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Digital Moms: The Drivers of E-motion


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Findings from recent North American research that looked at the e-motions of digital moms. Presentation by Nick Black (

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Digital Moms: The Drivers of E-motion

  1. Digital Moms: The Driversof Digital E-motion Image: Nick Black I
  2. Online clicks, likes and tweets are more than just digital actions Nick Black I
  3. Behind every digital action, exists a human being with digital e-motions Image: “Right now I use the internet to communicate with a lot of different people around the world. I had forgotten what it meant to cry… Because of the internet, you can have more emotions; it brings people together.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  4. And uncovering these e-motions is the key to connecting with digital moms Image: Nick Black I
  5. In March 2011, Concerto Marketing completed a study into the online motivations of digital moms The study involved in-depth interviews, and online surveys, with 500 North American Moms in partnership with our online panel provider Research Now Using the theoretical framework of morphological research, this study set out to explore the drivers of digital e-motion in online mothers Nick Black I
  6. 1 2 4 3 5 6 The Drivers of Digital E-motion Nick Black I
  7. 1connection 83% sometimes 55% often Image: Nick Black I
  8. 1connection Image: “I find the internet is a great way to stay in touch and bring people together… I don’t link to new people; that’s a standing rule in my family. We don’t connect to unknown people. We have enough people we know, we don’t need new people in our life.” - Digital Mom (2011) “I have a knitting group from this yarn store I go to. We all live locally and meet once a week at the store. On we also have a group that is tied to that store… My mom knits and my grandma crochets. It’s just something that I enjoy. I’m a crafts person… I knitted when I was younger but I stopped for a bit and picked it up again… Now I’m on ravelry everyday.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  9. 57% sometimes 17% often 2exploration Nick Black I
  10. 2exploration “Right now my life is in a major transition. I left my job five months ago, which changed my life… As soon as I get up in the morning I’m putting on the internet; job searching and staying up to date with the latest products. I’m also looking up new companies on” - Digital Mom (2011) “For me it’s about getting the box, opening the box, and looking at all the stuff I bought. But as soon as I open it and look at it, it doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I don’t really know why… There’s something about me that likes the process of ordering, and looking and clicking, and getting, and opening, and then it’s like, okay I’m done.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  11. 84% sometimes 55% often 3management Nick Black I
  12. 3management “If there are 3 or 4 emails that I have to respond to, I get anxious. I feel like I have so much to do or so much to catch up on... I just hate that. I like to be on top of it. If someone emails me I’ll usually email them back the next day. I really like it when I can delete an email from my inbox. It’s a sense of accomplishment. It’s done.” - Digital Mom (2011) “When you have kids parties there are like 20-30 people. I’m not calling 30 people with the same message. E- vites are just easier… They can reply back with how many people they’re bringing, how old the kids are, and I can build a spreadsheet from there. I just find it more convenient than calling and leaving messages and waiting for them to call back.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  13. 45% sometimes 21% often 4expression Image: Nick Black I
  14. 4expression Image: “If I had an issue, the first thing I used to do was talk to other moms; but they turn things against you. So my whole social thing is moving towards online now… It’s anonymous so I can be more honest.” - Digital Mom (2011) “I had a blog when my grandfather was sick and dying. I wrote it for the extended family, so everybody had a place to check in and get updated on what was happening with him… A friend of mine suggested this type of blog, because their child had died. They couldn’t field the phone calls and the emails all the time, it was too emotional to go through.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  15. 90% sometimes 56% often 5support Image: Nick Black I
  16. 5support Image: “It all started when one fish died. We replaced the fish and then it died again. I started going on to forums to see why my fish were dying... I went online to get advice and I met some retired guy who I call my fishing friend. He’s been keeping fish for 50 years.” - Digital Mom (2011) “If you have a question you can always find out online. Obviously, I use it for my stocks and for businesses I want to invest in…You realize the power of the internet. There’s so much information, I’ve seen people make millions off the internet. You can see how the internet affects people… I would liken it to an international library.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  17. 58% sometimes 21% often 6pleasure Image: Nick Black I
  18. 6pleasure Image: “I don’t like going out to the casinos, so if I feel like playing Baccarat or Poker, it’s easy to just go online and play for 5-10 minutes… It’s like a distraction… If I’ve got $12 in the account, I’ll play for a bit. If I double my money, ‘woohoo,’ if not I’ve had some fun for a while. You can get a bit of an adrenaline rush when you’re winning.” - Digital Mom (2011) “There are some celebrities that I like, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, it makes me feel happy to see pictures of them and fashion pictures. I go through spells – like with On the weekends I’ll look at it, Saturdays and Sundays, and two or three times during the week.” - Digital Mom (2011) Nick Black I
  19. 83% 55% 57% 17% 90% 56% 84% 55% 45% 21% 58% 21%express manage support pleasure connect explore The Drivers of Digital E-motion Nick Black I
  20. So how can you harness the digital e-motions of online mothers? Nick Black I
  21. Mum E-motion Experience 1. E-motions influence online experience Nick Black I
  22. Image: You need to create an online experience that delivers on e-motion Nick Black I
  23. 2. E-motions influence brand engagement Nick Black I
  24. You need to position your brand based on e-motion Image: Nick Black I
  25. 3. E-motions influence marketing Experience MarketingE-motion Mom Nick Black I
  26. You need to develop marketing that captures e-motion Image: Image: Nick Black I
  27. Because behind every digital action, exists a human being with digital e-motions Image: Nick Black I
  28. Image: Nick Black I Digital Moms: The Driversof Digital E-motion