OUT WHEN EVERYONE SELLS YOUR PRODUCT • Don’t try to be clever • Would a web experience be the deciding factor for you to attend a university? • More than likely it can be a detractor • Out of date content is the biggest issue
  13. 13. WORKFLOW OF A BROWSING STUDENT • Do they have the degree I want? Is this place going to be fun? • What are the requirements? Am I going to get a job after I graduate? • How do I apply? Why do I have to create an account? • Where is my financial aid? Scholarships?
  14. 14. REAL 10 SECOND TEST • Decide the three next steps or impressions for a user to your homepage • Havesomeone who didn’t work on the site pick someone in your primary audience • Havethem put your site in front of them for 10 seconds and see what they remember • Ask them what they would click on or do next
  16. 16. ACCESSIBILITY • Relying on Flash sucks but soo many people do it • Relying on Javascript sucks but soo many people do it • Make sure mobile is an option • Don’t forget to clean up your print style • MinifyJS and CSS Fast loading pages get more pages views per visitor
  17. 17. QUESTIONS?
  18. 18. LINKS • Nick DeNardis - • Wayne State University - • EDU Checkup - • .eduGuru - • Refresh Detroit - • Woopra -
  19. 19. THANK YOU Slides will be available at @nickdenardis on Twitter