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OLMMS Curriculum Map Template Final_034417.docx

  1. OUR LADY OF THE MOUNTAINS MISSION SCHOOL INC. Sitio Cabagtasan, Brgy Codcod San Carlos City Negros Occ. SCHOOL ID: 444502 CURRICULUM MAP SUBJECT: Mathematics GRADE LEVEL: 8 TEACHER: MR. NICOLAS B. AMBALATE STRAND(S): Quarter/ Month UNIT TOPIC: CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD PRIORITIZED COMPETENCIES OR SKILLS/ AMT LEARNING GOALS ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES RESOURCES INSTITUTIONAL CORE VALUES Quarter 1 Factoring The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts of factors of polynomials, rational algebraic expressions and inequalities in two variables and linear functions. The learner is able to Formulate real-life problems involving factors of polynomials, rational algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities in two variables, systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables and linear functions, and solve these problems accurately using a variety of strategies. ACQUISITION A.1 Relates special products with factoring. A.2 Factors completely different types of polynomials (polynomials with common monomial factor, difference of two squares, sum and difference of two cubes, perfect square trinomials and general trinomials) A.1 Multiple choice A.2 Fill in the blanks A.1 2-column Comparison A.2 Sequencing A.1 Textbook A.2 Worksheet MEANING-MAKING A.3 Uses factoring in solving real life geometric problems A.4 Solves problems involving factors of polynomials. A.5 Represents appropriate mathematical models to solve geometric problems involving factors of polynomials. A.6 Generalizes the importance of factoring in solving problems A.3 Problem Solving with Error of Recognition A.4 Problem solving with ER A.5 Problem solving with CER A.6 Short paragraph A.3 Situational Analysis A.4 Problem Analysis A.5 Model Making A.6 Writing conclusions A.3 Textbook/ Online A.4 Worksheet A.5 Online Video A.6 Writing conclusions
  2. involving geometric figures. TRANSFER A.7 Makes recommendations based on mathematical investigations and modelling. A.7 Performance Task A.7 Project Exercises Prepared by: Checked/Noted by: MR. NICOLAS B. AMBALATE MISS LUDELYN B. LANTACO Subject Teacher JHS Academic Coordinator Approved by: SR. PORFIRIA D. CAUILAN, FAS Directress/Principal