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Dream abundantly


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Dream abundantly

  1. 1. Dream Abundantly“There is hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams areality.” – Jonas SalkOur culture has conditioned us all to place extreme importance on knowledge and credentials. These arecertainly important but there are things of even greater importance and they are imagination anddreams.Knowledge has its limitations – it cannot go beyond what we know and understand intellectually.Dreams have no limitations. They tap into everything there ever will be to know and understand. Youcan think of dreams as windows into a new world without limitation. In this post, we’ll explore bothtypes of dreams … those that occur when you are sleeping and those that occur while awake.People around the world place different meanings on dreams. Some believe dreams are mere imagesthat cross your mind’s eye. Some believe that dreams are divine experiences. Others believe thatdreams predict the future. The scientific community believes they are instances of chemical activity andnothing more. The theories about dreams are as endless as dreams themselves.The important thing is to determine which of these beliefs are true.Ok, that was kind of a trick because the truth is all of these beliefs are true. Dreams can be whatever wewant them to be.In all things, our perception controls our reality and dreams are no exception. If your belief (perception)is that dreams are chemical activity, you would not expect any future “real life” correlation. On theother hand, if you believe that dreams predict the future, you would expect an exact correlation in “reallife.”The trouble with these opposite points of view is if dreams are nothing more than chemical activity, youlikely miss the gift in them. The gift of having your imagination and sense of possibility heightened. Yet,if dreams predict an unalterable future, you will likely only focus on that path, whether that outcome isdesirable or not.If you begin to think of dreams as gifts … windows into a new world without limitation, you get thebenefits of both sides. You receive the gift of heightened imagination AND you also have the ability tochoose your “real life” outcome.
  2. 2. How do we know that a dream is a window into a new world without limitation?Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his dream. The world he envisioned in his dream was certainlynot the reality he was living in. In fact, it is still being realized today. Dr. King didn’t let that stop himthough. Instead, he saw his dream as a window into a new world without limitation and that worldinspired him to act. His actions then began to mold reality into his dream.Another famous example is Thomas Edison who dreamed of providing a commercially viable form ofincandescent light. Certainly this was not present in the world around him. Yet, that dream inspired himto test thousands of theories in pursuit of a solution for creating the light bulb. Had he not been inspiredby his dream, he would not have endured the “failures” he experienced and this world might be a lotdifferent today.But what is the difference between dreams that occur while awake versus while we are sleeping?The fundamental difference is dreams that occur while we sleep are totally unfiltered expressions of oursubconscious minds. Notice that sleeping dreams are oftentimes, much more vivid, have less of a base inwhat you believe to be possible, and are often a little more difficult to remember later in detail. This isbecause these dreams are not filtered by your limiting beliefs, so when we try to recall the dream, weare doing so through our conscious mind. It is our conscious mind that contains our limiting beliefs.Dreams while you are awake can be rich in imagination as well. Usually this occurs when we are sofocused on a desired outcome we consciously “put down” our limiting beliefs for a moment. Theimagination begins to soar to new heights. It is interesting to note that often, after our dream is finishedand we “pick our limiting beliefs back up” it is common to think, “what was I thinking, that’s not possiblebecause …” Does that seem familiar?Don’t dwell on the negative, the impossibility, the necessary evil, or the what-could-go-wrong scenarios.It serves no purpose to spend any time or energy on imaging all the ways something can go wrong. Itonly needs to go right once. Allow your dreams to inspire your life every day.Rest assured, if you are imagining a life of tremendous prosperity and it looks vastly different from yourcurrent situation, you will receive the necessary stepping stones to rise above. This is the MOST crucialpart about any dreams of abundance you have. Hold on tightly to your dream of abundance NOMATTER WHAT!Stepping stones to that abundant life may not come covered in chocolates and flowers. Growth neverhappens in your comfort zone. You don’t grow by sitting there doing nothing. Some of the toughest,least desired circumstances give birth to the best opportunities. Accept them as they come andeventually become grateful for those blessed stepping stones.When you dream big, there is one other detour you are likely to face. Just as reaching for your dreamswill require you to reach well outside of your comfort zone, it will also require those closest to you toreach outside of their comfort zone as well. Since it is not their dream, you may find them unwilling to
  3. 3. do so but they will never tell you that. Instead they will try to tear your dream down. They will try tosteal it from you under the guise of loving you. Don’t let them. “Some thieves steal cars; others steal your dreams. If you have to let them take something, let them take your car. Your car will take you to the store and back but your dream will take you anywhere.” – Nick BogatinSmall dreams give you small life. Abundant dreams give you abundant life. It’s that simple. Dream inabundance and dream for the biggest, best and most expanded life you can imagine. Live as if all thingsare possible for you.Do these things … and your life will be greater than your wildest imagination could have ever conceived.