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IAA Digital Download 2012 - Nick Burcher


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I was asked to give a short presentation at the IAA Digital Download 2012.

The topic was content in the context of Paid Owned Earned - these are my slides.

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IAA Digital Download 2012 - Nick Burcher

  1. IAA Digital Download The role of content in Paid Owned Earned Nick Burcher Global Head of Social Media and Digital Innovation ZenithOptimedia 27th April 20121
  2. 2 types of audience now – Passive and Active ...using a multitude of platforms and devices
  3. We now live in a world of Paid Owned Earned Everything is linked and each element drives another3
  4. But we need to split out Paid Owned Earned into „Always On‟ and„Campaign‟ – and understand that they both help each other4
  5. The POE Love Story
  6. Content fulfils searches...
  7. And acts as “Facebook Fuel”...7
  8. Guardian data highlights this duel approach Guardian FB app driving as much traffic as Google!
  9. So why would they care and why would they share? Search for “NY Times Psychology of sharing”
  10. Content can be simple...
  11. Content can be personal...& make it easy to share
  12. Content can be big...H&M Super Bowl campaign (a Zenith / Big Fuel collaboration)12
  13. Content...  Extends Paid Media campaigns  Sustains relationships and charges up Owned Media hubs  Drives Earned Media and advocacy13
  14. Thank you @zenithoptimedia @nickburcher nick.burcher AT On sale now!14