Social Media Behaviour - Nick Burcher - WMG conference Nov 2011


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Social Media Behaviour and how to harness it - my presentation to the WMG conference in London, November 2011 (Nick Burcher, ZenithOptimedia.)

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Social Media Behaviour - Nick Burcher - WMG conference Nov 2011

  1. 1. Social behaviour - andhow to harness itNick Burcher18th November 2011
  2. 2. The changing nature of the web 90’s browsing 00’s searching 10’s sharing Graphics credit - Facebook
  3. 3. Jeff Bezos 2007‘anytime you make something simpler and lower friction, you get more of it... we humans co-evolve with our tools. We change our tools, and then our tools change us.’
  4. 4. “96% of online retailers who offeredcustomer ratings and reviews said it was effective for improving online conversion rates” Forrester stat quoted by Don Tapscott in ‘Grown up digital’
  5. 5. 68%Of consumers who posted a complaint or negative review ona social networking site after a negative holiday shoppingexperience were contacted by the retailerFollowing that contact;34% deleted their original negative review33% turned around and posted a positive review18% became a loyal customer and bought more Source: RightNow Retail Consumer Report
  6. 6. Facebook is now a customer service venue...
  7. 7. Social buttons drive sharing and aid visibility
  8. 8. Integrations are making sharing easier
  9. 9. Social sharing can fuel sales “Over the past 12 weeks, one share on Facebook equals $2.52...”
  10. 10. Moving to an era of collaborative consumption?
  11. 11. Why are people sharing? Social Currency
  12. 12. VIDEO: Save The Galvao birds -
  13. 13. A recurring fixture on Twitter’s Trending topics
  14. 14. The rich get richerPeople follow other people, peopletalk about things because everyoneelse is talking about them...
  15. 15. ...but not always‘not all people who accept a recommendation by making a purchasealso decide to give recommendations’ (even with incentives on offer)
  16. 16. We need to understand the models - SIR model vsThreshold model vsViruses don’t discriminate – you have In a threshold model choice is involved –no choice, you come into contact with you choose to receive, choose to pass on it, catch it and pass it on and multiple exposure is often needed
  17. 17. Lots of small chains rather than a few large ones ‘although Twitter is in many respects a special case, our observation that largecascades are rare is likely to apply in other contexts as well... our conclusion that word- of-mouth information spreads via many small cascades, mostly triggered by ordinary individuals, is also likely to apply generally.’
  18. 18. The challenge is in getting noticed!
  19. 19. We need to get to critical mass to prompt further sharingand discussion O2 used Sponsored Tweets and a Promoted Trend to highlight Priority Tickets and a forthcoming Kasabian gig
  20. 20. Facebook offer a range of Paid solutions that can be usedto create and push Owned and Earned attention at scale
  21. 21. Place lots of bets - Frito Lay Facebook Page launch(Apr 2011)$3.99 coupons for 24,000 fansTest kitchen set up in Times Square to show new productsbeing madeLive cooking demonstrations by top chefs streamed to theFacebook PageSweepstake to win the Electrolux appliances used in the testkitchenFarmville players given the chance to harvest sponsored in-game crops for the chance to earn exclusive virtual goods 1.5m Likes in 24 hours!
  22. 22. Ongoing measurement and optimisation improves results Graphics credit – Twitter Business