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Facebook Live video - How To and Examples


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A short presentation about Facebook Live Video.
- What is Facebook Live video?
- How To do Facebook Live video (hints and tips)
- Examples of Facebook Live video executions

Published in: Marketing
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Facebook Live video - How To and Examples

  1. 1. Facebook Live Video 24│05│2016 Nick Burcher @nickburcher
  2. 2. Launch Facebook launched Facebook Mentions (for celebrities and verified figures in 2014) and Facebook Live video (for everyone) in 2016. Facebook Live Video – ‘the new selfie’ Devices Started on iOS and Android phones, but Facebook will now let other cameras stream to Facebook Live – eg DJI drones + Mevo live event camera supports Facebook Live and offers editing and different camera angles. Rollout and connection Integrated into the Facebook mobile app on iOS and Android. 4G or Wifi connection recommended for best quality.
  3. 3. Have engaging conversations Facebook Live video allows real time interaction with viewers – brands can use Facebook Live Video to Inspire, Inform and Involve. About Facebook Live Reach new audiences Friends and followers can get a notification in their feed that you are ‘Live.’ Viewers can also ‘Live Subscribe’ to future broadcasts and the Live map is an additional way of finding Live content. [*privacy settings = public or private] Filters and free text Extra layers of fun can be added through use of filters and free hand text!
  4. 4. Live Video appears in News Feed* (*videos are square so landscape vs portrait is not an issue)
  5. 5. Videos are discovered through News Feed, notifications & ‘Live Subscribe’ (There is also a Live Map at
  6. 6. Promote before the event – on page, cross-platform and with ads Live video is hosted on Page with friends / fans notified + shown on the Live Map ‘Was Live’ – videos are archived as a post on page after broadcast has finished 3 elements of Live video Live Videos should be planned and produced as part of content calendar (Live Videos can be from 4 seconds to 90 minutes long)
  7. 7. Facebook prioritises Live Video in the News Feed Facebook have updated their algorithm to give more priority to Live Video: 2016/03/news-feed-fyi-taking- into-account-live-video-when- ranking-feed/
  8. 8. Going Live! 1) Go to Update Status Select ‘Live Video’ 2) Create a description + select privacy (Public, Friends, Only Me etc) Then click ‘Go Live’ 3) 3 second countdown and then you are Live! (Use the arrow in the top right to switch between front and back camera) 4) Click ‘Finish’ and your Live Video will end 5) Replay of your video is posted to your feed and can be saved to your phone camera roll
  9. 9. Everybody’s doing it!
  10. 10. Bringing brands and events to life with LIVE Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres: “We are live from MSF’s Mediterranean search and rescue boat…. …Yesterday we rescued 417 people from the waters… …Sebastian will introduce you to some of the rescued people and some of the team. Do you have a question for him? Post it in the comment box below.”
  11. 11. Does it work??? “As Seen On Viral” – Chewbacca mask sells out after Live Video gets over 140m views:
  12. 12. Ideas and tips for success! 1) Promote your broadcast before 2) A strong signal is vital - 4G or Wifi (beware: poor signal = poor quality video) 3) Plan your broadcast (think about the topics on the right) and run for extended periods so that audiences can build 4) Call out commenters by name, adapt broadcast according to discussion and plan for both live and replay audiences 5) Optimise with a strong description and ask viewers to click to subscribe
  13. 13. Summary Facebook Live Video offers advertisers a new avenue to create real-time innovative content that can Inspire, Inform and Involve. + The real strength of Facebook Live video will come from connecting into the rest of the communications system – aligning with other content initiatives, cross-channel promotion etc. @nickburcher