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FRBR light with Simplified Ontology for Bibliographic Resource


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Lightning Talk about a Simplified Ontology for Bibliographic Resources, given at the Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB11) conference at November 29th 2011

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FRBR light with Simplified Ontology for Bibliographic Resource

  1. 1. “FRBR light”Simplified Ontology forBibliographic Resources Jakob Voß Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG) Semantic Web in Bibliotheken 2011 (#SWIB11) 29. November 2011
  2. 2. documents all kinds of! editions manifestations, masters… itemsholdings, copies, exemplars…
  3. 3. documentseditions items
  4. 4. documents editions itemsunique objects abstract works
  5. 5. documents = bibo:document = foaf:document editions≈ frbr:manifestation ∪ frbr:expression items = frbr:item
  6. 6. documents = bibo:document = foaf:documentdaia:exemplar edition editions ≈ frbr:manifestation ∪ frbr:expression daia:exemplar items = frbr:item
  7. 7. most important: acronym SOBR