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Life is not a story


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Life is not a story, but how we make sense of our lives is through stories. This is a short tale about the endless dance of experiences and stories.

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Life is not a story

  1. 1. Life a story is NOT
  2. 2. but how we make sense of our lives is through stories
  3. 3. Life is a dance betweenexperiences and stories
  4. 4. Our minds weave feelingsand ideas together with storylines
  5. 5. Then these stories filter our experiences
  6. 6. But sometimes ourstories are blinkers
  7. 7. They blind us from new experiences
  8. 8. We only experience anarrow view of the world so life becomes limited
  9. 9. That’s when we need to let go of old storiesand say welcome to new experiences
  10. 10. RemediesSome for life-limiting stories are...
  11. 11. curiosity and
  12. 12. wonder
  13. 13. We can also becomemore awareof the stories around and within us
  14. 14. by listening to our minds and noticing our thoughts
  15. 15. We can do that ourselves in quiet spaces
  16. 16. and with other peoplewho bring our storylines to the surface
  17. 17. by listening very closely to us with inner silence
  18. 18. When we see our stories for what they are { just stories }
  19. 19. we have more power to change the script
  20. 20. and I turned over a new leaf. We can live by different stories and experience life more freely
  21. 21. But there’s also a magic to stories...
  22. 22. Stories don’t justcapture experiences
  23. 23. Stories can also give us new experiences
  24. 24. like the tingles that you feelwhen you’re immersed in a great story
  25. 25. and seeing the world through another person’s eyes
  26. 26. The End doesn’t come...
  27. 27. in this infinite dance
  28. 28. It’s just written, Life unwritten and rewrittenin the invisible book we call
  29. 29. Made by Nick Potter slideshow can be shared and remixed in thecreative commons (Attribution / Non-commercial)
  30. 30. Image credits3D glasses from man adapted from adapted from story image from “The Sovereign Forest” exhibitionby Amar Kanwar in Kochi, Kerala.Other images collected in my travels on city streetsand on the web.Thank you to the artists who give our streets more life. This slideshow can be shared and remixed in the creative commons (Attribution / Non-commercial)