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International Innovation for AURA


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Published in: Business, Technology
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International Innovation for AURA

  1. 1. Innovation through co-creation:Lessons from international experienceDr Nick Coates & Phil Burgess
  2. 2. 600th Community launched this week
  3. 3. 1Let’s talk innovation
  4. 4. We believe 1. The best innovation is customer- centric, not R&D-led
  5. 5. We believe 1. 2. The best Co-creation innovation is is the most customer- powerful centric, not tool for R&D-led doing this
  6. 6. 2Let’s talk co-creation
  7. 7. Co-creation isn’t…
  8. 8. Crowdsourcing can work
  9. 9. It can also backfire
  10. 10. Co-creation is…
  11. 11. What defines co-creation? Creativity Collaboration Control Focus on outcomes Interactivity Purposive; Non-rational focus Snowballing often time-bound Reaching new places Real-time component Organisation-led ‘creative’ approaches Social Facilitated [not just choosing] [not a solo effort] [not organic]
  12. 12. Evolution of co-creation pre-history 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010Psychoanalysis Participatory architecture (Freud) User innovation (Gehl, Price, Huth) (von Hippel) User-centered design Open source movement (Linux, Mozilla) Psycho- Action Co- Open 3D design Big Talk Communities doodles Research Space printing
  13. 13. International examples Brand Business Service Retail Product innovation innovation innovation innovation innovation Working with Collaborative Using hotel Co-creating the Co-creating the customers to sessions for the staff across a ‘restaurant of interior of the explore and new global network the future’, new fleet of create a new management to generate leading to A380s, using global brand team and their ‘local family concepts frequent flyers platform for target experiences’, stores in UK, and designers in Tempo, in Hong customers to the currency of France & the US, Kong, Germany help launch a new breed of Germany Australia and and Italy Virgin Poland loyalty scheme UAE
  14. 14. The advantages of co-creative innovation
  15. 15. When it works, co-creative innovation……does it all earlier, quicker and with greater agility Better Enhanced Stronger Reduced costs engagement & creativity and insights, and time to understanding commitment ideas, belief market
  16. 16. More creative input & imagination
  17. 17. Better insights (Activia) • The insights generated from the community were 82% more effective than those generated through traditional methods. (Danone IPSOS Study) • The community generated 47% more insights than those produced using traditional off-line methods (e.g. focus groups) • Insights fed into the development of the Activia campaign: Tummy Loving Care. • The campaign resulted in a +9% uplift in base sales.
  18. 18. Better belief (Kraft) + managers in 60 markets online
  19. 19. Faster implementation (Orange)
  20. 20. 35 myths about co-creation
  21. 21. Myth 1It’s just a big focusgroupIn fact: co-creation’s adifferent philosophy, a wayof working, not a format…
  22. 22. Myth 2Consumers willgive you theanswerIn fact: the answer can comefrom lots of places, and atdifferent moments
  23. 23. Myth 3It’s aboutconsumers doingthe hard workIn fact: it’s not aboutdelegating decision-making,it’s got to be collaborative
  24. 24. Myth 4Consumers don’tknow what theyneedIn fact: they are often verygood at telling us what theyneed, if we listen for possibility
  25. 25. Myth 5We need specialpeople, the 1%ersIn fact: we need to createthe right environment notrecruit ‘special’ people
  26. 26. We believe 1. 2. 3. The best Co-creation The key innovation is is the most driver of co- customer- powerful creation is centric, not tool for 360o R&D-led doing this creativity
  27. 27. 4Let’s talk creativity
  28. 28. Involve Homo Ludens – the spirit of serious play OR
  29. 29. Invent your own game: build group self-confidence
  30. 30. Tantrum: break down inhibition from the start
  31. 31. We believe 1. 2. 3. 4. The best Co-creation The key Creativity is innovation is is the most driver of co- a universal customer- powerful creation is human centric, not tool for 360o capability, R&D-led doing this creativity not a skill
  32. 32. 4Lessons from international experience
  33. 33. Fundamentally,creativity travels…
  34. 34. Think traders won’t write love letters? Think again When we first met I had uncertainties and inhibitions, while you were salivating. A few times I got upset when you put your hands in my pockets rather inappropriately, but after your apologies and promise to behave, we happily moved on.Nobody does what you do nearly as well - though there are some things youcant or so far dont want to do so I have to see someone else on the side untilyou change your mind.I appreciate that youre low maintenance and without many mood swings. Imalways thrilled to manipulate your platform and sometimes overdo it, whichends up costing me more than you. Ill be having a small corporate baby soon,will you be able to take care of it? RaphaelThe first time I heard about you was in industry chatter. The first time I sawyou I thought ‘wow this looks good’! Our first date was mmmm. I wasexpecting you to deliver. As I got to know you better, I thought that must be inthe fine print. Our relationship now is tiring and things are going worse. In thefuture, I can imagine us living apart unless you drastically change your waysand there is a overhaul of your charts and reliability. Jters
  35. 35. All over the world, drawing works…
  36. 36. Don’t let stereotypes limit your creativityPeople will do things foryou, in most markets… And it’s easy to assume some are more different than they actually are Source: Communispace – Breakthroughs without borders
  37. 37. But there are bumpsin the road…
  38. 38. Challenge 1Culture
  39. 39. What’s socially acceptable can be a barrier Sometimes talking about things doesn’t Creative games work all over the world
  40. 40. How much mess you can make varies… Messy play in some In Hong Kong we markets = OK needed a bathroom break
  41. 41. Beware stimulus! (Virgin Polska) BORED / SAD? COOL!
  42. 42. Challenge 2Logistics
  43. 43. Practical issues can often be a drag… Broadband penetration in Peru CEO who can’t type in Chicago Mortality rate in Africa Venues in Hong Kong
  44. 44. The usual international fieldwork issues apply But co-creation can be demanding and place extra burdens on people Long evening work? Punctuality? Local partners? Factor in prayer time! Beware ‘Cairo time’ Recruiter says no…
  45. 45. Challenge 3Organisational
  46. 46. In January 2012 we built L’Atelier GervaisAn online insight and innovation community of 300 Mums of 2-8 year olds
  47. 47. Don’t let fear get in the way of experimentationDe mon côté j ai toujours été bien ronde aussi depuis petite. Depuis que jai su queI’m someone who’s always been a bit on the round side, even young. As soon as I jétais enceinte ma crainte est venu aussi de faire attention aux poids de mes found out I was pregnant I started worrying about my boys’ weight. It wasn’tgarçons. Sans tomber dans lexcès. Mais comme tu lécris je vis avec cette pensée excessive, but just like you were saying, I am living with this secret thought and I secrète et je les observe pour être sur quils soient bien dans la norme si on peut watch them to make sure they are ‘normal’ so to speak - Virginie dire! - Virginie
  48. 48. Don’t let the brand police kill creative ideas
  49. 49. Don’t let creatives ‘own’ creativityThe R&D department The creative agencyConsumers? Consumers?Not grounded enough They haven’t trained for this,They don’t understand how that’s our job; “step awaycomplicated it really is from the creative”
  50. 50. Thank you!Dr Nick Coates | Consultancy Director Promise 76-80 Whitfield StreetPhil Burgess | Consultancy Director W1T 4EZ 020 7082 1747