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Support the Olympic Dream!


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Support the Olympic dream of Nick Delpopolo as he attempts to become the first American to win a Gold Medal in Judo.

Adopted as an infant from a Montenegro orphanage Nick vowed to win a Gold Medal in Judo when he was 7.

18 years later, Nick is on the Olympic Judo Team heading to London to complete his Olympic and American dream.

Nick really needs your support to win Gold!

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Support the Olympic Dream!

  1. 1. Sponsor the Olympic Dream
  2. 2. Nick Delpopolo2012 USA Olympic Judo Team Member 73kg
  3. 3. Facts about Judo Jigoro Kano, Judo (柔道 jūdō?, meaning "gentle way") is a modern martial art, Founder of Judo combat sport and Olympic sport created in 1882 by 22 year old (right). scholar, Jigoro Kano -• Judo is the most widely practiced martial art on earth with 13 million participants in 111 countries. - Links -• Judo is the second most-practiced sport worldwide, behind the most- widely practiced sport of soccer.• Judo is the safest contact sport for children under 13 (American College of Sports Medicine).• The US Government is one of the only countries that does not provide funds for Olympians (Fortune Magazine June 2012)
  4. 4. About NickRanked # 1 in the USARanked # 13 in the World2012 USA Olympic JudoTeam Member 73kg*Will become the 1stAmerican to win OlympicGold in Judo *When Nicky was 12 years old he convinced his parents Dominick and Joyce to let him live with his Judo Coach, for two years.
  5. 5. Greatness is within• Adopted as an infant from a Montenegro orphanage• Began training in Karate & Judo at 5 years old• At age 7, vowed to win a gold medal in Judo• Youngest competitor in 2008• May 12th 2012 qualified for the US Olympic Team• At 23, Nick will attempt to become the 1st American to win a Gold Medal in Judo
  6. 6. Team DelpopoloMind Body Spirit Carlon Colker Carrie Chandler Jason Morris M.D. FACN Executive Admin & Judo Coach Sports doctor to Coaching 4x Olympian & the worlds top 2005 Pan American 1992 Silver athletes and Champion 52 kg Medalist celebrities Batool Kazim M.D. Ingram PR Frank Shamrock A competitive Publicist Mentor & athlete for over 20 Sports Visionary years, Batool marketing firm Brand Builder UFC, specializes in for athletes WEC, Strikeforce mental training and enhancement
  7. 7. Olympic MarketingIn 2011 when Nick convinced hischildhood idol Frank Shamrock tomanage him, The retired Legend ofcombat sports set out an OlympicMarketing Strategy to back the fellowadoptee on his quest to Gold.This includes traditional press releasesand a proven social media planincluding:Live tweets with unique #hashtagsfrom events/Olympics with photos,interviews with product placementand a docu-diary to the Gold Medalwin on youtube.comFollow the Journey!
  8. 8. Olympic SchedulePre Olympic AppearancesJune 9th Brazil Grand SlamJune 18th - New Jersey, USOC Olympic AmbassadorJun 20-27th - “Texas Tour” Nick in Texas to give 3 differentCamps/Clinics at 3 different Dojo’sJuly 12-14th - RAW Health Media weekend and fundraising dinner.Pittsburgh TV and Radio shows including Pittsburghs “TodayShow” - Fund Raiser Dinner expecting 2-300 people.July 15-19th Boston Training Camp (TBD)Olympic Schedule:July 24th - Depart for Olympic GamesJuly 30th – Gold Medal Day!
  9. 9. Olympic Television Historical Olympic Television DataVancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games was broadcast on television in over 220 territoriesThe total television broadcast hours of Vancouver 2010 was almost double (+96%) the levelof coverage that was achieved by Torino 2006 and over three times (+206%) the level thatwas enjoyed by Salt Lake City 2002 - * More and more television time!37% of coverage (11,692 hours) was aired on free-to-air terrestrial channels16% of confirmed television coverage (5,045 hours) was aired during prime viewing hours(19:00-23:00)Live coverage accounted for 44% (14,017 hours) of the total time – people are watching live!*When Nick wins the Gold Medal his life-story will captivate the American media Four billion people to watch the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics
  10. 10. Olympic Dream Sponsorship “I have been preparing for this moment for 18 years. Nothing will stop me”
  11. 11. Sponsorship Opportunities Medal Count Gold = 1 Silver = 2 Bronze = 3• Gold Medal Sponsor•• Logo on Olympic Gi Jacket in 4 spots Logo – Full Lower back of • Silver Medal Competition Gi Jacket Sponsor• Sponsor mention in all media • Logo on Competition GI• Logo on website for 12 months Jacket• Use of name and likeness for 12 • Logo on GI Pants months• Brand Featured in Social Media • Logo placement on website for 6 months • Bronze Medal Campaign • – Live tweets, hastags and Image release for 6 months Sponsor • Brand Included in Social photos from the Olympics Media Campaign • Video thank you on – @brand @nickdelpopolo • Silver Medal Appearance at website and social • 5 – Branded 30 second videos with Sponsor location after the product placement for Olympics media • 1 – Branded 30 second video • Signed poster from • *Gold Medal Appearance at Sponsor with product placement for location after the Olympics Nick • And, the Bronze Medal • And, the Bronze Medal
  12. 12. Sponsorship Costs *Total Sponsorship Goal is 23kGold Medal = 10kSilver Medal = 5kBronze Medal = 1k**Buy the complete Medal Package (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for 20k & become theOfficial Sponsor to Nick Delpopolo for the 2012 Olympics
  13. 13. Contact Information Ready to make the Olympic Dream come true! With these three easy steps you can help Nick win Gold: 1. Decide on your choice of Medals 2. Contact Frank Shamrock via email, phone or fax for payment details OR visit 3. Send logos and watch the Olympics Live on NBC That’s it, you are officially on Team Delpopolo! Sponsors Manager: Frank Shamrock Need to sponsor Phone # 818.584.1417 Nicky right now! Fax # 775.659.2151 Click the link… Like PayPal? So do we!
  14. 14. More Fine Print• Short on Cash? You can always volunteer your time or company team for promotional events• All sponsors, logos and media restrictions set forth by the Olympic Committee will be respected• Olympic Jacket is worn at all post Olympic Media Appearances• Competition Jacket is worn in all IJF approved International competitions, open works and group seminars• We can not guarantee that Nick will win a Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics• We can not do this without you!