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Sales InvoicingInvoice clients quickly and accurately - by relying on robustclient and project data. This keeps your costs...
Design and production: www.artdepartment.co.uk1 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen,   T: +44 (0)1224 626622   E: info@monitor-mpower...
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Mpower information

  1. 1. If project management Contract Management Controls your budget - the link between your projects/ contracts and corporate financial management. It’s whatsoftware is so advanced, traditional systems can’t do. In go cost codes and budgets from any browser on the planet to feed into your plan, and outwhy does it often fail to come projects delivered on time, to budget - with no surprises.manage projects? The Engineering Wouldn’t it be useful if the people creating work and jobs forreason is simple. an overall plan could do so without accessing the planning tool. That’s what engineering is all about. It lets people other than the planner create tasks. The planner then schedules these activities in the overall plan. Traditional systems requireWhat is mpower? the planner to create all activities and schedule them in time.mpower is a software application that provides an end-to-end With mpower, work can be created anywhere in the world andproject and contract management solution. It incorporates the the planner can schedule it accordingly. This maximises thelatest project management technology into a web-browser value of the activities.interface that allows businesses to consolidate, plan, resource,gather costs and revenues for contracts and projects from Schedulinganywhere in the world. mpower lets you see how your business Everyone sees the same project plan - no matter whetheris really performing. With mpower you can see the whole they are inside or outside your organisation. Customers can alsopicture. be given access to your plan or part of your plan. Better relationships and communication. Improved collaboration. OneThe benefits plan. One project. And no need to scrap your existing systems.mpower gives the user total visibility and complete controlover all aspects of their business. Costs are greatly reduced as Time and Expenseinformation is current, accurate and relevant. Data need only Electronic time and expense recording for accurate, real timebe entered once into the system, eliminates double entry and status. Make the best use of your resources - at the same timereduces errors. mpower gathers information from all areas of reducing the time spent on administration. Most of all ensurethe business, you no longer have isolated pockets of time and expenses are billed accurately. The return onknowledge. mpower is web based, the same data and the investment from time and expense alone could well justify yoursame information can be seen or gathered by anyone, decision - especially when you consider that it can beanywhere in the world. implemented in just weeks, thanks to the power of the web.Putting your data to work PurchasingMonitor understands that if data is worth gathering then it is Supply chain management for multiple projects from a fullyworth using. With mpower all data plays a role in the big integrated solution. Speed up procurement cycles, drive downpicture. From a small procurement cost to a large manpower your costs and effortlessly link back to your corporatedeployment the data is captured, analysed and contributed. procurement system. Large procurement contracts areData is captured in real time, this allows the system to not controlled at the macro level or right down to individualonly tell you what happened (as is common with most components. This is true control.systems) but also to tell you what is currently happeningand, most importantly, what will happen in the future. mpowerallows you to plan and forecast based on themost accurate information available.
  2. 2. Sales InvoicingInvoice clients quickly and accurately - by relying on robustclient and project data. This keeps your costs - and your cashflow - firmly under control. Every billable item is here with noguesswork involved. Manage and deploy your people asnever before - getting the very best out of your mostimportant asset.Human ResourcesAs well as maintaining standard information such as namesand addresses mpower’s sophisticated human resourcessystem holds certifications, permits, allowances etc and canadvise when these items become out of date. This ensuresthat you always know that a person has the correct skills andqualifications to do the job.Norms ManagementPricing to win a contract and pricing to deliver it profitably.These two processes seldom meet but with the normsmanagement function they work hand-in-hand. Acomprehensive database of work norms covering bothlabour and materials means that jobs are priced accurately,each and every time.ReportingWhat’s the point in gathering data if you can’t publish it andshare it. mpower has an easy to use customisable reportingtool which allows sophisticated analysis and in depthreporting to be generated at the touch of a button.Administrationmpower is designed around users. We listened to whatpeople wanted and developed the product based on this. Allthe terminology can be changed to what users arecomfortable with. It operates in multi currency and isavailable in different languages. Coding and drop down listsneed only be populated once to be available across thesystem. mpower is designed to integrate with existingsystems to provide a seamless solution company wide.
  3. 3. Design and production: www.artdepartment.co.uk1 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen, T: +44 (0)1224 626622 E: info@monitor-mpower.comScotland, UK AB15 4YD. F: +44 (0)1224 627400 www.monitor-mpower.com