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Y!CA Video Evolution Research


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Yahoo! Canada's Video Evolu

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Y!CA Video Evolution Research

  1. 1.  A brief history of video 100 10 years years ago ago 50 years Tod ago ay
  2. 2.  Changing media habits Average time spent per day with each medium by Canadians (% change 2006-2011) +39 % +4 - - % 15 Radio 22 Print Online TV % %Source: GroupM data, 2006-2011
  3. 3.  The power of online video for brands
  4. 4.  Our research Online discussion board over 4 days with 22 participants, exploring video across screens In-depth survey of 1,225 Canadian online video users, in English and French
  5. 5. Source: comScore, 2012
  6. 6.  The role of online video “My girlfriend and I watch TV mostly to relax, to get“From a personal use / recreation away from things”level I love YouTube - sometimes “my niece and nephews send me “I love to cook so maybe Ill bejust for entertainment” looking for something new and links for funny animal videos, or of“I‟m using YouTube at this a few tutorials for a also them skateboarding etc” will watch “I‟m trying to learn to play the different technique”very moment to “Then peruse Facebookguitar so I find that YouTube is a good wherelisten/watch music videos“ hockey updates and for that”always find time daily to I find my source “I news clips” look at the latest YouTube video, which is usually “I watch a lot of Discovery shows referred to me by a friend with my son as I think hes going “When I get home, the computer is on on Facebook” to be an avid hunter and in the kitchen and through that I can fisherman when he grows up” watch or just listen to the news and “Sometimes on my breaks at work I will emails that came in” check any check out sites for recipes for dinner for “I have watched a few full ideas and preparation” length shows online. Usually “I have watched an episode here and there on Netflix- when only if Ive missed an episode there is absolutely nothing on “I only really watch that I really of something videos TV. I dont do it very often online for liketo see. ”videos wanted how to though.” on cooking and stuff.”
  7. 7.  Video, online and offline  The primary video channel for most consumers  More passive consumption  Watching with family or friends  Still a secondary channel for most consumers  More active consumption  Generally more personal viewing
  8. 8.  Video, online  Long-form video, such as TV shows, films etc  Short video clips: up to 10 minutes long Professio User nally generat produced ed
  9. 9. Video As aConsumer Channel
  10. 10.  Attitudes to online video 72 “It‟s easier to learn by watching a video % online.” “I rely more on short online video for news or sports highlights, instead of watching 41 full-length TV programming.”
  11. 11.  How viewers watch short-form video % of all who own each device 84% 84% 65% 74% 50% Laptop Desktop Smartpho Tablet Game ne Console 62% 55% 27% 14% 12% % of total online video viewers
  12. 12.  ...and when“ Often throughout fromday I will the “Ithe eveningmostly in ” watch TV watch news clips ” BBC or CBC and sports highlights 49% “Mostly in the afternoon, I go or looking for something Ive seen 38% heard on the news, or investigate a new recipe or cooking technique on ” TV the food network Short form online video (net) Humour, lifestyle, ent. „funny UGC stuff‟ News, sports, current affairs Early On my In the At In the Early Later morning mobile morning lunchtime afternoon evening evening (before while work/ commuting school)
  13. 13.  What‟s on? Genres of short-form online video watched in the last monthSource: QB4; text size indicates relative
  14. 14.  What‟s on? Professional entertainment 77 clips % 66 Humour % Informational 55 % News clips 52 % Male 45 entertainment % Lifestyle 45 % How-to 39 %
  15. 15. The balance of professional and homemade video WATCH PROFESSIONALLY 96% PRODUCED VIDEOHeaviest viewers of premium video are... A bit more educated, slightly more male Significantly heavier consumers of news & sports news online WATCH More likely to use online video 97 USER to catch up with news and sports % GENERATED UGC Heaviest viewers of CONTENT are...  A bit younger, on average  Slightly heavier users of social tools  More likely to say online
  16. 16.  Online video, professional and homemade  Seen as more reliable, high- quality; providing the TV Professionally experience in a convenient produced online form  Generally about being informed and staying up to date  How-to videos, both professional and user generated  Long-form  More about entertainment video, such as value – music, funny things User generated Short video TV shows, films make me laugh etc content to clips etc.  Still seen as YouTube‟s domain  Short video clips: up to 10 minutes long
  17. 17.  Finding what to watch SHARED FROM FRIENDS 56% Facebo ok 38% Email link 32% ON SPECIFIC 53% SITES YouTube or similar site 44% Specific favoured site 19% THROUGH 47% BROWSING Stumble upon while 32% Visit news, browsing sports or other site 21% A portal 11% A SEARCH 23% ENGINE
  18. 18. Finding what to watch Facebo 41% ok 31% ON SPECIFIC 60% SITES 47% YouTube or 52% similar site 37% THROUGH 45% BROWSING 57% Stumble upon while 32% browsing 36% Visit news, sports or 16% other site 30% 9% A portal 15% User generated Professionally generated content content
  19. 19.  Online as a video channel  Video continues to evolve; online is just the latest addition to the video ecosystem, and it‟s one that‟s increasingly important.  Online video consumption is driven predominantly by short-form videos, most easily typified as user-uploaded clips of pets falling asleep, people doing stupid things and recorded TV footage.  But for consumers there is a space between this user-generated video and long-form content such as TV shows, for premium short-form video that provides TV-quality production with the convenience of UGC.  This professionally-produced video fulfils different needs for viewers from UGC, and is consumed in a different way.  Discovery, too, differs depending on the type of video; but a trustworthy curator plays a key role in finding any video. Series are also useful to provide reassurance of content and production consistency.
  20. 20. Video As a BrandChannel
  21. 21.  The contradiction of (video) advertising “ I find advertisements on short form videos very ” annoying; I just want to watch what I have searched “ for. I realize that advertising is ” important, but I dont think they should force it on you. “There wasthevery funny Expedia ad before a start of video. It left a positive impression on me about Expedia and helped me ” enjoy the video a bit more, as the ad put me in a good mood. “ The pre-roll ad was for the new NHL ” Playstation. It looked interesting so I went and rented it. Lots of fun!
  22. 22.  Just the facts 66 “Ads on online video are at least as acceptable as % on TV” 58 “Ads are necessary to help websites pay for content.”
  23. 23.  The factors that affect video ad receptivity Most important… Control of the 32 x ad % Advertising 21 format % Type of video 20% 15 Length of video % 12 Ad relevance …to least % important
  24. 24.  The factors that affect video ad receptivity Control of the 32 x ad % Advertising 21 format % Type of video 20% 15 Length of video % 12 Ad relevance %
  25. 25.  The factors that affect video ad receptivity Advertising format Type of video 68 of viewers would prefer to watch an ad-supported professional video clip than an ad- % “I kind of expect advertising from supported homemade video clip professionally produced videos but [homemade clips] should not have it”
  26. 26.  Preferred video formats Advertising format Type of video User-generated content  Overlays and branded environment seen as least bad forms of ads.  Pre-roll regarded as least appropriate ad format. Professionally-produced video  Most engaging units are title cards and branded environments.  Overlays are inappropriate.  Pre-roll can be suitable, if it‟s not too long.
  27. 27.  Bringing it togethershows the effectiveness of online Existing research already – video ad strategy video as a marketing channel, and its importance will continue to grow. But as online video is a very different medium from TV, so expectations of - and engagement with – video advertising are very different online. ...and even within short-form online vide, expectations of advertising can be radically different. For consumers, professionally-produced video provides a natural fit for marketing; but ads around user-generated content are much less acceptable.  Series sponsor title cards and branded environments fit with how people watch professional video online, and generate the most engagement; pre-roll can be engaging, if it provides the
  28. 28. Bringing it together – video ad strategy “Internet users are evolving into internet viewers” Nick Drew Research Manager Yahoo! Canada