The Next Big Thing


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  • Companies will be the ones to come up with the new, innovative hardware and products, like they did with the iPad and gaming systems, while young individuals will be the ones to create the new social medias.
  • Apple will experience continued success for at least a year or two, riding their strong momentum with happy customers. They still have a couple years of innovations in the pipelines to carry them. But after a while, the pipeline will run dry and the will become like all the other companies out there. They will still be successful but will not be viewed as the innovative and cool company that they are today.
  • First point, how will facebook deal with competition among other social networks. The company is obviously going to face challenges with the social networks like twitter for example. The company has to continue to reinvent itself to appeal to its audience by analyzing feedback and letting its users give suggestions on the network that they use.Second point, facebook has integrated into millions of peoples lives with over 500 million users and countless others touched by the large company it has become almost impossible to get away from one of the largest social networks. It is inevitable that the company will continue to integrate even into our schools and universities as a communication and learning tool.
  • First point, facebook is the largest social network to date and in order to continue to be the most used social networking provider. In order to stay on top of the social media mountain is to develop and unleash dazzling new features and to remove aspects of the service which the world does not like. The goal of the company according to CEO Mark Zuckerburg is to expand and be a means for all individuals to be able to connect and communicate no matter where they are located in the world. Facebook also wants to be able to eventually provide information to websites and networks by integrating what your likes and dislikes are on facebook so that information may be used on those sites so those websites and networks may better accommodate your need.Second point, the goal of Zuckerburg according to a previous interview is that If you look five years out, every industry is going to be rethought in a social way, so he says. “You can remake whole industries. That’s the big thing. His ambition, is not simply to make Facebook an influential technology company, but the most important company in the world. “You can integrate a person’s friends into almost anything and make it instantly more engaging and viral. So his overall plan is to seemingly change the way we interact in a business and social aspect.
  • iPods, made for being portable music players, keep getting smaller and smaller.Technology is shifting from bulky PC's to laptops, tablets, and smart phones, which all do the same things, just more compact
  • 1 3.5 inch floppy ~ 264 kb, Need about 20 for an average 3 minute song (5mb), 6,000 for an average 2 hour movie64gb ~ 7,000 songs, 40 hours / 20-25 movies, Over 250,000 floppy disks
  • Fully functional computer the size of an average flash drive. HDMI cable hooks up to TV or monitor, or a touch screenSoon it will be physically impossible to make technology more compact. By that time, we probably won’t be using physical storage anyway, and cloud computing will completely take over, making everything digital.
  • Scientist and engineers have been designing self-driving cars since the mid-1960s. Google has a project that consist of seven self-driving Toyota Prius and an Audi TT. So far, seven cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and 140,000 miles with little human intervention. The only accident to date was when the Google car was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. In order to gain control of the car, you can either touch the brakes, turn the steering wheel, or hit the red button next to your right hand. In June 2011, Google lobbied two bills that made Nevada the first state to allow drive less vehicles on public roads.General Motors Corporation executives think cars that drive themselves will be ready for sell within a decade. GM plans to start testing drive less car technology in 2015 and have cars on the road by 2018. Next will be technology allowing cars to communicate with automated highway systems. Special lanes wouldbe constructed on existing highways that would be equipped with magnets or other communication systems that will allow vehicles to stay in the center of the lane. Before a car leaves the lane, it must verify that its driver is ready to take control of the car. If it doesn’t verify, the system will park the car in a predestinated area.
  • Hologram technology could very possibly be the next big invention that takes technology to another level. There are many ways in which hologram technology will help to make both communication and learning much easier and effective. It would make communication easier between people living far away, by using a live projection of a hologram. It would also make communication for large groups of people much easier than a normal video call. The image of an actual person giving a speech to a crowd would have more effect than that of a video. As far as teaching goes, it would be much easier to do international lessons, where a teacher from a school in another country could teach in a classroom thousands of miles away. Also, in a company meeting setting, businessmen from another country could conduct the meeting and give the image of them being there in person, right from their own home.
  • This is a prototype of the IPhone 5, which has a hologram technology induced into it. There is a hologram keyboard and also a hologram display, which is on a video clip here. These two technological advancements would make apples new product unlike any other that is available, which is what apple strives to do.
  • The Next Big Thing

    1. 1. looking to the FuturePredictions of “The Next Big Thing”<br />IS201-OM1<br />Danny Sloan, Heath Johnson, Danny Murphy, Brittany Milbourne, Nick Shaw<br />
    2. 2. Game Changers<br /><ul><li>Companies = hardware
    3. 3. Individuals = social media</li></li></ul><li>Apple Without Steve Jobs<br />Remain successful for year or two- Momentum- Happy customers- Innovations<br />Apple will run dry- Not as innovative- Not as cool- Still successful<br />
    4. 4. The Future of Facebook<br />How will the company deal with competition between other social networks? <br />Will Facebook continue to integrate into business, schools, and our lives in the future? <br />
    5. 5. The Future of Facebook<br />What advances will facebook make in communications and social media. <br />What does Mark Zuckerburg want to accomplish.<br />
    6. 6. Hardware Becoming More Portable<br /><ul><li>iPods keep getting smaller
    7. 7. Technology is getting more compact, from desktop PCs to pocket sized smart phones</li></li></ul><li>Storage: Then vs. Now<br />312 Inch Floppy Disk: 264kb<br /> <br />MicroSD Card: 64gb<br />You could store over 250,000 floppy disks worth of information in a tiny MicroSD card that is smaller than a fingertip.<br />
    8. 8. Raspberry Pi<br /><ul><li>Fully functional Linux based computer that is smaller than an average flash drive.
    9. 9. Contains all the hardware needed for a computer to run, as well as one USB and one HDMI port
    10. 10. Expected to cost only $25</li></li></ul><li>Cars Driving Themselves<br />Advantages <br />Disadvantages<br />Tell motorists about road conditions.<br />Warn about crashes and stopped vehicles ahead.<br />Increase safety by eliminating human error.<br />Eliminating the need for driver's licenses, rules of the road, vehicle insurances, etc.<br />Reduce fuel consumption<br />Who would be responsible in a crash.<br />How to cope with obstacles in the road and blown tires.<br />
    11. 11. Hologram Technologies<br />Communication<br /><ul><li>Easy communication between people using a live holographic video projection
    12. 12. Better communication to large groups of people. More personal than a normal video call</li></ul>Teaching <br /><ul><li>Teaching from different countries to students around the world, right in the classrooms
    13. 13. Holding meetings
    14. 14. Eliminates the need to gather for meetings</li></li></ul><li> Apple iPhone 5 and Hologram Technology<br />